Sylph Blood

On a full moon my family, friends, all my people has been either slaughtered or taken away by the humans. Since that night my life have been shifted too many times and I knew deep down that nothing will ever be the same. And on my death I swear to the gods and goddesses that I will take revenge and show my wrath to the sinful humans.


15. 15


  Guilt still clawed at my chest as I wandered off alone. Aadya went to go talk to others about docking and what should be expected when we get on land. The excitement I should feel about getting off this ship wasn't inside of me. Instead I was too focused on what Aadya told me. Ranniha knew that there was something wrong with me. She is a smart women and is quick thinking.

  Ever since I got here no one seen me use my essence. I didn't join the other faes in the morning ritual in thanks of another day and to pay our respects to the gods and goddesses. Some of the faes are talking behind my back and questioning why I don't bother to go. They are worried that I am not fit to be a cheif or even part of their world anymore. How right they would be. It is true that I am not and will not be a cheif. I cannot be a part of their world because I lost my essence.

  Everything that tied me to them is now gone. Only faint memories bound me to them and that will not hold us as time passes. Ranniha told me that the safe place we are going is where the rest of our people decided to stay and live. The cheif, Melanie Thoren, is awaiting my return and will discuss what I plan to do when I get back. Ranniha sent a fire note to her explaining they have found me.

  I am supposed to decide if I want to claim my right as cheif when I get back or not. So the time of revealing my secret will be all too soon. When I do they will cast me aside after stripping me of my marks in front of everyone. They will denounce my name and title as a fae child. I'll become a nugatory child. I already am a nugatory child.

  A sob ripped out of my throat and I leaned agains the wood railing. My body shook fiercly with nerves causing it to be hard to stand up. Without a full breath another wreched sob escaped. I can't give up now. I can't let someone see me now. They will know about me. They will know. Everyone will know. Ranniha will know. Dark dots danced in my vision while my legs collapsed under me. Somewhere far off I could faintly hear someone say my name.

  It didn't matter though. Nothing else matter except what will happen to me soon. I am no longer a part of the people who I once loved with all my heart. My mama and papa will hate me when I die and see them next. Their dreams and hopes of me taking over their position will no longer be obtainable. I have failed my people and my family. The gods and goddesses will no longer take me as their child. They will not help me become one with nature ever again. Everything I took for granted as a child is something I can no longer have.

  How many nights did I stay awake practising my essence control? How many classes for the older kids did I secretly watch and memorize so I can try and do it alone? How many times did I connect with my essence just to feel calm and at ease?

  This is what I deserve for being a selfish child. Ranniha tried to warn me that I shouldn't go beyond what I was supposed to do. To not over use my essence. She told me that someone will get hurt. That I could get hurt. And she was right. Oh gods she was right. Because I went beyond my teachings and became too attached to my essence as a child I lost it now. This was my fate. Everything was set into motion before I even knew what was happening. 

  Time slipped passed me as dark thoughts consumed me. I couldn't focus on anything besides them. It felt like an eternity stuck being paralyzed before I realized that I was wrapped in someone's arms. Someone was rocking me back and forth while whispering things to try and comfort me. The voice was familiar. It belonged to Ranniha.

  Panic fizzled inside of me but I was too numb to let it take over. I couldn't feel anything now and it was a relief. The thoughts went away and I was able to come back to this world. Straightening my spine I looked at Ranniha. She looked worried and her eyes stared back at me. "Amilia." She whispered. Her hands wrapped around mine to try and comfort me still. "What's wrong Amailia. Please tell me. Whatever it is, it will be okay. I promise you that you will be okay."

  Her voice was filled with love and honesty. She truly believed that everything will be okay. How can she even say that? Maybe it was because she doesn't even want to think the worse. She doesn't want to believe for a second that I lost my bond with the essence. My heart clenched tightly and I looked down at my hands. I couldn't bare looking in her eyes. Seeing her be so hopeful and worried about me. Once she knows she will force me to leave. I wouldn't be her student anymore.

  "I'm sorry Ranni. For some reason I got stuck in the past... I can't go back to that place. I don't know what took over me. I'm sorry." The lie came out flat. Still it was for the best that I lied and didn't tell her. Not yet anyways.

  "That's normal Ranniha. Amilia went through something horrible. We can't expect her to get better so soon." Cleo spoke. I looked up at her and realized that there were a few people surrounding us. Williem, Elenora, and Aadya stood beside Cleo. No one else was around which I felt thankful for.

  Standing up I still forced myself to not look at Ranniha. I felt her eyes burn into me, begging for me to look at her and let her in. A small part of me wanted to curl up in her arms and cry it all out. To tell her the truth and to make this load not so heavy. But it wasn't her burden to bare right now. Soon she will know with everyone else. For now it will be my secret. "Excuse me. I need to wash up." I spoke to no one imparticular.

  As I started to leave Ranniha called out for me to wait. I flinched at how she sounded but continued to move on. I couldn't stand being beside her. I can't look at her and see the disappointment in her eyes. Quickly I went below deck. When I finally stopped I felt the presence of someone else. Turning around I found Elenora and Williem staring at me with a frown.

  "What is wrong with you Amilia?" Williem asked. "Ranniha is worried sick about you and yet you brushed her off as if it is nothing."

  I frowned and glared at him. "Don't speak to me that way. Don-"

  "Don't speak to you as if you seemed like a spoiled brat?" Williem cut me off. "I can't speak to you any other way Amilia. What is so terrible about treating Ranniha with respect? When you seen her the first night we were here you went to her first. It seemed like you two were close and that you loved her. Now it seems like you hate her guts."

  His words hit hard and my stomach churned. He was all to right. Ranniha didn't deserve to be treated this way. Blanching I looked away from him. "You don't understand." It was hardly audible. "You won't ever understand."

  He sighed and took a step closer to me. Elenora held out her hand to stop him before wrapped me in her arms. It surprised me but soon enough I felt myself melting in her arms. Over the time we spent together I felt myself get closer to her. She told me stories about her pack and about her little sister who she adored with all her heart. She let me talk about Luka and about how amazing my mama was. 

  Now as she hugged me I couldn't help but to rely on her a little. To let her give me some of her strength that I woefully lacked. "Tell us then. We are your friends and will always stick by your side. No matter what." The promise sunk deep in my chest.

  "I can't. Not yet. Soon I will let everyone know." I whispered. Taking a deep breath I looked at Williem who's expression softened. "Please wait and bare with me a little bit longer."

  "Of course. Of course we will wait Mil." He spoke. 

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