Love Story (R)

Please go read Love Story before you read this book. This book will be based on when Aria, Angie, Daniela, and Anakin get out of High School. This is not really a sequel to Love Story, but it will make more sense if you read Love Story First!


3. What Did They Do?

*There will be a lot of sex in this book*

Anakin and Aria are still together, Angie and Daniela are still together, and they haven't talked to Zach since they graduated. Lastly, Trent got a girlfriend and moved to Idaho, and hasn't came back. They are all 21, BTW.

Anakin- I texted Aria and here is our conversation:

Anakin- Hey Baby

Aria- Hi Honey. What are you up to?

Anakin- Missing you and wanting you to come hangout with me

Aria- Me too, I will come over in a half an hour

Anakin- What are you doing?

Aria- Getting ready to shower

Anakin- Don't, I want you to come over first

Aria- Fine, I will be over there in ten

Anakin- Please wear cute clothes, and bring an extra pair of clothes

Aria- Okay, I am not even going to ask why. Love you! Bye!

Anakin- Love you! Bye baby!

The convo is over*

Aria- I pack up a pair of clothes in a small bag, and take off my makeup. I decided to wear this over there:

Aria- Then I decided to pack this outfit:

Anakin- Aria finally gets here and comes in, she brought over a bottle of Vodka and a bottle of Tequila. I kiss her, then we walk into the kitchen and get shot glasses. We got 8 shot glasses out and poured Vodka into four of them and Tequila into four of them. We both had two of each drink. "Do you have the 'morning after pill'?"

Aria- "Yes I do! I figured you would want to get wasted and have sex." I said as I kissed his neck and slid my hand down his chest.

Anakin- "You know me to well, do you even know how to have sex? This is our first time together."

Aria- "Yes I do silly, and remember last month we did it!"

Anakin- "Yeah, now I remember." I said, "Ready?"

Aria- "Yes Babe, 1, 2, 3." on three we both took one shot, then we kept doing the same thing till we both had our four shots. We were feeling a little drunk, so we figured we would do two more each. We did another shot of Vodka, and another of Tequila.

Anakin- "How are you feeling sexy?"

Aria- "I am feeling awesome! How about yourself baby?"

Anakin- "I am feeling great!" I said as I grabbed her arm and we ran to my room. "You are so sexy!"

Aria- "You are so freaking hot Baby!" I said as he grabbed my waist and pulled me closer. He then took my hat threw it on the chair, untied my flannel and I took it off me and threw that on the chair, and then I took his shirt off and rubbed his soft chest.

Anakin- I then took off her shirt and bra; and she took off her shorts and panties. I then took off my pants and boxers and I put my hands around her waist and pulled her close to me and kissed her. She then pushed me onto the bed and got on top of me and we started to kiss more. Aria starts grinding on me and sucking on my neck. After she is done, she rolls over and I realize my penis is sticking out, which is why she probably started grinding on me. I then forget about that and I get on top of her and start humping her and kissing her lips and her neck.

Aria- "Oh, babe. This feels so good!" He then sticks his penis inside of me and wiggles it on and around my vagina. He does this for a little while and starts humping me again. I then push him off me and get on top of him, I am now in control. I start grinding on him and his penis is sticking up again, so I grab it ad rub it while I kiss him. He starts to kiss me back and we are going at it, he then cums and I lick some of it up, and it gets all over us because I am grinding on him and our bodies are slapping together.

Anakin- "Oh, yes Sexy lady." She then rolls off of me again, and that means it is my turn to take charge. So, I get on top of her and stick my penis in her right away and I move my hips back and forth, and hump her while my penis is inside of her. I do this continuous motion for a few minutes, then I roll over one more time for her, my penis is still sticking up so she grabs it and rubs it, she then sucks it a few times and licks around it. "Yeah babe, keep doing what you are doing."

Aria- "Okay Baby!" I keep licking and rubbing his dick, then I get on top of him and kiss him and find a way for his dick to get inside of me because it feels freaking amazing when it does. I grind on him for a little longer then I cum and it is all over us. I then let him lick around my vagina and then we make out for the longest time.

Anakin- We then get tired and she kind of falls off of me, and rolls side ways. I then lay behind her, and my dick is kind of in her, so she moans and I move around a little bit, and then we finally fall asleep naked in my bed at 2 in the morning.

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