Love Story (R)

Please go read Love Story before you read this book. This book will be based on when Aria, Angie, Daniela, and Anakin get out of High School. This is not really a sequel to Love Story, but it will make more sense if you read Love Story First!


7. Weekend Adventures Part 2

After Anakin picked Aria up and started making out with her, he was walking to his room with Aria in his arms and he set her on his bed and got on top of her.

Anakin- I take off Asia's shirt and bra, then I kiss her in a romantic slow kind of way. She then takes off my shirt and we take off our pants and underwear. "Gosh you are sexy." Then I get back on her and start grinding on her, she has her arms hooked under my arms with her hands gripping on my shoulders. 

Aria- Anakin decided to start grinding on me and dang, it feels good. He is kissing me while he is grinding on me, and so he grabs my leg and brings it to his side and with his other hand, puts it on my face and still continues to grind on me. "Ohhh babe, yes."

 Anakin- "You like this, huh?"

 Aria- "Ohh yeah."

 Anakin- "Should I continue this?"

 Aria- "Whatever you want." I say as I laugh. He continues to do that and then stops, so I push him off of me and I get on top of him. I start rubbing his chest and kissing his chest and neck. I grab his penis and rub it and make him moan. I do that for awhile, because his moan is sexy and I wanted to get him to cum. So I then start grinding on him intensely. 

Anakin- "Oh yes babe." I say as she is grinding on me. She grinds on me for while, and so I grab her butt with one hand and massage it and grab her thigh with my other hand and make her like come closer to me. Her body is slapping against mine and my penis is going inside of her, so I get on top of her and thrust inside of her and kiss her lips.

Aria- This guy is good, he is thrusting in and out of me so fast, it feels amazing. He then stops and turns his body around to wear his penis is in my face as he starts licking my vagina, so I suck his dick. He then gets up off of me and I get on my hands and knees, he hits me from behind for awhile, then I lay back and open my legs wide, he sticks his penis back inside of me and thrusts on me.

Anakin- After I am done thrusting in her, she cums and it gets all over us and I lick it off of her. She then gets back in me and grinds and is kissing me, I then cum a few seconds later and she licks it up. We kiss some more and then we lay there.

Aria- We then lay there, I'm laying on top of him, with my head in his chest. He has the biggest smile and smirk going on which is so freaking handsome. And I just smile, and we are panting from all we just did. We eventually fall asleep together, me in his arms.

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