Sylph Blood

On a full moon my family, friends, all my people has been either slaughtered or taken away by the humans. Since that night my life have been shifted too many times and I knew deep down that nothing will ever be the same. And on my death I swear to the gods and goddesses that I will take revenge and show my wrath to the sinful humans.


16. 16


  The ground below me did not sway or feel like the ship at all. Instead I was finally back on land with the dirt and the trees. Where I could run in almost every direction and not be stopped but the water or the railings. It almost made me feel comfortable while walking with Elenora and Williem in the port. Before we left Aadya warned us to be careful and don't cause a scene here.

  This is neutral ground but the humans still have the upper hand here. In written law they have agreed to make this a neutral safe grounds but in reality there is still discrimination against maxia people. The humans demanded for the Human Protection Services to have an office here for emergencies. They believe that the maxia people could rise up against the humans and destroy them all. Forging a label of 'beasts' on every maxia person who lives or walks in this spot.

  It is known that the HPS frequently walks the streets and will go after any maxia person who looks at a human in any other way than cowardice or respect. Many of the maxia people who fight against a human, even if it is for self defense, will be taken into custody for however long is necessary and get a mark on their reccord. Even if a maxia person is visiting the port they will be taken into custody for at least a day and will be reported to the head office for the kingdom.

  Which is unfortunately the place where we escaped from. We are still in the east kingdom and the lord is in charge of looking over the HPS. Meaning if we get caught here then he will know where to find us and who took us. Because of this we wore masks and a coat with a large hood to try and cover out identity. Aadya gave us a small knife each just in case something happens and we need to defend ourselves to get away.

  My heart hammered away as I wandered through the street with various displays of goods. I wanted to enjoy this moment and see what it is like to live and be free. The sun was hidden by grey clouds that promise rain while the majority of the people here looked defeated. Their eyes held no light to them unless they were humans. But the humans looked snooty. They glared down at the maxia people and snickered every now and then. It was true that here they were above the law.

  Seeing a human be rude to an elf trying to purchase a few select vegetables made anger bubble up. My hands clenched tightly into balls as I tried to force back lashing out at the human. We were all part of this earth and our Mother's children. No one deserved to be treated this way. 

  Hissing I started to make my way over to the stand. The elf looked at the ground meekly and offered up more money than the last person paid. Even though the other bought more then what the elf was buying. When I got there the human didn't pay heed to me. Instead he was saying how the elf needed to pay more for dirtying the ground he stood on. Hearing that only added fuel to the fire inside of me. "How dare you talk to him that way?" I barked out.

  With cold eyes the human turned to look at me. He snarled while looking me up and down. "Who the fuck are you to talk to me that way? Leave my stand now before I call the HPS." He threatened.

  Staring at him with steady eyes I leaned in closer to him. How dare he speak like that. Was there no sense of good in him at at? "Look at you hiding behind a group of people to stand behind you. You think you are so full of yourself and that you are above others? That is laughable. You have no idea what you are against you complete moron. I can easily detroy all that you have created here in a blink of an eye." The lie went unnoticed to the human who paled. He must have bought that I could do what I said because he started to shake. "Now apologize to this man and give him back the money you overcharged him for."

  Without breaking eye contact from me he gave back the few silver coins. The elf bowed to me quickly with a thanks before scurrying off. "Now if you tell anyone what has happened I will make you regret it. Do you understand?" I asked with a low voice.

  He nodded in response. Straightening my spine I walked away back to Williem and Elenora who stared at me with wide eyes. "Are you insane?!" Elenora hissed out when I got to them. "That could have went terribly! He could have called out for the HPS!"

  I frowned at her words. Of course that could have happened but I couldn't stand around and see someone get mistreated. I linked my arm with hers and walked away to make sure that the human wouldn't get back to his twisted senses and call for the HPS. "I knew that but it was't fair. How can I allow myself to watch from the side lines while stuff like this happens?" I told them.

