Sylph Blood

On a full moon my family, friends, all my people has been either slaughtered or taken away by the humans. Since that night my life have been shifted too many times and I knew deep down that nothing will ever be the same. And on my death I swear to the gods and goddesses that I will take revenge and show my wrath to the sinful humans.


7. 7


  Every part of my body needed to hear what this person was about to say. How a human decided to save maxia people. Most importantly why we were saved. I wouldn't be fully surprised if we were kidnapped for their own gain but that idea seemed far fetched. With the humans there are maxia people on this ship all working side by side with ease. My people were here alongside them and they would not abide to maxia people being trafficked.

  Captain Aadya could be lying to all of them and made an elaborate plan to kidnap us but that doesn't seem right either. The bond everyone shared seemed to have grown with time and trust. They moved with years of training and making such an elaborate plan seemed meaningless. The only possible thing that I am left to believe is one that may be the only thing impossible to me. A human is going against the other humans to save us maxia people. Leaving their kind in aiding us.

  My mind was racing through every single possibility in trying to understand that I felt a little dizzy. Everything has been so chaotic and fast paced that my body was trying to keep up. I already felt my eyes grow tired with exhaustion and I was in need of sleep. 

  I turned to look at the other eight who survived with me and they were all trying to stay awake. Their droopy eyes unfocused on Aadya waiting to figure out what the hell was happening. What they will have to face with in the coming days and what they need to prepare for. My eyes wandered to Ranniha who looked at me with a slight smile and a knowing look in her eyes. As I blinked I fought to open my eyes again. I felt as my body dropped to the table and then nothing else.

  It felt like no time at all until I was able to open my eyes again. Everything was confusing as I started to wake up. Below me weren't cold stones but instead something warm. For the first time in years I was waking up warm and comfortable. The air didn't hold a modly stenched to it but instead had a salty tinge to fresh air. Soft snores were mingling with hushed whispers.

  As I started to become more aware I realized that I was swinging slightly side to side and that I was wrapped up in a blanket. Shock filled me and my body jolted up causing me to swing hard to the left and towards the floor. My breath left me as I fell and pain exploded from my ankle. A cry left my lips and someone rushed over to me. Without thinking I was worried that whoever it was, was going to torture me. Tell me to shut up and beat me with an iron rod just like all those times I cried to be let go.

  Instead I found warm blue eyes staring at me in concern. The man asked if I was okay but I couldn't focus on what was happening. In the midst of my confusion I remembered what happened prior to falling asleep. I was saved along with eight others who were in the underground cells. Finally we were safe.

  I covered my mouth to muffle my cries to not wake the sleeping people. The man handed me a tissue and I accepted it to wipe away my tears. When I was able to calm down I looked at the man who was sitting next to me. "Are you okay?" He asked with a smile.

  "Who are you and what happened?" I asked and looked down at myself. As I did I realized that my old rags were gone and instead I wore black pants and a blue shirt. Wool socks covered my feet and I couldn't understand how I was in different clothes. "Who changed me?" 

  "I did." Ranniha's voice came from beside me. I looked at her and felt joy overcome me once more at the sight of her. "Good morning Amilia. How are you feeling?" 

  She lent me her hand and I reached up to take it. When I tried to stand pain shot up my leg from the ankle that I hurt on my fall. Quickly I released the pressure on the foot and leaned into Ranniha. "I think I hurt my ankle." I said.

  Ranniha sighed and wrapped my arm around her shoulder. "Come with me to the aid room. I will get someone to look at what you have done. Joshua come with us and take her other side."

  The man from before came to my side and put his arm around my waist like how Ranniha placed hers. I put my free arm around his head and the three of us made our way to a room just off of the one we were in. The room with the hammocks was large and the aid room was much smaller in size. It was comfortably set up with medical supplies of various sorts in a glass case.

  A small hole on the side let in light and I could see miles upon miles of water. It was almost frightening since I haven't been far out on water at all in my life. The most I have been off land was swimming in a lake with Luka. Now I was in the ocean far away from any land. I didn't even know what kind of creatures lived in the ocean and that could be the most fearsome thing from being out here. Though I would gladly accept being out on the ocean then being back in the underground cells.

  Joshua and Ranniha helped me to sit down on a small bed before Joshua left the room. Ranniha sat in a chair and looked at me with joy. "I still can't believe that you are alive and here Amilia. For years we have searched for you but no matter how hard we tried we couldn't find you." Unshed tears wavered her voice. "I am so happy to be with you once again. Everyone back at the safe place will be elated for you to come home alive."

  A knock interrupted what Ranniha was going to continue to say. At the door Joshua stood next to a women with cat eyes. Right away I could tell that she was a warlock. "I'm glad that you are awake Amilia. The others who came with you are already up and about which makes you the last to wake. Don't worry about them, they are as healthy as can be given their situation. Now it's time to make sure that you are all good to go."

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