Rediscovered Love

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1. Chapter 1

“ Jesus Kira, hurry up! We’re gonna miss the bus! ” Lily yelled up the stairs to her best-friend.


“ Ok ok, hold on! ” I yelled back to Lily.


“ Unbelieveable! She does this almost everyday. ” Lily mumbles under her breath.


I come down the stairs and I ran straight out the door along with Lily who is running behind me. We make it just in time to catch our bus. Once we boarded the bus and found our seats, we had to catch our breathe. The only reason we were taking the bus was because my mother had to borrow my car for a few days. She said I would get it back today and that it would be in it’s usual spot in the parking lot of the high school.


“ What the h*ll do you do when you are getting dressed? Spend 30 minutes trying to find an outfit and another 30 minutes to do makeup? ” Lily asked sarcastically.


“ If you must know, I pick my outfits the day before school and I don’t wear makeup unlike you. I get dressed in literally 25 minutes. I spend the rest of the time trying to do something with all this hair. ” I replied.


“ Sorry, my bad for asking. ” Lily said.


Shortly after, our friends got on the bus. We then moved to wherever our friends were sitting. Lily sat in the middle row of the bus with her boyfriend, Mike, while I sat in the back with the rest of our friends, listening to music.


“ Kira, I have a question? ” Sarah asked.

“ What? ” I said.

“ Why don’t you have a boyfriend? ”


I paused before replying.


“ Well, all the guys that go to our school are idiots and most of them are complete a**holes. ” I said.

“ That is true, but you can get a guy from another school. ” Lily replied.

“ Girl, we live in Redditch, England. There’s not many choices. ”

“ With beauty like yours, it shouldn’t be hard. ”

“ Stop it Lily. ”

“ I’m serious. Guys always flirt with you. ”

“ And guess what? I never flirt back. ”

“ But one day you will. ”

“ No, never...I refuse to ever flirt. ”


There was a short silence before another friend asked a question.


“ I got a question for the both of you. ” Gabby asked.

“ What? ” Lily replied.

“ You two are arguing about having a boyfriend, but you should really be arguing about food. ”

“ Oh god Gabby….everybody isn’t hungry like you. ”


The 3 girls laughed at the comment made and joked the rest of the way to school.


            *3rd Period Bell rings*


The 3 best friends, along with 2 other best friends(Lily and Nina), are walking down the hallway towards the cafeteria. Once they reached the cafeteria, they had the option of cheeseburger and fries,  pizza, meatloaf, and sushi. After they received their food, they sat down at their normal table by the window.


“ How much longer do we have to be here? ” Gabby whined.

“ About 5 or 6 hours. ” I replied.

“ Ughhhh..that’s too long. ” Gabby whined again.

“ Well, there are 8 hours in a school. ” Nina said.

“ Nobody cares Nina. ” Gabby and I said in unison.

“ You guys are so mean to poor Nina. ” Sarah said.

“ Sarah, that just means that we love her. Just like we love you. Right Gabby? ” I said.


Gabby was not at all playing any attention to the conversation that was taking place. Instead, she was stuffing her face with pizza. Until, she was disturbed by Kira with a tap on the shoulder.


“ Huh, what did you say? I wasn’t listening…...I was eating pizza. ” Gabby said with pizza in her mouth, sort of.

“ Yeah, I think we all see that Gab. ” I said laughing.


The friends all laughed for a few minutes, until Nina said something no one ever expected.


“ Woah, who’s he? ”

“ Who? ” I said.

“ Him.. ”


All the girls looked in the direction that Nina was looking in and, to their surprise, she said ‘woah’ about a boy that was passing by from a distance.


“ Oh my god, Nina stop staring. ” Sarah said.

“ You stop staring….he’s h*lla hot. Besides, I don’t think you need to be telling me to stop staring. Kira looks more into him than I am. ” Nina replied.

“ Not true...Kira, do you find that boy attractive at all? ” Lily asked me.

“ What?! No, of course not. ” I said.


As I can say myself, from a distance, the boy was pretty good looking. You couldn’t help, but to stare at him. The last time I glanced back at him, he was looking at me. I mean directly at me and we stared each other straight in the eyes until the lunch bell rang, which was like 5 minutes. The thing is he was giving me a “I’ll see you around” look and it was just weird.


