To Love

A few poems about loving as a bisexual - the difficulties and problems some of us are being faced by ourselves and by society.


2. At elske som biseksuel - To love as a bisexual

All people in this world love,

Think about that special someone.


Everyone fits perfectly into that little box,

Loving someone, someone of the opposite gender.

So how come it's so wrong when I love?

Knocked down by all society's needs,

Everyone's locking me in that box.


So they try to, but they all fail

Over my head, under the lid of that box

My eyes see light outside of it


Because how are they gonna fit me in there?

I never could, I never can, and I never want to.

So I scare them, frustrate them, with my anormality.

Everyone's trying to close that damned box,

Knocking me down, but I still don't fit.

So they put me and the box away,

Under all of their straight expectations.

Ending up adjusting to their rules, shaping me,

Loving one gender, I divide my personality in two.

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