Sylph Blood

On a full moon my family, friends, all my people has been either slaughtered or taken away by the humans. Since that night my life have been shifted too many times and I knew deep down that nothing will ever be the same. And on my death I swear to the gods and goddesses that I will take revenge and show my wrath to the sinful humans.


14. 14


  My teeth clenched tightly as I blocked the blow from the striking wooden sword. Aadya's swing was forceful since she wasn't holding back as much as when we first started. Her strength easily out matched mine forcing me to set my leg back to steady my stance. The fire that ignited a week ago has become an inferno inside of me, driving me forward into every lesson.

  With a week under my belt I wasn't nearly as strong as many people on this ship. My movements were more sloppy and slow along with my weaker blows. Still I was learning fast and becoming stronger with each day. The only reason why Aadya was starting to become more forceful with me was because I was a quick on the uptake of things. Every day I would spend hours in the afternoon with Aadya teaching me and spending the night duty with Williem.

  When there was barely anyone awake I would train on my own. The need to become stronger and a better warrior was the force behind my beating heart. Even though I was warned to not push myself too hard so to not injure myself. I had to advanced further and quicker than the others here. I couldn't rely on supernatural powers anymore to help me.

  Due to the magical chains my connection to the essence was now severed. There was no doubt of it after the first two days of my time on this ship. At first I hoped that it would come back but as the time worn on I understood that I was no longer capable of using my essence. Every fae grew up knowing that if we didn't use our essence for a long time then we would lose the ability to use it ever again. That is why we learned how to control it since we could walk until the day we died.

  Of course I didn't tell Ranniha or anyone else on this ship. Not even Elenora or Williem. When a fae loses their essence they would be stripped of their markings and branded as a nugatory child. Without a doubt my markings meant to much to me. Being a fae meant to much to me. If I was marked as a nugatory child then my position as cheif would no longer be a posibilty. I would no longer be a fae.

  The hole in my chest grew every day that passed without my essence. I would go to bed crying and wake up with a mask to not let anyone know. Some time or later it would be known that I was no longer a fae but for now I couldn't face the reality of it.

  A pain radiated from my thigh and jarred me out of my thoughts. Aadya growled in irritation while pulling back. "Focus!" She hissed.

  Quickly she swung again and hit my shoulder before I could fully take account of what was happening. I cried out in pain and letting go of my wooden sword. Adrenaline surged through me as I managed to dodge another one of Aadya's attacks. Before she could try to strike me again I picked up the wooden sword and hit the back on her knee. Surprised she almost lost balance and fell.

  Unfortunately she blocked my next attack. We pulled apart and slowly circled each other. Each one of us calculating what the next move should be and waiting to see if the other would strike. A tell tale twitch of her right leg let me block the sword that came down to the left side. Her movement was lightening fast but I was able to keep up with her for a couple seconds. I felt proud for a moment that I was able to go blow for blow with her until she knocked the sword out of my hand.

  It slid across deck and I was faced with her wooden sword underneath my nose. A smirk was on her face and I gritted my teeth in irritation. I raised my hands in surrended so she knew to stop. "What is on your mind?" She asked. "You are not like your usual self today."

  My heart skipped a beat and I felt myself pale. Worry that something was wrong with me settled deep in my bones. "Nothing." The lie was not bought by her.

  Her eye brow arched and I looked away from her. "I may have only met you two weeks ago but I know you enough to tell when you are hiding something. You can tell me Amilia. Trust your captain." She said.

  Deep down I was still sad that the relationship between us was only a captain and crew member. But it was reality and something that would never change. Looking up at her I plastered a smile on my face before fetching the wooden sword. "Don't worry about it. It's nothing a captain should fuss over." I replied.

  "Then tell me as a friend." Her words shocked me. They caused me to still in the midst of picking up the sword. "I don't mind being your friend. That is if you will let me." There was uncertainty in her voice. 

  Never had I heard her be so uncertain about something since I met her. It was strange and startling to hear. Looking at her I studied her face. She looked as if she did want me to say yes to being her friend. Every part of me wanted that as well but telling her about my secret was something I couldn't do. I looked at the ocean and noticed a small dot of land on the horizon. At the same time it was announced that we would reach the stopping point to drop off a few people.

  Aadya was still waiting for me to answer her. "I promise that I won't tell anyone about whatever you are hiding. If I can I will even help you as much as possible." She continued. As I didn't answer her she frowned and came closer to me. "Are you planning on leaving with Elenora?" 

  A part of my wondered how she got that idea in her head. I told her twice that I was planning on staying on this ship and with her. But I was more stunned that she looked sad with the idea of me leaving. I shook my head back and forth. "No I plan to stay here with you and the others." I spoke.

  She let out a sigh and took the wooden sword from my hand. I assumed that we will be ending the lesson today and that was completely fine with me. "Amilia." She softly spoke and looked into my eyes. "Ranniha is worried about you. Everyone is. You haven't spoken to Ranniha all that much and it is clear that you are avoiding her. Whatever it is that you are hiding you should tell her."

  With that she left me alone. I continued to stare at the black dot trying to gather my thoughts. So Ranniha caught on that I was avoiding her. I frowned and turned to go find her. Hopefully I can tell her something to throw her off my trail that I no longer wielded my essence.  

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