After lunch, the friends parted ways to head to their 5th period classes. None of them took their 5th period together. I walked into the classroom and I saw the same boring faces that I see everyday. I sit in my regular seat in the middle row by the window of my boring science class. I’m the only student in the class that doesn’t have a lab partner because I choose not to work with anyone.


“ Good afternoon class….today we’re going to go over the parts of the brain and all the sections of the brain. First off, though, we have a new student. Well, more like transfer. He’s from my 1st period and he changed his schedule to 5th period. I don’t know why….don’t ask me. ” Mr. Smith told the class.


“ What’s his name? ” said one girl.

“ Forget what his name is. What does he look like? ” said another girl.

“ Ohhh, that’s a good question. ” said another.

“ I’m surrounded by sl*ts… ” I mumbled to myself.

“ Settle down ladies… ”, Mr. Smith began, “ speaking of the devil, here he comes now. ” said Mr. Smith.


After this very short conversation about the new arrival in the class, he walks in the classroom and you would never believe who he was.


“ Everyone...this is.. " Mr. Smith started.

“ Actually I’d like for you not to introduce me to the class. ” said the stranger.

“ Sure, I have no problem with that. Just choose your lab partner. ”

“ Oh, he can sit beside me. Move over Larry. Go sit next to the quiet freak. ” said one girl.

“ Excuse me? ” I said.

“ You heard me freak. ” she said.

“ How about I come and show you the kind of a** whooping this freak can give you? ” I said with a bit of an attitude, forgetting completely that the teacher was in the class.

“ Hey, Ms. Malec, you’re one of my good kids. Watch your language. Ms. Brewster… principal’s office. ” Mr. Smith said.

“ But… ” she started.

“ Don’t argue… go….NOW! ”

“ Fine, but she started it. ” the girl said storming out of the class, glancing back to blow a kiss to the new addition to the class.

“ Like I was saying, choose anywhere you want to sit. If there is someone in the seat, we’ll figure something out. ”

“ That won’t be necessary. ” He said.


The boy walked up and down the aisles of the classroom. It was like he was debating whether or not to make someone move from their seat. I didn’t even bother to look at him when came down the aisle I was in. He stopped for a split second before he came to my table. Still, I didn’t look at him. It was almost like he was waiting for me to look up at him, but, instead, I just looked down. The guy next to me, Alec, chuckled to himself. Alec has been a good friend of mine for a long time so if a guy would try something, he’d tell them not to before they even did anything.


“ She doesn’t like when guys stare at her. ” Alec said.

“ What makes you think I was staring at her? " The guy said turning his attention to Alec.

“ Well, for starters, Mr. Smith said for you to choose a partner and you could have easily sat down next to her without saying a word or doing anything, but, instead, you wanted to scan the entire class just for a seat and then you literally stood there, staring at her while she was looking down. Not once did she look up at you. I’m sure she knew you were standing there, but she still didn’t look at you. So, like I said, she doesn’t like when guys stare at her. ” Alec said.

“ I’ll keep that in mind, ” he said while smirking, ” but, just to let you know, I wasn’t staring. ”

“ Then what were you doing? ” Alec asked.


The guy paused for a while before responding.


¨ It’s not important to you. Just know that I wasn’t staring. ” He replied with his voice trailing off.

“ Yea, whatever you say. ” Alec said.


The entire time Alec and the new kid on sesame street were having this conversation, I was giggling with my head down. When I finally looked up, the conversation appeared to be over. The new kid on the block sat down next to me in the empty seat. I still didn’t look at him. I either looked straight ahead or I was looking at Alec to my right. I didn't bother to say anything to him because I really didn’t give a sh*t whether he was my friend or not. But I guess he was reading my mind.


“ Hi…. ” he said in a very low voice, almost a whisper.


I looked in his direction, but I didn’t say a word. For a split second, I admired the features of his face.


“ My name is Cam Lewis. ” He continued.

“ And not a single f*ck was given. ” I replied.


He chuckled lightly, though I didn’t find anything funny.


