Sylph Blood

On a full moon my family, friends, all my people has been either slaughtered or taken away by the humans. Since that night my life have been shifted too many times and I knew deep down that nothing will ever be the same. And on my death I swear to the gods and goddesses that I will take revenge and show my wrath to the sinful humans.


3. 3


  Someone in a different cell started to sing loudly. It was the same thing every day since he was put down here. The song was ingrained into my mind and I found comfort in hearing another persons voice. Knowing that I wasn't alone and being able to hear someone else was starting to become a part of my life line. Whoever was singing must be one of the lycanthropes because it was one of their tradition songs. For mourning the dead of course. 

  Sometimes the other lycanthropes would join along but that rarely happened. It must be too hard to sing it and have the constant physical reminder that a lot of the lycanthropes must have been killed. Just like my clan. Without care I started to hum along with the off tuned hymn. 

  Our mother gave life to us children,

  a full moon smiling down and empowering us.

  Our mother gave life to us children,

  a chance to love and to be loved.

  Our mother gave life to us children,

  and on a full moon we return to her arms.

  Over and over it would be repeated. It was beautiful but still terribly sad. It was lycanthrope tradition to give a ceremony to any of them who died on the next full moon of their death. The dead would be laid on a platform of wood and be burned underneath the full moon. During their cremation they would sing various songs and fast until the day after. 

  Being the next cheif I was taught about all the traditions and customs for the various maxia people. Those who had power and magic within themselves. Most importantly the ones who were not human. Of course I have never been to the more sacred ceremonies of others out of respect but they gladly informed me what would happen. Learning about the others have never been about duty for me but about knowledge and respect. We all wanted peace amoungst us and we always sought out ways to do so.

  The humans were the only ones who did not bother with peace. They fought against us and killed us if we got in their ways. Growning up I have been warned to be weary of them and never do anything that would set them off. My mama would meet once a year with the humans and trade off goods and renew the peace treaty between us. Whenever she came back she always tried to hide the look of exhaustion but I would always see it.

  As a child I never understood why and always chaulked it up to travelling. Now I understood that it was dealing with these humans and trying to make sure that we were safe from them. My mama was a strong and amazing chief and I wished that I could be like her. There were times that I wondered what she would do in this situation and I am sure that wasting away like I was, was not an answer for her. She would have acted right away once the lord and the women came in the cell. 

  Outside a guard yelled for the lycanthrope to shut it or else. Just like before the lycanthrope only started to sing louder and louder until there was a whine. The guard cursed on the lycanthrope before walking away from the cell that he entered. It was strange that the lycanthrope would always sing until he was knocked unconcious but delirium could make someone do strange things. 


  It has been a while since the lycanthrope's daily song. Soon enough the human women would come in with water and whatever food was left over from the day. As usual I heard the footsteps walk down the hallway with the sound of a cart moving. It stopped outside my door and the women came in. The light hurt just as much as yesterday but the person holding it was different. It shocked me to see a new person. 

  The man looked simple with dark brown eyes and rich skin. For some reason he reminded me of Luka but I ignored it. He looked at me in the eyes and walked in with a larger cup of water and more food then usual. "I was sent here by my captain. Eat and make sure to sleep well for tonight we will break you free. Don't say anything but when the time comes we need you to be able to quickly leave." He whispered before laying down the food.

  I opened my mouth to say something but he closed the door without another word. My heart hammered furiously with the news and I started to cry in joy. I had to believe in this with all my heart and soul. This was my only chance to be free from the humans and to start gathering enough strength to get my revenge. For the first time in years I would be able to go outside, I would be able to be with others. Even if I died trying it would be better than staying down here in this hell hole.

  Crawling over to the food I decided to not eat all at once. It would make me sick if I do and I had to carefully build up any strength left in me. The food consisted of fruit, vegetables, and a thin slice of meat. I couldn't stop crying as I ate. This time every single tear was in joy and hope instead of the usual pain. Whoever these people were I will owe them my life. They didn't need to bother with us maxia people, and definitely not me. Yet they were risking so much to set us free and give us food and hope.

  Finally finished I laid down and with my stomach full and hope on the horizion I fell asleep pretty fast. Before I entered the dreamless sleep I couldn't help but to tell mama and papa that there was hope. That there might be a way for me to get out and actually live. That their deaths weren't for nothing and that if I survived this escape than I will do anything in my power to make sure of it. 

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