The Master of Psychology.

The mind is a complicated and intricate matter. Many scientist and psychologist have worked for years to unravel the mysteries of the mind, but none of them have been able to twist and shatter the minds of ponies like me. And this is the story my story.

I do not own MLP, it is owned by DHX and Hasbro.


1. My Story.

The corridor was dimly lit with one light that constantly flickered on and off on top of me. I was so excited, so excited in fact that I couldn’t stop chuckling.


I don’t know how long I’ve had this job, but no matter how many insane criminals I broke, I always anticipated the next patient.


And I remember how I got this career. It happened when I was 8 years old and I didn’t get my cutie mark.


[Flashback, 17 years ago]


It was my first day of 7th grade and I was not feeling it, yesterday was my birthday and it played out just like all my other birthdays, I was the only one to celebrate it and I never had anypony give me presents. So, needless to say, I was already pretty pissed.


But this asshole of a colt, who I’ll just call Jackass, just had to rub salt in the wound, “Hey, Bitchheart, got my lunch money?” Jackass asked with the most assholish smirk on the planet.


I merely pushed him aside, “Move along Jackass, I don’t got the time to deal with you.” I replied trying to walk past him, but he grabbed my arm and threw me on the floor.


“I’ll ask again Bitchheart; where’s my lunch money?” He asked, still with the asshole smirk on his face.


I got up and dusted myself off, “Leave me alone Jackass.” Was my only response before being thrown to the ground as Jackass landed a punch to my face so hard, he knocked a tooth out.


I laid there, holding my bleeding mouth as Jackass approached, “Last chance Bitchheart, give me my lunch money.” He demanded.


And oh boy did I give him money, and a lot of it to, and no, it wasn’t the regular bits kind, it was blood money, his blood money. Once the time was right, I got up and turned around, and before Jackass could even react, my hand had already made hard contact with his cheek.

And I got my payback for the lost tooth by knocking out 7 of his teeth, there was blood on the floor, on my fist, and of course, coming out of Jackass’s mouth like a goddamn fountain.

But I wasn’t done there, Ohoho no, I wanted to get this asshole back for everything he’s ever done to me. So I mounted him and started to beat the shit out of him.

After a solid 7 punches to the mouth, both my hands and the floor around his head was soaked in blood and we had quite the audience, students and teachers were looking on in shock as I beat up Jackass.


This was such a shock to everyone because Jackass was a high schooler and has been known for bullying other students, the staff never did anything because his parents were rich and threatened to destroy the school for an amusement park if they ever expelled him.

I don’t know how long I’ve been beating the life out of this colt, but I enjoyed every second of it. And soon enough, punching him wasn’t enough, so you’d never guess what I did next, I literally started to pull his hair out so hard, his head started bleeding.

It was at this moment that somepony had the balls to call the police and an ambulance, it turned out that I gave Jackass a pretty bad concussion and the piece of his mane that I pulled out probably wasn’t going to grow back.


And in turn, I was given a 4 month suspension, but that didn’t matter cause I had just erased a threat to me, and man did it feel good. After this, nopony ever bullied me or anypony who made acquaintances with me.


But something else happened that day, not only did I discover that I enjoyed to beat ponies into bloody pulps, but I also revelled in the fear I received from both my classmates and the school staff.


[2 years later]


I’m now 10 years old and had made a reputation for myself as the Manehatten Scarecrow, the reason I was named this was because I had a tendency to break criminals, both physically and mentally, the criminals were happy to see the cops before I could go further. And the cops couldn’t arrest me, one because I was underaged, and two, I was helping them catch all the bad guys. I even managed to break Dr. Caballeron, y’know, famous Daring Do villain.


But none of those experiences can even compare to the experience I had when dispatching my worst enemies; my family.


They were the biggest group of bitches I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been plotting their deaths ever since the Jackass incident, my mom, dad, and sister were all going to pay for the amount of pain they caused me.


So on one fateful day, I placed a sleeping pill in my families water, they were out like a light. I got them one by one and carried them downstairs to our basement, stripped them naked, and tied them all to their individual chairs.


I waited till they woke up to enact my revenge,  I injected them with a serum that allows the victim to feel unbearable burning in the nerve system, and the only way to cure it, is to kill the victim.


And I killed my family and I enjoyed it, I tore them apart with anything I can find, and even killed my father with my bare hands.

I saved the best for last, my mother, oooh was she going to get the worst of it, she was the one who pioneered my torture from the beginning, she was the main reason I suffered. And my dad and sister joined her wholeheartedly.


And I revelled in the act of murdering my mother, she screamed for mercy and begged me to stop, but I didn’t want to, I couldn’t, I had to end this piece of a shitty bitch.

Once I was done with my family, I was soaked in a pool of blood. I was so happy that I got to get rid off such an insufferable family.

Unfortunately, one of my neighbors heard the screams of my family and called the cops, I was arrested and pleaded guilty by reason of insanity. From then I was sent to a juvenile correction center.


[Present time]


From then on, I perfected my technique from just mindless and torturous murder to just leaving the victim in pure fear of what transpired.

My train of thought was ended when the door to the corridor opened and Princess Twilight and Shining Armor approached me. I stood up and saluted the princess, “Is the patient ready princess?” I asked.


She nods, “He is ready.” She starts, “And please, be easy on him?” She pleaded.


I smiled, “I’ll try my best.” I assured, “But I won’t make any promises.” I added before taking the clipboard from her and read the information, “Bizarre Gerald, Earth Pony, 36 years old, born in Whinnyeapolis, serial rapist and murderer, killed over 40 ponies and raped over 90.” I read aloud.


I chuckled, this stallion was going to be fun, “I’ll be done with him in an hour.” I promised before making my way to the nurse’s office.


I took a deep breath before opening the door and entering the room. I took one look at Bizzare and he smirked, “You’re pretty hot.” He complimented.


I nodded, “Thank you for the compliment.” I thanked him in a mock thankful voice, but my tone quickly changed for the next line, “This’ll be over momentarily.” I added with an ice cold tone.


Bizzare’s face immediately becomes white with fear. I chuckled to myself, this is going to be fun.

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