Sylph Blood

On a full moon my family, friends, all my people has been either slaughtered or taken away by the humans. Since that night my life have been shifted too many times and I knew deep down that nothing will ever be the same. And on my death I swear to the gods and goddesses that I will take revenge and show my wrath to the sinful humans.


22. 22

My skin no longer felt attached to me. It was is the person staring in the mirror was a stranger with my eyes. The little collection of the markings I once had was no where to be seen. A few freckles dotted my naked body. It was clear that I had changed with just a few hours. Except the largest change laid on the inside rather on the outside. 

I am scared. The determination and boldness I tried to carry last night wasn't to be found. I felt like a child again during the first few nights of capture. How can I defend myself now? Aadya has offered to teach me how to fight with my fists and weapons. I have made progress with it. 

Until now I had buried hope that my essence would one day return. That I could become Chief again and protect my people. Pain seized my chest. A sob fell out of my chapped lips over and over again. This pain of being nothing, of being stripped was larger then the physical pain from last night. 

My people- no. The faes allowed their essence to take away my heritage and past. They stole my right to be one with them. There will be no morning rituals. No more story times where someone would recount our past. No meals shared with me. Not from those who still have their essence.

What would my mama and papa think now of me? What would my grandmama? That I wasn't their daughter. That I am a weak person who should have died in the cells. That I am a disgrace to our bloodline. Every idea of the possible thoughts felt it would be true. They weren't questions but facts. The sobs continued on with every one. My heart ripping into shreds that can't be properly replaced.

The door opened and someone rushed to my side. Warm arms wrapped around me as Ranniha cradled me. It felt selfish of me to be happy that she hasn't left my side. The other faes might turn against her for doing so. "You, you can't be here Ranni." I said. My words stuffy from crying. 

"My place is by you child. I have taught you when you were younger, treated you like my own daughter. I'll be damned if I let you be taken away from me again." She said. 

We stayed that way for a while. She let my cry as she whispered soothing words into my ear. Called me brave. Said how she was so proud of me for never turning my back from our kind. Promised me that I will find my true path and become an amazing women. There was no doubt that she believed in me still. That she loved me just as much as she had before.

When I finally settled down I looked at her. She pushed my hair behind my ears and wiped away the lingering tears. "Put some clothes on before you catch a cold. I brought you a pair of warmer fabrics. We are near the safe place and it is a bit chilly there." She handed me thick brown pants, wool socks, a long sleeve shirt with warm boots.

Thankfully I put them on. The materials didn't scratch at my skin like I expected them to. I let Ranniha braid my hair afterwards. My eyes still stung and felt puffy from crying. Splashing cold water helped a little bit. It didn't take long for me to feel good enough to look Ranniha in the eyes. Her wrinkled were more pronounced from the stress and worry she must be feeling. She never looked away from me though. Never let me see the pity she must feel for me.

"Where were you before the Stripping?" She asked.

The memory of the man flashed in my head. With a smile I sat on my bed and took out the book I shoved under the straw mattress. "I let myself get in trouble with the humans. While running from them I was saved by a man. He is a fae who was stripped. He told me his story of what happened to him. How he found a life and a love after being cast out." I started to say.

Hope swelled in my chest again. How could I forget that there is a possibility of me getting my essence back? I ran my hand over the leather of the book. It was soft and worn down. The spine of it showed how well used it is. On the pages scribbles were jot down. The black ink looked like insect legs. "He lit a candle on fire. Without any help beside his essence. Said that us faes has always been connected to the world and its energy. That it is deep in out blood and will never leave us. He gave me this book in hopes that I find my essence again."

Looking up from the ink I let Ranniha see the desperation in my eyes. "I need to learn how to read before I can learn how to regain my essence." 

She looked doubtful of what I said. Her eyebrows knit together in a fine line. "That's impossible. There has never been a fae who lost their connection and reconnect to it. You must have been hallucinating." She said.

I handed her the book so she could read herself. "I'm not lying Ranni. Look. I am telling you the truth. The man used essence to light the candle." 

How could she not believe me? She has believed everything else I said and trusted me. This full time she has supported me without hesitation. Her eyes scanned over the insect legs that ran across the pages. Taking in all the curves, loops, and jagged edges. It irritated me to no ends to not understand what they could possible mean. 

After a few minutes she has sighed. "I am able to teach someone how to hone their essence. How to make them picture their potential and how to use all their abilities. My specialty is that and not words. I want you to be connected again if there is a way. Trust me child I do. So you will have to find a different teacher how to read." She said.

I felt crushed by this. It seemed as if there was so many obstacles for me to find what has been stolen from me. Who can I trust with this book? If the other faes found out there would be an uproar. They could call blasphemy. It could even lead to this book being destroyed if I'm not careful. 

Yet I couldn't help thinking of the man and the candle. It is possible for me to be like him. There is a reason why I met him. 

Carefully I retrieved the book from Ranniha's lap. I will go to Aadya. She is the captain of this ship, she has trained me in fighting. She must be able to read and write as well. 

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