“ What’s so funny? ” I asked.

“ Nothing. ” He replied while still chuckling a little.


A few moments/minutes went by in silence, until Alec passed me a note. The note read: The new kid seems to like you a lot. How about you show him around and help him get to know the school a little better, if you know what I mean? -_^


After reading the note, I looked at Alec. He was looking at me too, almost laughing. He winked so many times that I don’t think it was possible for his eyelids to stay shut. I rolled my eyes and ignored him and continued to look in the opposite direction. I didn’t look at Alec nor Cam. Just straight ahead.


“ Do I have to guess to figure out your name? ” Cam asked me unexpectedly.

“ just don’t have to know my name. ” I replied back.

“ Huh….do you have a problem with me? ”

“ Do I? ”

“ Well, you won’t look at me. ”

“ Why would I look at you? ”

“ Maybe you like what you see. ”


I looked at him and he was looking me deep in my eyes. He smiled at me and I rolled my eyes, then looked away. I didn’t like the guy, but he was pretty good looking. His hair was a shimmery black. His eyes were bright green, with a hint of blue in them somehow. He had a fair complexion, high cheekbones and pretty light pink lips. He basically stared at me the entire class period and it was just weird for me. As soon as the 4th period bell rung, I was the first person out the classroom. I was literally speed walking to the parking lot. I meet my friends in the parking lot to go to the next class. When they saw me sprinting towards them, they grabbed their things and began to walk until I caught up to them.


“ Ummmm, why are we speed walking? ” Nina asked me.

“ I don’t want to talk about it. ” I replied.

“ Heyy, you guys  know I can’t walk fast. So what happened? ” Gabby asked almost out of breathe.

“ I don’t want to talk about it. ” I replied once again.

“ Saying that you don’t want to talk about it only implies that you do want to talk about it. ” Sarah said.

“ Just let it go….please. ”

“ Ok…..she’ll tell us later. ” Lily said.

“ Maybe…. ” I said


The 5 friends continued to walk to their next period and spend the rest of the day learning absolutely nothing.


*7th period bell rings….chaos time*


“ I’m so glad the day is finally overrrrrrrr. ” Gabby said bursting through the double doors that lead into the parking lot.

“ Sameeeee. ” Nina said agreeing with Gabby.

“ I’m soooo incredibly hungry. Who wants to go to Chick-Fil-A? ” Sarah asked.

“ Ohhhhh yes...I am down for the food. ” Gabby said.

“ Guess I could go for a chicken sandwich. ” Lily also said.

“ Same. ” Nina said as well.


They all looked at me with somewhat puppy dog eyes. They did this because I was the only one with a car. Well...a working car at least. Nina’s BMW had some kind of a transmission problem and her car has been in the shop for about 6 months. Until Nina’s car is out of the shop, I’m the only transportation.


“ Fine, ” I said lazily, “ We’ll go to Chick-Fil-A when we leave. ”

“ Yayyyyyy!!!!!!!! ” They all said in unison, except for Nina.


I laughed to myself and rolled my eyes at my intelligent, beautiful, idiotic friends. I looked away in another direction. When I looked away, across the parking lot stood a boy that looked quite different from the rest of us. Something was different about him that just seemed to catch my eye. Maybe it was just the bright red jacket that he was wearing that caught my attention. He was really the only person wearing a bright color out of everyone in the parking lot. I admired his deep golden brown hair and his matching golden tan. Along with his high cheekbones. I was too far away to describe his eyes and lips. Plus, he was wearing glasses so I couldn’t see his eyes anyway. He looked familiar to me, but I couldn’t remember where I’d seen him before. He was leaning against his car, a black mercedes, with his arms crossed over his chest. Guys like this never existed in the real world. Only books and movies. I tried not to look at him, but something was urging me not to stop. It looked like his eyes were wandering around the parking lot and they happened to land on me. I looked away quickly, thinking he wouldn’t notice that I was staring.


“ F*ck.. ” I mumbled to myself.


