1. Prologue

First there was Mussolini, the leader of the first Fascists, a dictator of a New Rome. However, like many leaders, it was inevitable that he soon fell. He was quickly followed by his son, in a sense. Hitler, a lunatic, who stood for nothing but his own ambition, and began his own empire. He was destroyed, annihilated, reduced to nothing, like his predecessor. Then ISIS rose, intent on stripping the world of non-believers. They were supposed to be the end, the end of leaders, the end of any sort of dictatorship. But then came the Diarists. Like ISIS, the Diarist society (or DS in infotongue) would stop at nothing to achieve complete control over the whole world. The One ordered Sutol to cleanse the earth of all religion, replacing it with Diarism. It was renounce your religion, or be taken for public execution. No adult survived. Sutol said that the children would be spared, that they would be shown mercy, but it didn’t seem merciful that they were taken away and used in experiments. The ones that survived, became the first inhabitants of Giileron. That was 32 years ago. Since then, we’ve lived in a world of darkness, but now there is a flicker of hope, a white in a pallet of a grey world, and it’s spreading.

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