Sylph Blood

On a full moon my family, friends, all my people has been either slaughtered or taken away by the humans. Since that night my life have been shifted too many times and I knew deep down that nothing will ever be the same. And on my death I swear to the gods and goddesses that I will take revenge and show my wrath to the sinful humans.


20. 20


  Standing outside I waved one last good bye to the man. His eyes crinkled with a smile before returning into his warm home. I will never be able to forget about him or his kind words. Clutched in my hands is the leather book that he gifted me. I yearned to crack all the secrets open right in the street yet I knew that getting back to the ship is more important.

  Just as told I became invisible while wearing the necklace. I voiced my worry of becoming visible again if I stopped thinking of becoming invisible but he told me that thinking of it once would be good enough. To enter the seeing world all I had to do is think about materializing in it.

  In this small residential area no one was out on the streets. All the people were tucked in their beds or by the fires inside. Walking the streets brought peace to my mind. Here it wasn't hectic nor did the maxia people had to watch over their shoulders. Unlike the area near the ports or the designated houses for the humans.

   The man told me about how the humans are put on a higher pedestal then the maxia people. All the human children attended better, larger schools while the maxia children got shoved into one worn down school on the outskirt of town. Or how the humans paid less taxes. It is rare hearing of a human going against their own customs because of it. Only two humans have in the last twenty years. One is the man's spouse and the other a child who befriended a werewolf before moving to the next kingdom.

   Fortunately everything wasn't taken from the maxia people yet. They are allowed to continue their rituals in designated areas, the werewolves have their own part of the forest where humans weren't allowed besides special HPS guards. One maxia person is allowed to have a seat on the city council if they follow strict rules and have no warnings with the HPS.

   After learning of everything so far I have come to the realization that life for maxia people have gotten worse. Knowing this only gave me a scorching passion to stop the injustice and allow everyone equality and freedom. I will only be able to do so with Aadya on the ship. Even if I became a true nugatory child I hope that I can continue on being a part of the crew.

   Coming to the busy part of town I felt my heart pick up pace. I double checked to see if I was still in the concealed realm. Sure enough I was so I started to weave my way through the large crowd. If I wasn't wanted by the HPS I could have enjoyed this sight around me. To let myself relax with El and Will while eating food from various vendors or trying alcohol for the first time.

   Unfortunately all I could do now is scan the crowd in case I noticed someone from the ship. Almost to the docks I found Will and El frantically scanning the street. My heart soared seeing that they are okay and still here. Quickly I rushed to them and thought of materializing back into the world. When they seen me they smiled with relief in their eyes.

   That was until I got to them. "What happened?! We didn't notice that you left us then we overheard people saying how the HPS is looking for a fae that threatened to kill a human. They showed a drawing of you!" Will asked.

   "That doesn't matter now. We found her and she is obviously safe. What matters is that Zendya is waiting for her on the ship!" El told Will. She looked at me next with pitiful eyes. "Your Chief is waiting for you with Ranni. They somehow figured out that you lost your connection with your essence. Ranni is pleading for them to understand that losing the connection is not your fault. That you shouldn't have to be stripped of your markings or cast out. Right now it is still up for debate. Your people love you but they still have to follow their Chief."

   My heart felt funny hearing this. I was scared but I also felt calm. Offering up a small smile I grabbed El's hand. There was a reason I met the man from before. Why he was cast out but still had hope that his life was not truly destroyed. "It's okay. Everything will be okay. I planned on telling my people during the morning ritual anyways. Let's get back to the ship."


   Heading to the ship we thought it would be best if I continued to stay invisible. That way there would be no problem if one of the HPS guards spotted me. During the walk the strange sense of calmness was still within me. I had no fears of having my world tilted upside down since I barely had anything to begin with. Ranniha would still talk to me whenever she could because that is the type of person she is. Aadya would still take me on as a crew member. El and Will will still be my friends after the stripping and casting. 

   I wasn't a fool in thinking that it wouldn't mentally take a toll on me though. I love my people and always had. After everything I will not hate them since they are following tradition and the Chief's orders. But it will still hurt. Thinking of seeing Zendya, a women who I couldn't remember, caused a small stinging sensation in my heart. She is the person who I was supposed to be. She leads the people who was supposed to be under my care. She is guiding the future for our people and I know nothing of her.

   Coming up to the ships the calm started to slowly diminish. Walking up the planks it was still there but I was scared. A large group of people were turned facing someone that I couldn't see. "We found her." El announced over the loud chatter of people.

  With her words everyone went quiet and turned towards us. People moved to the side to reveal Aadya, Cleo, Ranniha, and a tall women with a dragon on her shoulder. She had red hair that was pinned up into an intricate design. Piercing green eyes searching around Will and El trying to find me. I let myself become seen while walking towards Zendya. 

  When she noticed me her full lips turned into a frown. Something about how she stood and looked at people seems off. Still I decided that I will respect her. She is, after all, the Chief of my people. A few feet in front of her I went to a knee. Bowing my head I placed a fist over my heart. "My Chief. After all this time I am glad to finally meet who takes after my parents steps. I hope that-"

   "Enough. I did not come her for pleasantries Amilia Strongbourne. One of my people told me that they believe you have lost your connection to your essence during your disappearance. It is reported that you have not attended any rituals since we have found you and all fire messages we send does not reach you. On top of that you have went against the humans and are wanted by the Human Protection Services. I must say I thought better of you then this. Seems I am wrong. What do you have to say to this?" She spoke. Her voice was cold. Overwhelmingly powerful that it felt suffocating.

  Not moving from my position I let out a small sigh. "It is true that I, Amilia Strongbourne, has lost the connection to my essence."

  A collected gasp from everybody filled the air. Murmurs started up after my confession. "That doesn't mean anything! Our clan is barely thriving and we can't afford to cast out Amilia. She is still powerful. She trains day and night since she has been saved from the cells we found her in. If you just look over the fact that she-" One of the other fae's started to talk.

  Something must have happened since the man stopped talking. Looking up I noticed that Zendya was glaring at the man and that the green dragon on her shoulder started to grow a little bit. It is a surprise to see a dragon in this world still. Much different from hearing stories to actually seeing one. In the back of my mind I was curious to know how they got here and why they are with Zendya. Right now I had to worry about this situation at hand.

  Standing up I caught the attention of Zendya. Anger flared in me as I continued to be around this new Chief. She isn't supposed to act higher then our people. She isn't supposed to threaten anyone in any way unless needed. "I request for the stripping and casting to be during the morning ritual. And I want you to lead it." I told her.

   A thin smile stretched her face. "Your request has been heard. I deny it. It will take place during the witching hour. Go get ready for it, you have half an hour." 

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