Sylph Blood

On a full moon my family, friends, all my people has been either slaughtered or taken away by the humans. Since that night my life have been shifted too many times and I knew deep down that nothing will ever be the same. And on my death I swear to the gods and goddesses that I will take revenge and show my wrath to the sinful humans.


17. 17


  The weather seemed to be mocking the three of us as we headed back towards the Freer. Bright beams of the sun reached us and made the port look beautiful. Cries of the seaguls were a melody that we were used to while the people around us carried on conversations. Lost in her own world Elenora clung onto Williem. Ever since Aadya and Cleo joined us she has been stuck inside of herself with a good reason too. My heart reached out to her since I could understand what she is going through.

  In fact, almost everyone who is on the ship can relate to what Elenora is dealing with. It is a sad truth to bare but one that we must. Though it doesn't mean we can't mourn about it or break down and cry. The hope Elenora had was crushed by a few words said in a few seconds. Her world crashed down around her while in that tavern. Now all we can hope is that she is able to move on with her life and fight the terrible feelings and thoughts. Everyone will help her.

  We didn't bother paying attention to where we were exactly going and who was surrounding us. All we cared about was trying to make Elenora feel better. Personally, I was also stuck in my head a little bit about speaking to Ranniha and the other faes. Williem and Elenora believed that it wouldn't matter that I was no longer connected to my essence. That they will still accept me and be understanding that it was to be expected after what I have been through. Though I still had heart wrenching doubts about it. 

  Before a few months of the moon ceremony we had to cast out a hunter who was mourning the death of his son. Because he lost touch with his essence during the few weeks after his child's death he became a nugatory child. I was there to witness the stripping of his markings along with the brand that publically displays 'nugatory child'. It scared me to see it happening to the man back then. He pleaded and cried to stay with us and to work on reconnecting to the essence even during the stripping. I can remember the pain and agony that flooded his pleas. 

  If my people will cast out the man who lost connection to his essence from mourning his dead son, surely they will do the same for me. After all I was only held hostage for a few years. Sure I was taken after something traumatic but to the other faes that wouldn't matter. To keep our essence is the only true law we have and to break it is a terrible sin.

  Still stuck in my thoughts I never realized that we were walking past the rows with the human's stand I went to before. Not until someone grabbed my arm and yanked me away from Williem and Elenora. My breath huffed out in surprise when I turned around to see three humans in armour. Engraved on the chest plate of their heart was 'HPS'. "You are under arrest under the accusation of harming and threatening the life of an innocent human. Whatever you say and do will be held against you in trail. You have the right to remain silent." The one grabbing me started to speak.

  My heart hammered away while I felt my breath coming quicker with each second. All I could think about was that I was caught by the HPS. They will take me away and lock me up in another cell. My freedom was now stripped once again after a few weeks. After a second of feeling scared and hopeless I started to feel angry. I did not deserve to have my freedom stripped away again for standing up against the cruel human.

  Narrowing my eyes at the man I yanked my arm away. "Don't you dare touch me again. I will not go with you." I kept my voice even and strong while speaking to him. "I have done nothing wrong."

  When he tried to grab me again I slapped him. His head swung to the side before stumbling back a step. The other two guards beside him started to come after me but I turned on my heels and started to run. I checked to see where Williem and Elenora were but they were still stuck in their heads and walking away from me. To see them not notice was hard to see but I was relieved that the HPS guards will not come after them. 

  Running the opposite way from the two I pushed pass the people milling about. They were startled at the sight of the HPS guards chasing after me but none of the tried to stop me either. Weaving through small sections of the port I tried to get the the men off my tail. My breath was short and my lungs burned for air since I was still out of shape. Yet I had to continue running and getting away from these people. I couldn't let my freedom go again. I had one chance to live and I will fight for it tooth and nail if I had to.

  Turning a corner I bumped into another person who fell into a fruit stand. Apples and oranges spilled onto the dirt but I didn't bother to stop. Too many minutes passed before I was able to fully get away from the HPS men. Gulping for air I leaned against the stone building beside me. I noticed that hardly anyone was around here and it looked worn down. A group of three children were playing with a ball up a little bit more in the street and a stray cat was laying on the window sill above me.

  I was in a residential area. If the men from before found me here I will have no where to run to. With a quick but semi normal pace I walked pass the children and into the next few streets. No one took notice of me which I was thankful for. Trying to figure out exactly what to do and where to go I realized that I was lost. I didn't know how to get back to the port and to the ship. Even if I managed would I run into the HPS again? I could get Aadya and the others in trouble since the HPS is looking for me.

  Now that my heart has calmed down and I could think with more clarity I cursed myself for not finding a place to hide closer to the port. More so that I couldn't even send a fire message to Aadya or Ranniha since I couldn't use my essence. Curing I kicked the dirt and sat down against a building. No one was around me while I raked my brain to figure out what to do.

  "Excuse me?" A male asked from above me. Looking up I seen a guy leaning out the window. For some reason he looked familiar to me. Once I got a better veiw of him I was able to see the scars from fae marks. I knew if I looked at the back of his neck and on the back of both his hands I would see the symbol for a nugatory child. "Are you Amilia Strongborne?" He asked.

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