Sylph Blood

On a full moon my family, friends, all my people has been either slaughtered or taken away by the humans. Since that night my life have been shifted too many times and I knew deep down that nothing will ever be the same. And on my death I swear to the gods and goddesses that I will take revenge and show my wrath to the sinful humans.


10. 10


  A strange feeling lodge itself in my throat. Above me the night sky stretched endlessly in every direction. Soft rays from the full moon lit the otherwise dark crows nest. Williem sat next to me with the same eyes as mine. A week has passed by quickly since Aadya talked to us. Like she expected Williem did enjoy the night shift then the day shift. He was taught about his position in the crow's nest and was fitting in with the others quickly. Elenora found out that her pack wasn't in any of the safe spots but someone heard they moved up north.

  The three of us became really close to the other. The friendship between us was much more stronger than with the others. When Elenora would leave us it would be a sad day. I was glad that she was brave enough to find what she wanted. Not sticking with saftey just to live. It will be harder on Williem when she left. Everyone could clearly see the attraction they had for each other. 

  "It's beautiful isn't it?" Williem broke the comfortable silence. "Every minute in that hell hole I imagined what it would be like to look up and see the night sky. To see the twinkling stars and moon. My brother used to say that he would fly up to the moon one day. That when he would get there, he would bring us back a moon rock each."

  His voice was heavy. Such grief and pain lingered under the words as he spoke. Something happened to have made what should be a fond memory be sad. I turned my gaze to him and held him hand. He accepted the comfort and leaned on my shoulder. "He never even got to try and fly." His voice broke and he cried. "The people who captured us killed my whole family. They chained me and poured a liquid down my throat to stop me from changing into a bat. I was forced to watch as they tortured my family and killed them. They killed Mikkel last."

  My heart broke along with his. Before this I never thought about what the others went through. Sure I assumed that they dealt with something terrible but hearing it made it all to real. The wool was lifting from my eyes and set my heart on fire. 

  I embraced Williem in a tight embrace. He continued to cry into my shoulder as he mourned his family. We stayed like that for a while until he could no longer cry. Sporadic hiccups and red eyes was the only thing left to know that he cried. "I'm sorry for your loss Williem. I'm sorry." 

  When he pulled away he looked back up at the moon. "I'm sorry as well. There was nothing I could do but I should have fought harder. I should have told them that I loved them before they died. When we were saved I didn't know what to think of. Before in the cells I accepted that that was my fate. I would die soon and finally be with my family. But then I was free. For a while I believed that I was the only one left alone. Elenora is going to look for her pack. And you have your people here.

  "The two of you have become something like family to me. I trust you two. I think I am falling for Elenora. Last night I realized that I didn't want to leave you two and be alone again. But Elenora is leaving to go look for her pack and you are staying here. Being on this ship is wonderful and I enjoy every minute of it. I just don't know what to do." He confessed. "But I also know that there is more to this world then myself. There are others out there in situations like we have been in. I want to help them. I want to do something good with my life."

  As he spoke I studied his face. What he was confessing seemed to be true. "I can't give you an order what to do Williem. But whatever you choose please do so with your heart. It may not be easy to do but it will be better in the long run. Make sure you have no doubts."

  He looked at me with a small smile. "What if I can't offer anything here? I want to help out. I really do but I don't know how I will do that. My body is small and I am very weak compared to the others. I don't even know how to fight. I don't know if you can understand because you are strong. Some of your people here tell me stories about you. How you are the daughter of their old cheif. How your essence surpasses that of any other fae. Besides that I could see it in your eyes that you are strong. Everyone believes that once you get on your feet once again you will be one of the strongest here. But what do I have to offer?" 

  My heart squeezed and I felt a little ill when he spoke. More so about how he and the others seem to picture me. I have been keeping a secret from everyone here, including Ranniha, about myself. "You're wrong." I gasped. "I'm not strong. Please don't say that."

  His eyebrows furrowed in confusion and his head tilted a little to the right. "What do you mean?" He asked.

  I turned to look at from him for a second. There is no reason why I should tell him my secret right now. This moment was about him and not me. Plus I needed time to recollect myself and figure it out on my own. Before I looked at him I plastered a smile on my face. "Just what I said. I am not strong Williem. But that doesn't mean we can never be strong. You are still healing from the past years. If you are worried about fighting then I am sure you can join the morning classes with the others or ask someone to teach you at night."

  He didn't seem to buy my fake smile. A long minute passed before he nodded. "How is your ankle?" 

  "Better. I don't feel pain when I walk on it so that's a bonus. Cleo said that I can join the classes for swordsmanship and the dances tomorrow." I went with this new direction in the conversation. It is better then him trying to figure out my slip up.

  "Do you think you will join them?" He continued questioning me. I shrugged and looked away from him. It would be best to gain physical strength and to learn how to defend myself without essence. But if I started to learn how to do so Ranniha would fingure it's time to start working with my essence. "Well, when you decide to join then I will to."

  "Even if it takes me a few weeks?" I asked.

  A chuckle escaped his lips. "Even then. I am sure I wouldn't find joy in learning how to fight or dance without you there. You are like my best friend and I am going to make a competition out of this. When we are strong and able to fight then we will face against each other and see who is best."

  I reached out my hand and he took it. "That's a deal. May the best fighter win."

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