Sylph Blood

On a full moon my family, friends, all my people has been either slaughtered or taken away by the humans. Since that night my life have been shifted too many times and I knew deep down that nothing will ever be the same. And on my death I swear to the gods and goddesses that I will take revenge and show my wrath to the sinful humans.


6. 6

Present Time~

  After not moving around a lot for the past twelve years and being malnourished my body fought to climb up the rope ladder. The others were already up leaving me and Aadya the last to go. Just like me, the others who were saved were struggling to climb up and even stand. Our bodies were too weak as adrenaline was the only thing keeping us going.

  Being outside was like a dream. The ocean air smelled salty but it was also intoxicating in a good way. I felt relief wash through me and every few seconds I pinched myself just to make sure this was reality. A few times I noticed the others doing so as well. Due to the strange bond we all had made throughout the years we all looked at each other in support. We were all free besides one of the lycanthropes and we were able to actually live. Not just survive day to day.

  With shaky legs I managed to get onto the ship and Aadya soon followed suit. She looked powerful and proud to have saved us from the lord. A huge part of me couldn't comprehend that Aadya was a human and not a maxia person. There was another human with her but most importantly how there were also maxia people around them. They weren't fighting and they seemed to trust Aadya. 

  Everything I have been taught about humans was starting to become gray as my veiw was starting to change. On the ship were other humans working alongside maxia people. Some of them looked at us and some continued on with their tasks. No one was fighting against each other but instead were in harmony. 

  "I know you all have a lot of questions right now but they will have to wait. Come down to the mess and we will provide you with food and drinks. Once you all are fed will we talk about what we will do from here and explain all that you want to know." Aadya spoke loudly and I turned to look at her. Her soft brown eyes landed on me and I felt as if I could trust her. She saved us all and is willing to look after us for the time being. This full time she didn't bother to ask for anything in return.

  The others started to follow the people who saved us but Aadya didn't move. She continued to look at me until I looked away and caught up with the rest. There was something in her eyes that pulled at me to understand but I couldn't pin point her emotions. 

  Dark wood made up the ship almost black in colour. Red undertones were noticable and I could tell that this was a very beautiful ship. On the way to the here I noticed a women on the front with spread out wings and her arms holding something round above her head. It was as if she was offering something up to the gods and goddesses. Something in me wanted to believe that she was offering freedom to those who were trapped instead of to the gods and goddesses.

  A room lit with warm light and filled with people greeted us once we reached out final destination. I scanned the room and familiar eyes gawked back at me. My heart stuttered in my chest and I stared at the person who looked so familiar. She has aged but still looked strong and defiant. Green eyes swelled with tears and I found myself rushing to her side. "Ranni!" I cried out.

  We embraced each other tightly and our forheads touched to acknowledge each other. It was our custom and knowing that I wasn't alone I started to cry. Ranni cried with me as she stayed hugged me before pulling a way to look me over. She frowned for a second before pulling me back into a hug. "You're alive. I can't believe you are alive. What happened Ranni? Are there others?" I started to ask frantically.

  I looked over the table and noticed a few others who I knew but none of them was mama or papa. My heart sunk in despair but I knew for years that they would have died trying to save us. "I am sorry Amilia. I am so sorry." Ranni spoke softly. "Cheif Isa Strongborne and her husband, the right hand, Nebi Strongborne died while protecting our people. Their deaths were mourned along with the others who have died. Fourty of us survived the attack and now I know that you have to."

  As she spoke I cried harder and burried my head into her shoulder. Hearing it out loud made it all to real and much more painful. "Ranni, what happened? Why did the humans attack us on the full moon celebration?" I asked.

  Ranni frowned and forced me to look her in the eyes. "Not every human attacked us Amilia. Those who did was ordered to by the King of the East on accusation that we killed his son. It was a lie but he did not see it that way. Your mama and the elders tried to keep it from getting known but it was our downfall. She tried so hard to protect us and she had done so much better than the others." Ranni explained.

  Beside me a plate of food and a large mug of water was placed on the table for me. I didn't pay heed to it. "How did you survive? I thought they killed everyone. They killed Luka." My voice was weak as I admitted it out loud.

  "Once they got you they ran away. The king must have wanted you in return for the price of his son." Her voice had hints of anger in it but quickly disappeared. The joy of reuniting was much better then anything right now. The other faes must be excited that I was back and alive since they all greeted me the way Ranniha and I did. Being around other fae made me more comfortable and despite it being weak, I could feel traces of my essence coming back just being around them.

  The others who were saved along with me found people of their kind and those who they knew. It was joyeous and I couldn't help but think that it was all due to Aadya and her crew. As soon as the food was ate and I was at ease being with my people I went over to Aadya. She sat at the head of the table and seemed surprised that I would come over to her. 

  I let a soft smile tilt my lips. "Thank you for saving the others along with myself tonight. There wasn't a reason for you to risk your life along with your crew's yet you decided to anyways and help us." I started to talk sat beside her. Holding out my hand I let her know that I trusted her and didn't find her revolting. "I will forever be in your debt. Whatever I can do for you I will."

  She smiled back at me and reached for my hand. Her skin was soft and warm just like her eyes. "All I ask of from you to be happy and free. Whatever you decide after we talk I will not be offended. If you decide to leave and go to a safe place we have I will take you there. If you decide to stay on my ship and become a crew member I will happily show you around and accept you with open arms."

  As she spoke my chest felt warm. She was an amazing person and I was surprised that a human could be like this. Everyone on this ship seemed to trust her and would follow her into any battle. Aadya was a true leader and I respected her. "Please, tell me whatever it is you need to. I have a feeling that I would enjoy staying here though." With that she smiled and straightened her spine.

  "I hope the others are just as strong and determined as you are." She said before turning to the others. Everyone else settled down and no one spoke. They all waited for their captain to speak.

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