Sylph Blood

On a full moon my family, friends, all my people has been either slaughtered or taken away by the humans. Since that night my life have been shifted too many times and I knew deep down that nothing will ever be the same. And on my death I swear to the gods and goddesses that I will take revenge and show my wrath to the sinful humans.


8. 8


  Besides being malnourished, dehydrated, and a sore ankle I was okay. Physically at least. It would take time for my body to heal and become healthy. Cleo, the warlock with cat eyes, recommended that I don't push myself to hard and to rest as much as I could. She told me to start eating in small amounts and work my way up to eating normally so my body could adjust to this change. The other eight were told the same thing and I found them either sleeping or up on deck talking to the others.

  Outside the sun was warm and bright. Barely any clouds were floating by leaving a huge span of blue. It was breathtaking to say the least. I never realized how beautiful the ocean was and I was glad that I had this chance to see it for myself. If I could I would rather stay in this moment forever. It was relaxing to be here with the others and the sun. 

  To pass time Ranniha sat me down and handed me a small box of cut ropes. She sat beside me and took one of the ropes in her hands. "I will start to teach you some knots that you will need to know. Some of them you may remember from the hunters but we will go over everything again since it has been a while." She said.

  As she taught me how to tie knots I couldn't help but feel something wasn't right. There was something inside of me misplaced and it was upsetting. I understood that I should feel like this since I was locked away for years on end with barely any contact with society. I just didn't expect it to be so large of a gap inside of me. "Ranniha?" I stopped toying with the rope and looked over at her. "I have a hole inside of me. And I don't know how to fix it."

  Her eyes widened and quickly she embraced me. Just like how she used to when I fell and hurt myself. Or when I was worried about Luka when he got in trouble for playing with me sometimes. A memory of her hugging me after I went to her to cry about nana passing flitted by. "It's going to be okay Amilia. It will be okay. You are here with us now and safe. I promise that you will be okay." She spoke over and over again.

  I was glad that the spot Ranniha picked to sit wasn't a crowded place. We were away from the busy part at the front of the boat and towards the back more. "I don't know what to do Ranni. How do I talk to the others?  What do I do? How can I make myself useful to stay?" I started to tell her about my insecurities.

  She pulled back and held my face between her hands. Her eyes were soft and kind as she looked at me. "Just be yourself Amilia. You were always outgoing and strong as a child. I know it will be hard at first but I know over time you will be able to be yourself again. And when you do I am sure your place will be figured out whether it be on this ship or on land." Her voice held certainty as she told me those things.

  With every part of me I wanted to believe what she was saying but I couldn't fully fight my doubts. The years to learn and develope social skills and training had passed by in darkness. It will be hard to connect to the others here or be able to trust them. I was able to do so with Ranniha because she was like a second mother to me but I didn't really know anyone else. My best friend died along with my parents. Even the eight people who spent the twelve years with me weren't close to me.

  Then there was the fact that I wasn't close to myself. For years I felt detached from me if it was any sense. I lost my identity as a fae and as a person. Everything that I enjoyed was taken from me and I was left to the past along with the cold black of the cell. My old self was still locked away.

  "What if I can never find myself Ranni? I lost everything to that cell. The chains drained away my essence and stripped me as a fae. The solitude took away my soul. There is nothing left of me that makes me who I am." I told her.

  A frown pulled tightly at her lips. "Don't you dare say that Amilia Strongborne. You are the daughter of Isa and Nebi Strongborne. You are the next cheif and you are a fae child. There is nothing in this world that will take that away from you. Do you understand? If you are lost in knowing who you are then search within yourself and within others. Force yourself to talk and understand the people around you and learn what to do by them. You are finally free Amilia. So take this opportunity and become someone who is strong. 

  "The night our home was destroyed a part of me was gone and I changed. Everyone has because it is the law of nature. Everything changes so go along with it and make sure you become the best person you can be with it. The eight people who were saved with you are in the same boat. They are lost just like you. If you can find your way again then they will see that they can to. Be the person who will help them Amilia." Ranniha said.

  My heart swelled and I felt something shift inside of me. I didn't stop and think about anyone else. I was just focused on myself and my own pain that I didn't think about the others. No matter what I should think about the others as well. It was what mama taught me growing up. To know yourself is to know the others, and to heal yourself is to heal the others. We were one. How could I forget that I was not alone in this? 

  I wrapped my arms around Ranniha once more and buried my head into her shoulder. "Thank you Ranni. I promise that I will become strong. That the others will become strong as well. We are lost and because of you and everyone else we will find our way again. Thank you."

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