Sylph Blood

On a full moon my family, friends, all my people has been either slaughtered or taken away by the humans. Since that night my life have been shifted too many times and I knew deep down that nothing will ever be the same. And on my death I swear to the gods and goddesses that I will take revenge and show my wrath to the sinful humans.


18. 18


  As my name passed through his lips my blood went cold. This nugatory child knew about me. He knew my name. I stared up at his eyes seeking to find any malice or disgust behind them. Instead I was met with curiosity and confusion. How he said my name didn't even hold any of the expected emotions that usually went along with my name from nugatory children. 

  Every time I met one they spat on the ground in front of my shoes. Blaming me and my family for casting them out and ending their lives. The last nugatory child I seen threatened to kill my mother and father while staring me in the eyes. Those eyes held a promise and I will never forget them. 

  This man is a first. Slowly standing up I backed myself up against the wall facing his house. Despite the lack of hatred and heartlessness I was still scared. The second my back hit the wall the man smiled gently at me. "So you are." He sighed. "Do not be afraid child. I mean you no harm."

  A few streets away I could hear a comotion. It was most likely the HPS looking for me in this residence area. I was warned that they would be very persistent with catching any maxia person who goes against the humans. Yet I have done so anyways and now my life was on the line. Though I couldn't feel any regret in standing up for the elf at all. I just wish that I understood better what would happen to me if I was reported. 

  Looking at the nugatory child in the eyes I stood up straight. "Do you promise me that you will not cause me harm in any way?" The sound started to come closer to where we were. In a few seconds the HPS will find me on this street if I don't find shelter soon. With a quick glance in the direction of the commotions the man nodded. "Provide me with shelter then. The HPS is looking for me and they won't expect to find me in a strangers home. Please, I beg of you. Save me."

  The man did not hesitate to leave from his window and open the door for me on the other side. When he came out and waved me over I didn't think twice upon entering his home. Carefully he closed the door to make it not seem suspicious before placing me underneath the table. Only a thin white sheet that drapped over the table would protect me if the HPS decided to start checking houses. Even still it was better than being left on the streets without any means of cover.

  Every second that crawled by was torture. All I could hear was the rush of blood and the fierce thrum of my heart. Sweat filmed my palms and forehead while I sent prayers up to the gods and goddesses to let me live and not be in the grasps of the HPS. To not take away the freedom gifted to me by so many people. After what seemed like years the man sighed and went out to check the streets. When he came back in he lifted the white sheet. "They are gone but I don't know for how long. I would assume that they are checking the forests near by since a lot of the maxia people try to go there to escape. If you leave soon and go by the harbour there shouldn't be many guards." He spoke.

  Moving from underneath the table I stood up and truely looked at the man before me. His eyes were still young despite the greying hair. "Thank you for offering me shelter from those people. It means everything to me." I slightly bowed to him in thanks.

  "Stand straight child. No soon- to- be cheif should bow to a nugatory child such as I." The man said. With his words I felt the familiar pain shoot through my heart. I couldn't help the frown pull at my lips when he spoke. 

  "You are wrong." I whispered. My hands clenched as I started to understand a few more thoughts that I never knew was there before. "A cheif should bow to anyone who has offered them protection and sacraficed their own freedom in doing so. A cheif should bow to thank a nugatory child even if they offer something small as water when needed." There shouldn't be a line that seperates anybody no matter the position they hold. It is so unfair that someone who has lost something as large as their essence, losses their own place amoungst their own people. To be stripped of respect and the life that they lived before hand."

  I lifted my gaze to the old man's eyes. His mouth slightly gapped open in surprise at my words. Slowly he slid out a chair from the table and sat down, his eyes never leaving me. As the seconds ticked by in silence the man started to shed tears. Those tears of his moved my heart even more. "I don't believe that the fae tradition is fair and just. It is cruel to socially strip a fae from their place in our kind. To force them to leave us just because they have unfortuately lost connection to the essence. As a child I did not fully understand what was going on, what truely happens when a nugatory child is made."

  He did not staunch his tears while I spoke to him. Instead he moved the second chair out of the table and offered me a place to sit with him. Gratefully I took it. Looking out the window I could see the sun starting to set above the houses. This place looked poor compared to the other houses that I have seen near the harbour. Yet there was something comforting in the air here. "I know it will not make a difference but I offer you my apologies. I don't remember you or when you were forced to leave us. But I know that it must have been hard after losing your essence."

  Looking back at the man I noticed him studying me. "You talk with a deep understand and sadness when it comes to losing the bond with one's essence. Your eyes are like a child's but not at the same time. Like you are just seeing the world for the first time." He commmented.

  With a small smile I nodded. "Yes." My voice was low when I spoke. All the emotions suddenly rushing back to me. "Do you have enough time for a story?" I asked.

  "Let me grab us a drink before you do. I can tell that it is a long, hard one to tell." He answered. 

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