Sylph Blood

On a full moon my family, friends, all my people has been either slaughtered or taken away by the humans. Since that night my life have been shifted too many times and I knew deep down that nothing will ever be the same. And on my death I swear to the gods and goddesses that I will take revenge and show my wrath to the sinful humans.


21. 21


 In. Out. In. Out. Repeat until the heart has calmed down and you feel more in control of yourself. This is what I have been told to do just in case I started to feel scared. In front of me Ranniha paces back and forth in the small room that hosts five people. 

 Besides Ranniha, Williem was talking to Aadya about how she should put a stop to the ritual being on this ship. That way it will be held off at least until we make it back to the safe spot. Then they would have more time to try and convince Zendya to not continue on with the stripping and casting. Aadya has thought about it as well but she already promised to not get involved when it comes to a direct tradition to any maxia people. This is one of those times where cutting in might cause tension between her and other maxia people. Elenora sat beside me talking to me about how everything will be okay. Her kind words have gone in one ear and out the other unfortunately.

 I, the one going into this ritual, has been more calm then the others since I was told to prepare. The tradition attire for a stripping is white clothing. It is supposed to symbolize a new birthing of a different race. Though when I have sent for someone to gather me something to wear I decided on something new. Something that will hopefully be the last attire for someone to be stripped. While waiting I have patiently thought of what will happen after I am stripped. It takes an hour for the process to be completed. Leaving me a full hour to make a statment on how unjust this is.

 When the knock came at the door I was relieved to find Fergus. In his hands was a red lump of clothing. His eyes shifted along with his feet after closing the door. "Are you sure that you should be doing this?" He asked. Nervousness clearly evident. "I mean, a lot of faes don't want you to be forced into the stripping. They still believe that you should stay with us. I do to. But you will be going against-"

 "Thank you Fergus." I smiled at him. Taking the clothes from his hands I bowed slightly. "I know what I am doing so there is no need to worry. This isn't just nor is it practical. If anything Zendya should have waited for me to come back to the safe spot. Though what's done is done." While talking I unfurled the clothes. 

 Fergus went out to buy this scarlet red dress. Embroided on it were black gems along the waist line and the neck line. The silky material was cool to the touch. "It's perfect Fergus. Please, everyone go out and wait for me. There is five minutes left so I should hurry up getting changed." 

 Aadya left with Fergus first. Williem and Elenora hugged me before leaving with a wish of luck. It was Ranniha who stayed with tears in her eyes. She hasn't moved from her spot since Fergus came in. "Let me help you. Please." Her voice heavy with emotions.

 A wavering smile tilted my lips. Handing her the dress I nodded. "I'll appreciate it." 

 The two of us were silent as I finished prepairing myself for the stripping. The dress fit my body well with the bottom of it grazing the wooden floor. Turning around I reached for Ranniha's hand for support. "Ranniha? Before you found me did you believe in Zendya? What is she truly like?" I asked.

 "After the raid she helped guide our people to survive and heal as much as we could. Her heart is large but so is her other emotions. Before we joined the safe spot Zendya left with five of our best hunters to find refugee. During her two month long journey she found her dragon but came back alone. A prophet once claimed that should any fae of out tribe became a pair with a dragon then they should be granted the opportunity of becoming Chief. No one believed that Zendya shouldn't become Chief considering all that she has done for us. It was only in the past two years that she started to show what other colours she has." Ranniha told me.

 Another knock came at the door and Aadya opened it. "Your Chief is calling for you to come." She informed us.

 Looking at Ranniha once more I hugged her. Her warm arms wrapped around me for what felt like a second. It was her who pulled away first and headed out the door. Aadya followed her leaving me alone. Taking a deep breath I felt the fear bubble underneath my skin. So close to breaking my determination. 

 Walking out of the small room and to the dock was quiet. No one was around but waiting for me. This stripping did not just involve the faes but every person on this ship. We were all a big family so we all supported each other. Even if it meant watching one of our own going through something horrific. When I finally got outside I didn't looked at anyone but Zendya.

 She held a small grin on her face as she watched me go to the centre of a few people who will cast the spells. Zendya wouldn't be participating in using her essence. Instead she will be looking at me being stripped of the few markings that I have earned. The green dragon laid at her feet. It was much larger then the last time I remember seeing it.

 As I stopped in the middle of the circle the dragon looked up at me. Something alike to sadness and worry passed in it's eyes before disappearing. I had to question if I have even seen it in there. "Amilia Strongbourne you are here to be stripped of your fae markings. This stripping is due to you losing your connection with your essence which is a sin amoung us. For that you must pay the price." Zendya spoke.

 She frowned when she took in the red dress that I have donned. Beyond the six people who were getting ready to use their essence were murmurs. Mainy from the other faes. To continue with my statment I have took down to a knee and bowed my head. The position to show loyalty, submission, and trust to whoever it was directed at. One saved for our Chief. This stance wasn't for Zendya though but for my people. My back was towards the redhead. With this I will show that my loyalty, my love, everything I am will always belong to my people.

 I did not move from my position. Not when I heard the chanting from the six faes or when I felt their essence touch me. In the first few minutes it felt as if their essence was lightly caressing me. Then it started to warm up and get underneath my skin. Near the middle of it the pain started bloom quickly. I held back every cry or whimper that pressed against my lips. My body shook with strain as I continued staying bowed down. I had to hold this position to the very end.

 After what felt like forever I was about to break. Every inch of my body burned with the essence invading my body. My limbs unintentionally twitched or trembled with strain. When the faes finally stopped using their essence my body was still trembling. I felt light headed with grey spots dancing in my vision. Still I did not look up or move a muscle. Not until the grey dots grew and I felt my body dropped by itself.

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