Zandora's Life

Zandora Daughter of Hades tells how it is to be a child of one of the most powerful Greek gods. Zandora is demi-goddess of the universe so she can make life forms destroy and make planets and control time and space she also has other powers


1. What it is like to be a demi-god



              Hi, I am Zandora Daughter of Hades and I am a demi-god. Now it's not easy living in the human world by yourself when you're a demi-god. My human mother died when I was five and my father has to rule the Underworld 24/7. Now like my stepmother, Persephone I live 6 months up in the human world and the other 6 months down in the Underworld. When I am up in the human world I call myself Zandora Fires and I am a fifteen-year-old orphan. The hard part about being a demi-god in the human world is hiding your powers from mortals. I have powers to raise the dead and see mythical creatures, control dragons, and people.  It can be tempting to use my powers when I get mad.

I usually live in a forest in a cabin on the outskirts of a small town.  I work at a thrift store in town and don't go to school.

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