Sylph Blood

On a full moon my family, friends, all my people has been either slaughtered or taken away by the humans. Since that night my life have been shifted too many times and I knew deep down that nothing will ever be the same. And on my death I swear to the gods and goddesses that I will take revenge and show my wrath to the sinful humans.


5. 5

Thirteen Years Ago~

  The sky was cloudless as the hot summer sun beamed down. Around the forest the animals were alive and singing tunes only they understood. Luka and I laid in a patch of grass where the sun filtered through the green trees. The two of us got away from our duties this morning in hopes that we could skip them. Mama was supposed to come back once the sun was in the middle of the sky and I couldn't wait to see her. She went along with nana to practice what to do while meeting up with the humans.

  They have been gone for a week now and everyone was starting to become irritated. Usually they are only gone for a few days. Last night I overheard papa talking to the elders about it and he was worried that something happened to hold them back. Apparently the humans were accussing us of killing one of their kind which is not true. We only kill animals for food and plants to eat. To take ones life without the need for survival was a great sin and would slowly curse you. The soul of the killer would become rotten and their essence would turn black.

  It didn't matter if it was one of our people, a maxia person, or a human. Taking a life was all the same and completely forbidden. Nana and mama went to the humans to explain that we had no part in killing one of their own and to make sure nothing stirred up between us. I couldn't fully understand the extent of what papa meant when he said this but I knew that it wasn't good.

  Luka must have sensed my worries since he threw a patch of grass at my face. A gasp left my lips and some of the grass went in my mouth. Quickly I turned on my stomach and spat out the grass. Beside me Luka laughed loudly and clutched his stomach. "You're like a cow Mil! Grass isn't for us to eat." He joked.

  Annoyed I shot him a glare. I tackled him to the ground and he struggled but it was all playful. We both laughed as we play fought until we became tired. "Next time you put grass in my mouth Luka, I will put dirt in yours. I swear on the gods." I warned him but he put it off as nothing.

  "Then I will put crap in yours. Don't test me Mil because I will always come back stronger." He warned. I raised an eyebrow at him before laughing again. "Seriously Mil. I didn't mean to make you eat grass I'm sorry. You just looked worried and you'll grow up to fast that way. We are children, we can't grow up fast." 

  I sighed as he spoke. "Says you Luka. You are too old because you speak like my mama." 

  He grinned as he took it as a compliment. For as long as I could remember he looked up to my mama. When I asked him why he said it was because he wanted to become strong just like her. "Your mama is coming back soon. We should return to the tents and wait." He got up and held my hand on the way back.

  The two of us quickly ran through the familiar forest and enjoyed the way the ground felt under our feet. We both liked being in the woods and learning how to hunt. Of course we could only watch when the hunters went out every now and then. Only if it was a small hunt and wouldn't take us out further into the woods. Mainly it was to check the closer traps for smaller animals like rabbits but I woldn't trade it for anything. To hunt and fight was in my blood and made me feel excited.

  As the two of us reached the tents in breathless pants we heard the horn of nana's and mama's arrival. We turned to smile widely at each other before rushing to the other side of camp where they would be coming through. Many people stopped what they were doing and went to greet our cheif and mama. Once we were close enough to where we would be able to see them we pushed to the front. In a moment papa was next to me as he waited for nana and mama.

  At first when I seen the carriage I felt happy and impatient to meet them. Then on closer inspection I noticed the sad face of the rider and the black curtains drawn. Right away a long, sorrowful tune bellowed out on their arrival. People gasped and started to murmur to each other. Someone died while outside of our place. My heart sunk and I held tightly to papa's hand. He looked down at me and I could tell that he was trying to hide his fear and sadness.

  The carriage came to a halt and the rider opened the door. I held my breath in hopes that it was mama who would step out and be alive. The world seemed to hold still and my heart hammered away in my chest. Tears threatened to fall and they did once mama stepped out. She had red eyes and looked sad. Behind her a body wrapped in white cloth was taken out and I knew that it was nana in there. I started to cry hard and rushed to mama who hugged me quickly.

  Papa came to us and asked what happened. Mama looked at him and frowned. "Cheif Elyra Strongborne died during our visit with the humans. Tonight we have the ceremony for her soul's departure into our Mother's arms once more." Mama spoke loudly to the others.

  I heard some people sob out in disbelief and sadness. Nana couldn't be dead. No one should be dead. I wouldn't be able to talk to her anymore or hear her stories. She wouldn't hug me good night and she wouldn't let me eat my favourite fruit when she got them. Soon enough the people went to a knee and placed their forheads to the knee off the ground. 

  Papa took me out of mama's arms as mama stepped forward. The people were accepting mama as the new cheif and showing their loyalty and respect. I was told that when our cheif dies their child would take over and become the next cheif. On the next full moon we would celebrate mama becoming cheif and she would recieve her new markings. But for now we will mourn nana and give her back to our Mother. 

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