How I’m obsessed

When two opposites clash together they automatically have negative thoughts about one another. They fight, they scream, and they torture each other, as if it where a game of war. But overtime will that hate develope into something beautiful? Or will the path of misery just continue?


2. Chapter Two

 As I walked into my science class, I immediately looked at Jamie, and The 'Pretty boy'. I nodded to Jamie signaling that she could carry through with our plan. I sat down in my seat and pulled out the necessary materials, for both the plan and the class. "Alright class, now today we are going to be taking notes on the forces between gravity and space." Teacher says. I quickly get up from my seat and casually place down a buck (bottle) of glue on Jamie’s desk. I return to my seat and open my science notebook. I jot down the words on the board into my notebook, as Jamie loosens the buck cap. Since the science seating was arranged with six people at one table, and pretty boy was at Jamie’s table the plan would fill perfectly into place. One of the students (Aka Jamie’s minion) asked Jamie to pass the glue, and squeezed it hard over Pretty boys lap and the glue spilled all over his jeans. I chuckled as he looked back at me and smiled. "Okay, Okay. If you wanna play it like that, then game on." He muttered. "Hey teach! Can I go clean this up?" "Yes, Loki, you may." Loki? Was that my new rivals name? Well it’s definitely better than pretty boy. Loki.... huh. Gotta admit it is an interesting name.... Loki pushed his chair away from the table and stood up.   

When Loki got back from the bathroom, I looked straight at the glue stain on his jeans. Barely got it off. But when he walked in he was trying to hide something in his left hand. I looked like purple powder. Or maybe glitter. But when he walked pass me he put it in front of me. I was right it was glitter, and on the buck Loki wrote, "Do it again, princess." This irritated me. I’d only just met Loki and he already knew how to push my buttons. Or did he? Was it the fact that he knew how to push my buttons? Or the fact that I was letting him? Well whatever it was it was working. Because I grabbed the buck of glitter and instantly regretted it. When I tried to loosen the cap I couldn’t move my hand from the plastic buck. My hand was glued onto the buck! HE TRICKED ME!!!! I thought. I took a deep breath.

If it was a war he wanted, then it’s a war he'll get. Game on.

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