I was curious about whether or not he’d caught me staring. I didn’t want to look at him, just in case he was looking back at me. However, I wanted to look back at him just so that I could look at his gorgeous face, from a distance, again. Slowly, I raised my head. I looked in his direction and there he stood. Still with his arms crossed and with his glasses on. He wasn’t looking at me so apparently he didn’t see me staring. While I’m staring at a boy that I never imagined could ever exist, I completely forget about taking the girls to Chick-Fil-A.


“ Heyyyy….are we going to get some food or not? ” Gabby asked whining.

“ Huh...what...ohh yeah I forgot. Let’s go since you’re that hungry Gabby.” I replied.

“ Finally...get in the car everybody. ” Nina said.


I rolled my eyes and grabbed the driver side door handle. Before I stepped inside my car, I looked at him one last time. When I did, we met each other's gaze. I was looking him in his eyes and so was he. Not once did he blink. And neither did I. Unfortunately, I had to break our eye contact because Gabby was poking my side.  


When I got inside the car, Gabby was literally about to spaz out if I didn’t get to Chick-Fil-A in time. As I’m heading towards the exit of the parking lot, we passed by him. When he saw my car (redish/maroon camaro), he took off his glasses and watched as we left the school. Even though he’d taken off his glasses, I still couldn’t see his eyes. As I drove away from the school, the girls were anxiously waiting to find out what had happened earlier.


“ Ok, so are you gonna tell us now? ” Lily asked.

“ What? ” I replied.

“ You know...about the situation earlier where we were all super early to class and you didn’t want to tell us why you were speed walking. ” Gabby said.

“ Yeah..I know what she was talking about Gabby. ” I said.

“ Anyway, are you gonna telll us or not? ” Nina asked.

“ Ughhhhhhhhhhh…...fine. You know that guy you were drooling over in the cafeteria...well he takes 5th period with me and, to make it worse, he’s my lab partner. ” I said.

“ What?! Are you serious Kira? ” Nina asked me in disbelief.

“ Mh-hm...his name is Cam by the way. ”

“ Ohh what’s so wrong with that? ” Sarah asked.

“ The guy basically stared at me the entire class period. And he was sooooo annoying. He wanted to know my name so bad, but I didn’t tell him sh*t. ”

“ Well could we please talk about this later. I’m about to die from lack of fooodd. ” Gabby said  whining.

“ Hold on Gabby. We’re almost there. ” I said wanting to laugh.

“ To take your mind off of the food for a while, I’ll play some music. ”

“ Ok, but don’t you dare play Harry Styles. ” Gabby said.

“ I won’t I promise. ”


I knew Gabby and everybody else in the car didn’t really like Harry Styles, besides Lily and I, but I knew Gabby wanted to listen to Sleeping with Sirens. So instead of playing Sleeping with Sirens, I played an Ed Sheeran song.


“ Ok...the song’s about to play. ” I said.

*songs starts*

“ OHHH MY FLIPPING GOSH!!!! ED SHEERAN!! ” Sarah yelled from the back seat.


“Oh god...NOOOOOOOO!”Gabby also yelled.


“ Shut up Gabby. Embrace the Sheerios of the world. I’m in the love with the shape of you. We push and pull like a magnet too. Although my heart is falling too, I’m in love with your body. Last night you were in my room. Now my bed-sheets smell like you. Everyday discovering something brand new, oh I’m in love with your body. Ohhh-I-ohh-I-ohhh-I-ohhh-I…. ” Sarah sang.


“ PLEASE KIRA!!!!!!!TURN IT OFFFFFFF!!! ” Gabby begged.


I probably would have changed the music, but I couldn’t hear Gabby because I had my earbuds in my ears and I was listening to my own music. So for the next 15 minutes, Gabby had to listen to Sarah sing her heart out with Ed Sheeran. After we went to Chick-Fil-A, we all decided that we wanted to go home. I dropped all the girls off at their houses and then I headed home. When I closed the front door to my house, the loud thud of the door echoed throughout the house. I didn’t hear anyone say anything. No one was home except for me, I assumed. I headed upstairs to my room and took a shower. After my shower, I grabbed my computer and opened Skype. I used Skype to text and video call all my friends, even though I have a phone. But, I mostly used it to talk to my friend that moved to Canada about a year ago. It was about 9:36 England time so I assumed she was wide awake.


