Love Story (R)

Please go read Love Story before you read this book. This book will be based on when Aria, Angie, Daniela, and Anakin get out of High School. This is not really a sequel to Love Story, but it will make more sense if you read Love Story First!


4. Did This Really Just Happen?

Aria- I woke up and went and took a shower. I then put my clothes from last night back on and told Anakin I would be back later. I kissed him on the head, grabbed my stuff and drove back home to my apartment. When I got to my apartment I took the morning after pill, then I went and studied for my test that I have in a few days.

Anakin- I finally got up around noon, showered then made and ate lunch. After I studied for a little bit I get ready and head to the gym. I'm at the gym working out when I see Angie, Daniela, and Aria walk into the dance room. I am just going to finish working out and maybe they will see me, but I know they are rehearsing to dance at some famous person's concert this weekend?

Daniela- "So what all happened last night?" I said when we walked into the dance room and closed the door.

Aria- "Anakin and I got drunk and had sex."

Angie- "Did you-"

Aria- "Yes, I took the pill. Don't worry, I don't want to have kids yet."

Daniela- "Why not?"

Aria- "To be honest, I don't know. I may be to scared to have kids right now."

Angie- "Good girl!" After I said that we all laughed.

Daniela- "I think you should have kids now while you are still young and not old and having kids."

Angie- "Now that you put it that way, I agree Aria."

Aria- "You both are right, when I see Anakin later I am going to tell him, but for now we need to practice for this concert." We practice for a long time till we all are about to fall down and we all leave and go home.

Angie- When Daniela and I get to our apartment, we both shower and then get ready to go to dinner.

I wear this-

Daniela wears this-

Daniela- When Angie and I are done getting ready we head outside to the car. We both get in the car and we are driving down the street to get to McDonalds when we get hit by another car. Now we are spinning in circles and then we slam into a pole. "Owww. Angie are you okay?"

Angie- "Owwwww, help me."

Daniela- "What? Where does it hurt?"

Angie- I point to my arm and head. "I need help."

Daniela- I the call 911, when they pick up I say, "Help, me and my girlfriend just got into an accident. Someone just slammed into us. Please help. We are on Ash and Hook."

Dispatcher- "Is anyone hurt?"

Daniela- "My girlfriend's arm and head, and my leg and head. I don't know about anyone in the other car."

Dispatcher- "Just stay where you, don't move. We have police and ambulance on the way. Can you explain to me what happened?"

Daniela- "We were going through the intersection when this car came speeding through the intersection and t-boned us. We stopped at the stop sign and he or she didn't. We then spun and then slammed into the stop sign. The sign bent and came through the window and sliced my girlfriend's arm open. She needs help now please."

Dispatcher- "What is your girlfriends name? Also, what is your name?"

Daniela- "Her name is Angie and my name is Daniela."

Dispatcher- "Are the police or the ambulance there yet?"

Daniela- "No, but I can hear a siren coming."

Dispatcher- "Okay, stay put. I don't want you to get injured more than you already are."

Daniela- "They are here, thank you!"

Dispatcher- "No, thank you for letting us know. I hope you are good. Bye."

Daniela- "Bye." I said and then hung up the phone.

Angie- "My arm and had hurts the most." I told the ambulance person. They then opened the door, took me out, then wheeled me into the ambulance.

Daniela- "It is just my head and leg. Will my girlfriend be okay though?"

Ambulance person- "Yes she will, se will just need some stiches and she might have broke a few bones, other than that she will be okay. But your whole leg could be broken so we need you to stay still."

Daniela- "Okay. Can we try to be placed together please?"

Ambulance person- "I will try, now I am going to open up the door and I need you to be still. My buddy and I are going to lift you out after I open the door."

Daniela- They got me out and then put me in the ambulance and we drove to the hospital. After they were done doing what they needed to I called Aria and here is our conversation:

Daniela: Hey Aria, Angie and I are in the hospital.

Aria: Hey Dan, why?

Daniela: Some person t-boned us and my leg is broken, and I have a small cut on my head. Then, Angie's arm is broken and cut, and she has a concussion.

Aria: Oh my gosh, do you want Anakin and I to go to the hospital?

Daniela: If you don't mind, that would be great!

Aria: I will go pick up Anakin and we will be there in a little bit

Daniela: Thanks sis! Love you!

Aria: Anytime Dan, love you!

Aria- I text Anakin, tell him to get ready and that we are going to the hospital to see Angie and Daniela. After I pick up Anakin we drive to the hospital and on the way there I explain what happened to them.

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