Zandora's Life

Zandora Daughter of Hades tells how it is to be a child of one of the most powerful Greek gods. Zandora is demi-goddess of the universe so she can make life forms destroy and make planets and control time and space she also has other powers


4. Decision


   I have decided to make an alternative planet where everyone I love can live. You're probably wondering how I can make a whole entire planet. Well, I am demi-goddess of Earth's galaxy. Now I just need to make a base for it. A large sphere will work now I need to decide on a color scheme. Something bright but dark, Sun and Moon that will work with it. I think an easter yellow Sun and an easter white Moon. Light cool colors with dark warm colors. Now animals and plant life. I think wild berries, fruit, and other eatable plants. Maybe some Persephone flowers, buttercups, lilies and tiger lilies. Now animals deer, tigers, birds, goats, horses, and mythical creatures that can be used as food sources. Now to convince everyone I love to come live here. My father will also be able to rule the underworld from here and my friends can contact their families from here. Now convincing might be hard.

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