*Skype video calling rings*

*Answering video call*


“ Hello Ms. Malec. ” Brittini said.

“ Hello Ms. Crockett. ” I said.

“ matter how many times someone says my whole name, Crockett is still gonna sound horrible. ” She said almost laughing.

“ Well, get over it. That’s the name on your birth certificate and it’s gonna stay that way. ”

“ Ha ha ha...very funny Kira. So….what’s been happening lately? ”

“ Nothing much really. ”

“ What about the boy ratings? ”

“ They are a little higher. ” I said looking off in the distance.

“ Ohhhhhhhhh I know that look. Spill whatever you have to tell. ”

“ Ok so there was this new guy in my science class and you know I like to work by myself most of the time. ”

“ Mh-hm…” She said eating some chips.

“ So he sat down next to me and he asked me what my name was. ”

“ Mmmhhh-hhhmmmm… ”

“ And I didn’t tell him and he stared at me the rest of the class period. "

“ Let me tell you right now…...that’s a sign. ”

“ No it’s not Brit. ”

“ Yes it is. He’s new in your class. He sat next to you. He asked you your name. He stared at you. Come on...think about it. ”

“ I still don’t think so. Besides, I haven’t told you about the other guy yet. ”

“ Wait, ” she said almost throwing her chip bag in the other direction, “ there’s another one. ”

“ Yes, but I haven’t met him. ”

“ Ha...stalker. "

“ No...I wasn’t stalking him. It was more like I was ‘gazing’ upon him. ”

“ Gazing? That’s word. ”

“ Let me explain Brit. He was leaning against his car, right? ”

“ Right.. ”

“ And he was just standing there. His hair is a deep golden brown. His skin matches his hair, which is basically a golden tan. I couldn’t tell what his eyes and lips looked like because I was too far away, but Brit I could have sworn boys that looked like that only existed in books and movies. Am I right Brit? ” I said looking down at the computer screen.


She was staring at me with her mouth partially opened and her eyes wide.


“ What? ” I said.

“ Dude, you just completely fangirled over a guy. ” She said, smiling at me.

“ What?! No I didn’t. I was describing him to you. ”

“ Yea, but you thought back to when you were “gazing” at him. You can’t say you didn’t because I know you did. ”

“ No I didn’t……..well…. ”

“ Ha, I knew it! ”

“ Shut up Brit! ”

“ Tell me bestie….do you or do you not have a crush on this mystery guy? ”

“ What?! No of course not. ”

“ Are you sureeeeeeeeeeeeee? ”

“ Yes...I’m not 100% certain, but I’m 54% sure that I don’t. ”

“ But you’re still 46% sure that you do and that’s pretty close to 50%. ”

“ Shut up Brittini! ”

“ Ha ha know I’m only kidding, but sounds like you’re somewhat into this guy. ”

“ Yea, I am somewhat. ”

“ This is weird. ”

“ What? ”

“ Talking to you about boys. I have never witness you crushing on a guy. It’s new to me. ”

“ Yea, it’s weird for me too. Well Brit, I’ll talk to you tomorrow because it’s literally 11:46 here and I have tests to take tomorrow. ”

“ Oh what...dude, it’s just about to turn 7 o’clock in Canada. ”

“ Lucky you. ”

“ F*ck you Kira. Goodnight. ” She said while blowing an air kiss over the screen.

“ F*ck you too Brittini. Goodnight. ” I said as I did the same.


*Skype video ends*


When I ended the video call with Brittini, I immediately started yawning. Before I could close my computer, I received a notification from Skype. A message. I thought to myself, Brittini must’ve forgotten to tell something to me. I opened Skype and, to my surprise, Brittini had not sent me anything. The message came from someone else. Someone who knew me. Someone who was soo incredibly curious to what my name was. It was Cam Lewis. The message read: Now that I know your name, Kira, you don’t have to tell me anymore:)


    After I read the message, I replied: F*ck off Cam!!.......Then, I closed my computer before he even had a chance to reply back. After I put my computer on the charger, I got into my bed, got comfortable under the covers and fell into a deep slumber.



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