Zandora's Life

Zandora Daughter of Hades tells how it is to be a child of one of the most powerful Greek gods. Zandora is demi-goddess of the universe so she can make life forms destroy and make planets and control time and space she also has other powers


5. Convincing


       I just started my six months on Earth. That is six months to convince my friends to come live on the planet I have made which I have decided to call Underearth. First I will start with Albert since he is my soulmate. He is likely to say yes. It is time for work better go. I arrive at work at 6:30 today I have cashier duty. I wait for Albert to walk in the door. After five minutes he appears. Since it is morning break for me and the store doesn't officially open until 7:30 and Albert doesn't have to be at school until 7:30. So we have an hour to talk. Albert and I sit in the back of the store on an old leather couch. I tell him energetically what I have done. By 7:30 Albert hugs me says bye and tells me he'll think about living on Underearth. I get things ready for the shop to open. People come in and out all day. At 2:30 Albert walks in the door my shift is over. Albert tells me he thought about it and he agreed. Now to convince Nargona my first friend besides Albert. Nargona is though to convince I am sure I can convince her. Albert walks me home. I go inside and wait for Nargona to come. Every day after work we meet at my house. Right now it is 2:40 Nargona comes knocking at 2:45.  I open the door and tell Nargona to come in. I grab some cookies and milk for us. Nargona and I sit as Nargona does her homework I tell her about my idea. She automatically agrees. Now to convince Tinna. Tinna is coming over tonight. A few hours later Tinna knocks on the door and I open it. We go to the kitchen to eat pizza for dinner. As Tinna and I wash dishes I tell her about the Underearth and she also agrees. I call my dad and tell him about it he says he is proud of me but is sorry he can't go.

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