Zandora's Life

Zandora Daughter of Hades tells how it is to be a child of one of the most powerful Greek gods. Zandora is demi-goddess of the universe so she can make life forms destroy and make planets and control time and space she also has other powers


6. More people


      Zandora decides the Underearth need more people because at the moment the population of the Underearth is four teenagers. Albert has two siblings Zaris and Zane his siblings are also demi-gods so Albert tells them about me and the Underearth. They agree to go live on Underearth with us. Tinna convinces her sisters to come live on Underearth too. Nargona is able to convince some of her friends and five of her siblings to come with us. Since there was no one else to ask they made posters. It looked like my secret was coming out. I guess I could stay on Earth but that wouldn't be much fun. So, the next morning I make a huge ship. It has enough room for a small village to fit in it. So, everybody grabs their bags and we leave adults, kids, teens, and pets. In a few hours, we arrive at our destination. Everyone gets off and chooses a living space. Now, Underearth is populated and ready for civilization.

Nobody has to learn or go to school. We hunt for food and eat wild berries. The resources of Underearth never run out and grow more and more each day. On Underearth we are all a big family.




    The End

P.S sorry it's kind of short

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