Sylph Blood

On a full moon my family, friends, all my people has been either slaughtered or taken away by the humans. Since that night my life have been shifted too many times and I knew deep down that nothing will ever be the same. And on my death I swear to the gods and goddesses that I will take revenge and show my wrath to the sinful humans.


12. 12


  Nervousness buzzed through my entire system as I paced back and forth near the entrance of the sleep room. Leaning against the wall was an annoyed Williem and curious Elenora. They have been silently watching me working up the courage to find Aadya for practice. Ever since I woke up I realized what I agreed to and every bad outcome that could possibly happen was racing through my mind. To say the least I haven't had to deal with a situation at all in my life where I was so nervous. Not even meeting up with the different leaders as a child.

  Williem sighed and placed his hand on my shoulder to stop me. Looking up at him I was ready to find any excuse to go back to sleep. "Why are you so nervous? You are just meeting up with the captain to get help in training." Elenora asked beside us.

  I eyed her. When Elenora wished me luck with the captain a few minutes ago I believed that it was because Williem told her about my crush. Now she looked at me with complete curiosity. Williem smirked and leaned in close to Elenora. "Our friend has a huge crush on the captain."

  Within a few seconds my face and neck felt too warm from blushing. "You damned soul. You weren't supposed to tell anyone!" I hissed and started to pace back and forth. "What if everyone knows about it? What if I trip and somehow go into the water? Or what if-"

  "That won't happen, I promise." A familiar voice said from the doorway. The blood that once tinted my face now flooded down to the tips of my toes. Slowly I turned to look at Cleo. Her cat eyes were filled with mischeviousnes. "Don't worry love." She purred and walked closer to us. "Your secret is safe with me. But I should warn you that Aadya doesn't like waiting on people. She has been waiting for you to wake up and go to her for a while now."

  My brain went blank and failed in keeping up with what Cleo was saying. All I could think about was how the best friend of the captain overheard our conversation. Mainly hearing about my small crush on Aadya. It was then that I wished that I could throw myself overboard to escape the situation that I found myself in. Or possible turn back time and make Williem shut up before Cleo could hear his loose words.

  The worry of Ranniha finding me wasn't even in light anymore. A long moment passed with silence and then another. The cold that came with Williem pushed me forward a little and caused me out of my trance. I blushed once more and forced myself to walk up towards the steps. "Yeah." It was all I could muster up.

  It seemed that I was on autopilot as I ascended the stairs and up on deck. The salty tinge to the air calmed me a little as I looked around for Aadya. She was leaning against the side of the ship and looking straight at me. Almost like she was watching to see when I would come up. Her expression was that of an impatient child and it was hard not to find it adorable.

  Most of my worries vanished just seeing her. It was a strange struggle to walk over to her without running. Excitement bubbled up to replace any other emotion. As I drew near to Aadya she frowned. "About time you wake up. I thought that you were skipping out on me." She greeted me.

  An akward laugh escaped my lips. Cleo was right in saying that Aadya did not like waiting for others. "Sorry about that. Please forgive me." I apologized and looked down at the ground.

  "Don't apologize now. If you are late tomorrow though, then you should be apologizing." She said. My head snapped up in disbelief. My ears weren't wrong in hearing what she said yet I had to beat down the need to ask her to repeat what she said. Hope blossomed in my chest but also surprise as I tossed the words around in my head. 

  "Do you really mean it?" It came out more hopeful then I wanted it to. Aadya looked at me with a smirk and nodded. "Don't you have better things to do though? I could just go to the regular classes." 

  I didn't want to waste Aadya's time on me if she had better things to work on. She was the captain after all and that had a lot of responsibilties. She shouldn't be bothered to train me if I could just join the other classes. Plus I was also worried that since I seemed to be the only one getting private lessons from her that it would cause problems. I didn't really know anyone else on this ship and it would be bad if someone would become jealous of this privilage of mine.

  Aadya sighed and walked close to me. She was taller than me by a good three inches so I had to tilt my head up a little to look at her. She was frowning and her eyes held disappointment. I looked away from her for a second before meeting her gaze. I thought that seeing the disappointment was just an illusion but it wasn't. "Do you not want to have me train you?" She asked.

  The intensity of her gaze sent a shiver down my spine. With the closeness of her I could smell something like fresh pine that I enjoyed back home. Somehow the ocean air seemed to be more prominent around her as if in claim to the ocean. It was an intoxicating smell and I could only focus on her brown eyes. Up close I could see small flecks of gold on the inner part. "No." I breathed. "I mean yes. I do. I very much want you to train me."

  As I stumbled through my words I felt myself blush furiously. How can this single person have such a strange affect on me? I thought that my answer was awkward but Aadya laughed. She slightly tilted her head back and my breath hitched in my throat. How the sun shinned down on her was simply breath taking. I forced myself to step away from her. Silently I cursed myself for putting me in this situation. I was only falling for her more and more as I was with her.

  When I looked away I caught Williem watching us. He sent me a thumbs up and a huge grin when he caught my gaze. Besides him was Cleo who winked at me. I cleared my throat and turned back to Aadya who was watching me. "What do we do first?" I asked.

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