  Williem sighed and dragged us into what I assumed was a tavern. The place was dimly lit with plenty of people inside. Booze and the smell of food filled the air and my stomach growled. "Don't do it again. I can't allow you to risk yourself like that anymore. You are an important person Amilia and if something happens to you Ranniha and the others will have my heart on a stake." Williem said.

  We sat down in a booth that hid us a little bit from the others. "Don't listen to them. I am not important." The guilt I felt over my secret edged into my voice.

  The two caught on and they looked at each other. A moment passed before Williem turned to look at me with a soft expression. "Amilia. We are your friends no matter what. Even if El is leaving after we leave this port. Trust us and let us know what is tearing you apart. If it is something serious the three of us could always run away right now. I wouldn't mind." He said.

  Looking at the two I was tempted to spill my guts. To let them know that I am now a nugatory child and that I cannot be a part of my people anymore. "What do you two know about faes and their essence?" I asked.

  Elenora cocked her head to the side when I asked. "Not much. I know that they are connected more to the gods and goddesses along with nature itself. They use their essence in various rituals and even small tasks. That's all I was told." She answered. Williem nodded to agree with what Elenora said.

  Sighing I leaned back against the seat and looked away from them. "A fae is born already connected to their essence. Some have a stronger bond which allows them to be more intune and able to use the essence. But if a fae doesn't use the essence or connect with it for a while the bond can be broken. When the bond is broke the fae can no longer use the essence no matter how hard they try. We call them a nugatory child. My people will cast out a nugatory child and send them into the woods to never come back." 

  My hands balled up while I fought back tears. They can know about this. About me. The tears I held back refused to obey me and streamed down my face. Elenora moved closer to me and wrapped her arms around my shaking body. "The chains back at that place. Th- they were spell bound by a warlock to stop m- me from con- connecting with my essence." I couldn't say anymore.

  Instead I leaned into Elenora for strength. When she leaves it will harder to continue on without her offering me stability. Moments passed before I was able to calm down. Pulling away from Elenora I looked back at them. "Ranniha can't know right now. It will break her heart to know that I am a nugatory child. I am supposed to be the next cheif and lead over our people like my mama and papa. She trained me since I was five to become the next cheif. I can't let her know."

  "Wouldn't it be better to let her know? She loves you Amilia like she would her own child. I am sure that she wouldn't cast you out because you lost your connection with your essence after all that you have been through. You should tell her. Who knows, maybe she know a way for you to reconnect with it." Williem spoke. I looked at him with sad eyes. Every part of me wished that there was a way to fix this.

  Before I could talk a waiter came over and asked us if we were ready to order. Elenora spoke for us and the waiter quickly went away. Surprisingly this place seemed to be more friendly to the maxia people. The humans here didn't look down at anyone. "I'll tell her before we reach the safe spot. That way it wouldn't be so hard for her when I tell the cheif."

  The door opened and I looked to see who it was. Cleo and Aadya walked in and spotted us in the booth. With small smiles on their faces they came over to us. When Aadya sat beside me she was close enough to see my red eyes. "What happened?" She asked. 

  A blush spread across my face as she gently touched my face. "I- uh- well. El is leaving so it is a hard good bye." It was true that I am very sad about Elenora leaving so it came out truthful. "No worries. Did you finish everything you had to do?"

  She nodded at me with a smile. "Of course. I rushed it so I could come and eat. Luckily I found you here." She answered before turning to El with a frown. "Though, during our time I was able to talk to a lycanthrope. He knows a lot about what is going on and has a wide net work of people. I asked him about your pack Elenora and I am so sorry." As she spoke I felt my heart drop and turned to face Elenora. Her face blanched while Aadya was talking. "He heard that the humans locked them up or they were sentenced to death on the accusation of becoming rogue. I am so sorry."

  Elenora cried out as she heard the news about her pack and family. Quickly I wrapped her in an embrace and allowed her to clutch onto me. Williem was beside us and wrapped his arms around the two of us to offer more support. "That can't be true. They wouldn't do that. They are good." She cried out. "I promise you they are good. It's not true. They can't be dead. They wouldn't become rogue." Her plea was lost to this cruel world.

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