Sylph Blood

On a full moon my family, friends, all my people has been either slaughtered or taken away by the humans. Since that night my life have been shifted too many times and I knew deep down that nothing will ever be the same. And on my death I swear to the gods and goddesses that I will take revenge and show my wrath to the sinful humans.


19. 19


  When the man laid warm cups of tea on the table the sun had already fallen past the houses. He lit a few candles to let us see before sitting down in his chair once more. "I don't know where to begin. There is so many things that has happened." I confessed after a moment.

  "Begin where it makes sense. I have plenty of time to hear this story and I am sure that this is something you must do. Your eyes hold something immense and terrifying." He told me. Trying to collect my thoughts I looked down at the tea. The aroma smelled familiar and comforting. It was one that my nana made me before bed. The tea was supposed to help calm the mind and relieve stress. 

  "One day a Chief of a fae tribe left home with her daughter. Together they were going to go speak to the humans about renewing their peace treaty but also about the accusation directed towards the Chief. One that will later on become so grande that it will nearly wipe out the clan. The human king blamed the faes of killing his son. When they joined to plead for understanding the Chief was killed and the contract renewed just like any other time. Though it was not forgotten or forgived for what happened that day. And despite the blood of the Chief the king yearned for more. Demanded another sacrafice for his lost son.

  "A few years later his demand was delievered. On a full moon celebration the fae's home was intruded by the humans with warlock cursed weapons. The child of the Chief and the right hand man was taken with many other children. Left along to fend for herself she cried over the dead that she loved so much. By a miracle this child was mistaken for another, shoved into a cell that belonged to a lord instead of the king. It is still unknown if that was for the better or not because this child was bound with chains that drained every ounce of essence that she could muster up for twelve years.

  "One day a women came to the cell with the human lord disguised as the daughter of a rich merchant who worked for the king. On that night nine people were saved from the cells the trapped them from the world because of the women. In a surprise that women is the captain of a ship. One that saves both humans and maxia people who need back their freedom. On the ship the child was reunited with other faes. An elder told her about what happened that night, about the deaths of the chief and her right hand, and about the accusation of a king. Along with the promise of a home where the rest of the survivors live and the promise to the child of being the next cheif." As I spoke I didn't brush away the hot tears. They were welcomed.

  When I finished my throat hurt but I held my back straight and held my gaze with the man. His eyes held pity and sorrow as he understood what this story was about. He reached out to touch my shaking hand. "I am sorry. I am so sorry that you had to go through that horrendous life. That you lost your bond. But I am glad that you are alive and have people waiting on you." He said.

  With a deep breath I nodded. "I am to. Thank you for hearing what I had to say." A silence settled between us like a light dusting. It wasn't overwhelming but seemed natural. Still I couldn't help but want to talk to him more. He is like me and he will know more about the situation that I am in. About what it feels like to be a true nugatory child. "Did it hurt? When they stripped you of your markings I mean." I asked.

  The man's eyes drifted far off from this time and reality. Probably back to when he confessed about losing the connection and the events that took place afterwards. "It is the most painful thing anyone could imagine. The physical aspect feels as if you are shedding your skin. Almost like a snake. But the spiritual and mental pain is so strong you believe that everything is over. You find out that your life is nothing, that you are nothing to the people who you love. Everything is turned upside down and you are left desperately scrambling to try and piece everything back together so it is almost bareable to live once again.

  "It took me years to finally find peace with what has happened to me. I spent many moons wandering about the woods. It was a struggle to survive day to day. When I stumbled to this port I found love with someone who took me in without hesitation. They were human but went against everything I believed humans were. They took care of me, nursed me back to health and even offered me help to find a way to make a living. At night they would comfort me from the nightmares that took over my slumber. They helped give me the strength I needed to piece me back together. The pain will never leave you. The stripping will not end within the hour it physically takes but instead lasts until your last breath." As he spoke I felt a deep sense of fear and dread fill me. 

