Sylph Blood

On a full moon my family, friends, all my people has been either slaughtered or taken away by the humans. Since that night my life have been shifted too many times and I knew deep down that nothing will ever be the same. And on my death I swear to the gods and goddesses that I will take revenge and show my wrath to the sinful humans.


9. 9


  Hours quickly went by as I was taught how to tie knots. Two others who were part of the nine that was saved joined us. One was Elenora who was a lycanthrope and the other was Williem who was a vampire. The two seemed to get along fine and were close to each other. Apparently they woke up at the same time and were checked over by Cleo together. After that they stuck together and didn't leave each others side. When they found me they quickly stuck by my side.

  It was like the bond that was there was growing stronger. We were forced to face the underground cells and the torture, so it was natural for us to rely on each other to cope to our new life. Ranniha was right in saying that they were lost just like I am. Because of that I made up my mind to help them find who they are no matter what it takes. Hopefully in return they help me as well.

  Elenora cracked a joke that was more for the twisted minded. Williem laughed as he understood it but I found myself at lost in the joke. A laugh came from the front of the ship and captain Aadya came into veiw. She wasn't wearing her hat but her hair was still tied in a loose braid. "That was hillarious Elenora." She said.

  Aadya stood next to Ranniha and nodded towards her. Ranniha nodded back in respect and acknowledgment. It was always good to be reassured that Ranniha trusted and respected Aadya because it reminds me that Aadya was a good person. Since I woke up I haven't talked to her yet and hear what she had to say. A blush warmed my cheeks as I remembered passing out on the table before she had time to explain why she saved us.

  "Can I join?" She asked. It took me aback as she asked to join us. Since she was the captain I assumed that she didn't need to ask permission to do anything. She was the boss around here and her crew followed her. Her asking meant that she most likely didn't force people to do something they were against. That she didn't abuse her power of captain which was assuring. I had a feeling that the reason why she is captain and why the crew members followed her so easily was because of how kind she was.

  Every time she went against my expectations I was more intrigued to understand her. "Please do. I'm sorry about passing out before you started to explain about everything." I apologized and made room for her to sit.

  A smile spread her lips and she took the place next to me. Once she got comfortable she took a piece of rope from the box and started to tie knots. How she quickly worked showed that she was very experienced. After all she was a captain of a ship so I shouldn't expect any less. "Thank you Amilia. No worries about that. You must have been very tired and I apologize for overlooking that." She said.

  I was at a lost for what to say. I didn't know how to act around a captain and didn't know the amount of respect I must show her. Would it be to strange to be more formal or would I be too rude if I treated her like how I would the others? Aadya must have realized my dilemma because she smiled to show that she wasn't very strict. "Don't worry so much Amilia. For now just treat me as you would a friend. I don't mind it at all." 

  "Sorry. I just don't know what to do. Everything is so new. I have to thank you and the others for saving us." I told her. 

  Williem cleared his throat before talking. "Ma'am please explain why we are here. Not that I am against it. I actually enjoy this." He asked.

  It must be that the others were sent to sleep after I passed out. Having them sleep and regain their energy before learning about this was a good idea though. They might have been too tired to really understand what is going on or make any decisions. "Of course. I already talked to the others about everything so you three are left. As you know we went against the human lord's back to save you. When I got wind that he was keeping maxia people I worked as quickly as I could to save you all. Saving people who are stuck in situations that they can't escape, such as yours, is what we do.

  "For the past seven years I have gathered a group of people who is willing to help. At first it was hard but soon after it started to become easier. Now we have three different safe spots that people can live in. We bring the people who was save there if they wish to not be part of this crew. We also stop there to restock and to rest after long times at sea. None of the human army or royality will find the places that we secured so it is completely safe. If you decide to live in one of the safe spots then you won't have any worries of being caught or in a life threatening situation." She explained.

  The three of us listened intently as she spoke. "What if we decide to not be a part of the crew or live in a safe spot? What if I want to try and go back home?" Elenora asked.

  Aadya smiled and looked at her. "If that is the case we will stop somewhere else along the way to the safe spot. It will take three weeks to get to the place where we are going so if you want to leave us all together please tell me a week before then. No one will hold you against it if you decide to leave. Plenty of people did to try and find their family. We will give you food, supplies, and money to try and make your trip more easy but we cannot promise your saftey."

  Elenora looked conflicted as she thought through her options. "My name is Elenora Bilgut. My pack's alpha is Jona Hugo. Is he or any of my family in one of your safe spots?" She looked hopeful that someone would be there.

  "I'm sorry but no one from your pack or your family is in one of our safe spots. Of course you can ask around the crew here in case. There is a lot of people in the three spots so I might have missed them." Aadya said. Elenora frowned but nodded anyways. "I'm sorry Elenora. But just know that you are free to chose as you please. No one will think any less on what you decide."

  Beside her Williem grabbed her hand in reassurance. "Don't wory El. I am sure your pack is somewhere out there and safe. Since you are strong I know that the others are to." He softly spoke and rubbed his thumb across the top of her hand.

  She looked up at him with a fake smile. "Thank you Will." Her eyes went to Aadya afterwards. "If no one heard of my pack then I will get off before the safe spot. I want to find them no matter what." 

  Aadya took her hand with a gentle smile. "Of course Elenora. If that is what you choose then we will let you go."

  Williem looked out at the ocean for a moment before turning his attention to Aadya. "For years I wanted to explore the world. My grandfather use to tell me stories of being out on the ocean and I want to have my own stories to tell. Please let me stay on as a crew member." He said.

  "Of course Williem. I will try and get some of the people to show you some of the jobs around here. I understand that vampires are more fond of the night so you can try the nightwatch if you want." Aadya offered. Williem's eyes lit up with excitement as she spoke. It was a nice thing to see in his eyes.

  Finally Aadya turned to me. Her brown eyes held curiocity to what I would choose to do. Even though I told her what I wanted before. "I told you that I wanted to stay. There are others out there who need help just like we did. Knowing that I just can't sit still. Unless you throw me overboard you will be stuck with me." I joked.

  A large smile pulled at her lips. It almost looked like she was relieved at my decision. Ranniha took my hand and I looked over at her. In her eyes was something next to sorrow. She had to tell me something important but I knew that she would wait until we were alone to do so. Or whenever I was deemed ready to hear whatever it was. Something deep in my gut twisted.

  Ranniha was not fully happy that I would be staying here on this ship. Working side by side with captain Aadya in aid to save others. What I wanted to do was something that shouldn't cause such a look in Ranniha's eyes. Last time she gave me this look was when I wanted to join the older children in their classes. She told me that I couldn't join them. Not until I was ready. Even though I was just as able as they were at the time.

  The look Ranniha gave me was not missed by Aadya. Clearing her throat she excused herself and left us. Elenora and Williem followed soon after. "What is it?" I asked. "Should I not stay here?"

  She looked at me for another long moment before sighing. "You are still not healed yet. When you are stronger I will tell you. For now just rest and get better." Was her reply. 

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