Sylph Blood

On a full moon my family, friends, all my people has been either slaughtered or taken away by the humans. Since that night my life have been shifted too many times and I knew deep down that nothing will ever be the same. And on my death I swear to the gods and goddesses that I will take revenge and show my wrath to the sinful humans.


2. 2

Present Time~

  My throat was parched as I laid down on the cold floor. My dirty rags became damp with the dew collecting on the stones. Everywhere was darkness and the stench of mold and decay. The cell that held me for too many years was one of many down underneath the ground. Over time I came to learn that many other of the earth's people was held in the cells. Not just my people but lycanthropes, demi- decendants, elves, and many others. All of whome was caught by a lord of the humans with too much power.

  He was able to hold us and keep our powers at bay with the help of warlocks. Due to that there was no escaping this putrid place and the hope of freedom died down within my first year here. Since the raid on my people I have never seen them again. In fact I never seen anyone besides the guards that come in once a day to give me water and scraps of food. Just enough to keep me alive but not enough to let me become strong and able to fight. Even if I tried I couldn't feel my essence anymore and it left a huge hole next to my heart.

  I was stripped of my identity and my pride. No longer was I the daughter to the leaders of my clan and the next in line. Worse, I am no longer a fae. Not really anyways. Without my essence I was basically a filthy human. And being that made me want to become sick with hatred and repulsion. Humans were nasty creatures who went against nature and the gods and goddesses. They were greedy and savage in their ways. Only caring about themselves and what they want in our world.

  To be like one was the worst thing to be. Many times I questioned why they were brought to life and placed in our world. If they were sent here for destructiong then they were thriving. For anything else then they were woefully failing. Besides the hatred and repulsion I felt towards the humans I also felt anger and the thrist for blood. They ripped me away from my people, stripped me of my essence, and killed my clan. They killed Luka and they most likely killed mama and papa. 

  Tears threatened to fall and I let them. There was no shame in crying and right now crying was all I could do. My whole life was hopeless as I barely survived down here. Hours passed before the door opened and the light of a small fire burned my eyes. Holding the torch was a women who laid down a piece of bread and water. She didn't bother to look at me and left quickly. When she closed the door I crawled towards the food and water. 

  The chains around my ankles clanked together and weighted heavily. They were spell bound to keep me from my essence and if I even managed to touch some it was quickly drained. I learned that when I first arrived here. Reaching the bread I took a bite and quickly chewed. It felt like cotton in my mouth but it was better than starving. Once finished I took a sip of water. It had a metalic taste from the cup and even after all these years I couldn't get used to it. 

  Outside my cell I heard the other doors open and close. A few yelled or screamed when the door was open but the sound dulled once their door was closed. There was no use on wasting energy on begging to be let go or even getting mad at the people. The humans kept to themselves and not once have I heard one of them speak to me. It was mind numbing at how little interaction I have had with others and I slowly felt my sanity slipping as the time passed.

  Twelve years here and I am surprised that I haven't completely lost it yet. Ranniha's words about patience always chanted in my mind and was the only thing that kept me sane. Beside my escape into dreams and fond memories. When I felt too alone I played with the ring my papa gave me. Somehow I have been able to keep it throughout the years and now it hung around my neck with a string of cloth to hold it.

  "Papa. Mama. I miss you." I croaked and laid back on my side. The cold stones pressed against my shivering body. It must be close to the fall since the warmth the seeped down here was starting to become less and less. A part of me was desperate to just die and reunite with my people and parents. Many times I considered killing myself but whenever I attempted I just couldn't bring myself to. I couldn't just stay down here for the rest of my life. I heard some of the prisoners being taken away every blue moon. So there must be a day when I would be taken away then to.

  Lost in the memories of my mama and papa I barely noticed the footsteps coming closer. This time instead of one pair it was multiple. A muffled voice came from outside and I went close to the door to try and hear. "-nd this is where I hold my most prized possessions." The voice was deep and baritone. "In total I have ten different creatures. Three lycanthropes, four demi- descendants, one vampire, one elf, and one fae."

  My blood boiled as the human talked about us like objects. Like we weren't living people who had a soul. My hands clenched in anger but I forced myself to continue to listen in. "I see. You have quite the number of creatures. More than most lords actually." A female said. "Can I see one?"

  There was a pause in the conversation. I held my breath and wondered what was happening. "Yes, of course! Open cell ten." The lord commanded. 

  In front of me the door opened and once again the light hurt. Soon enough my eyes adjusted and I noticed three guards holding torches. In the middle was a tall women with black hair tied up. Her tanned skin was flawless and she looked beautiful. It was hard to believe that she was such an ugly creature. Beside her was the lord. He had thinning hair and dark eyes.  The two looked at me like I was some sort of strange object. 

  As I focused looking at the women I thought I seen pity and anger flash. Before I could confirm it she walked out of the cell and the lord followed her. "I'm bored. Take me back to the throne room, my lord." Her voice was sultry but somehow innocent at the same time.

  A sly grin thinned out the lord's lips as he went back to the women. "Anything for you my dear. Who did you say your father was again?" He asked.

  The two started to converse again and just like that I was left alone. My breath puffed out as the shock of seeing new people weared off. That was my chance to beg to get out or yell at the man who captured me. To kill him or try and understand why he would keep me down here. Too late I screamed in frustration and hit my fists against the stones. I cursed and cried at the same time. Why didn't I do anything besides gawking at the humans? 

  After a long time I was able to calm down. Hopeless and tired I laid down on my side once more and embraced the darkness. For the millionth time I believed that this was my fate and would never change. I would die in this rotten place and never see the sun again.

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