  I didn't want to hear this anymore. How could he tell me the truth so blutly like this? Still I understood that this is the truth I had to hear. I couldn't have this part glossed over. It is better for me to know the true extent of what is to come in the near future. "I don't believe that this will be the case for you child." He said afterwards. 

  My eyebrows pinched together when he spoke them. "What do you mean? I lost my connection with my essence. Just because I am the daughter of the late Chief doesn't mean anything. I will be forced to leave our people after being stripped of my markings just like every other fae who lost their connection."

  He chuckled lightly before staring at me intently. "If what you told me is true then things have changed. I wouldn't be surprised if the fae traditions are changing or completely forgone. Plus, your birth right as the cheif is something you cannot run away from. I can sense that you are destined for great things. Before I left I was able to meet you as a baby. The moment I seen you and felt the type of soul inside of you I knew right there that fate has something great planned for you. I am sure that if you tell the other faes on the ship that you will not be cast aside or forced to leave them." He explained.

  "That's not fair though. I should be treated the same as those before me in the situation. I won't stand for it if I am treated differently or allowed to live with the faes. Worse, if I am allowed to be the Chief. It doesn't make any sense." As I spoke I shook my head back and forth. My heart tightened with unrecognizable emotions. Was it happiness that I might be able to stay with my people and be cheif again or disgust that I will be treated this way. 

  "That is exactly why you will be able to stay with them. You are pure with your intentions and naturally have the makings of a Chief." He said.

  "No. A Chief is supposed to be connected to their essence. To be able to protect their people no matter what and to guide them using the essence. An essence makes up what a fae is. If the Chief is not fae then they shouldn't even think of being Chief." I vehemently denied.

  A look cross the eyes of the man. One that reminded me of how an adult looked at a child throwing an tantrum. "Do you really think that because a fae lost connection to one thing that they will become nothing? That being a fae only means being able to use essence?" He asked.

  How he said it made me silent. There was something deep in what he said that will cause my outlook to change. Trying to understand the meaning to his words the man blew out the candles that sat on the table. I was about to ask what he was doing but in the next moment I witness the man lighting the candles once again. This time without a match or a lighter. Instead thin strands of red essence wrapped around the candles and his arms. 

  Seeing this nugatory child use essence, even if it was only a small amount, was something I never thought could happen at all. Something impossible. "A fae will always be a fae no matter what. They are born in the world already connected to the gods and goddesses, to nature, and to it's essence. They will leave this world still connected. Every single thing that resides in this world is connected in some way and that will never change."

  My mind was still reeling and comprehending the fact that this man just used essence. A flicker of hope sparked deep within my heart. Reaching out I hovered my hand over the small fire on the candles and felt the heat. It was real.  "How did you do that?" I asked.

  The man stood up heading over to a small bookshelf. He grabbed an old leather bound book that looked like it was decades old. When he sat back down he handed me the book. "My partner gave me this two years after living with them. They found it while travelling the southern kingdom in a bookshop ready to close down. When you get back to your ship take your time before reading what is inside. Find peace before trying to reconnect. If you don't then the connection will be unstable and you or another could get hurt." He told me.

  In my hands the leather book was heavy. Inside was a way for me to regain my connection. Every problem that I have and will have due to my loss will no longer be present. Looking back up at him I smiled. "Thank you. A million times thank you. But I don't think I will be able to get back to the ship. The HPS is looking for me." I explained.

  As if he was expecting this he gave me the necklace that he wore. It was beautiful. The string holding a clear stone was made of fine silk. "When you leave this place think of becoming invisible. A warlock gave this to me in case I had to run away from the HPS or any other danger. Even a nugatory child can be seen as a threat to the humans here." He said.

  Standing up I bowed to him once more. I felt a strong need to get back to the ship and to my people. Now that I felt more prepaired for what is to come I knew that I could tell Ranniha and the others about what has happened to me. This stranger gave me the strength to do so. "How can I repay you for all that you have done for me?" I asked him.

  "Follow what is in your heart. Do not give up on fighting. That is all I ask for in return." He answered. "Now leave. I am an old man after all and sleep is calling to me. Tomorrow my partner comes in and I want to prepair a good meal for them." 

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