Zandora's Life

Zandora Daughter of Hades tells how it is to be a child of one of the most powerful Greek gods. Zandora is demi-goddess of the universe so she can make life forms destroy and make planets and control time and space she also has other powers


2. Why it is hard hiding who i am



      It is hard keeping a secret as huge as mine. You just want to go up to someone and say hey, I am a demi-god.

  It is like a huge weight on my chest. When someone asks me where I come from, I have to make something up. 

I live in Oklahoma now. I say I came from California. I have trouble not telling people who I am. I can't hide who I am forever eventually someones going to find out then what? Tell the whole world I am a demi-god? Then live in the Underworld forever. No way I am doing that. I love the human world and I have someone here I love even though my father forbids it. I can't live in the human world forever or the Underworld forever, but I can't live six months here and another six months there. What should I do? 

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