Sylph Blood

On a full moon my family, friends, all my people has been either slaughtered or taken away by the humans. Since that night my life have been shifted too many times and I knew deep down that nothing will ever be the same. And on my death I swear to the gods and goddesses that I will take revenge and show my wrath to the sinful humans.


1. 1

Twelve Years Ago~

 Blue light streamed down onto the earth and its people. The smell of fire and meat mingled with the chatter and laughter. Music played around us as many of the people danced and celebrated the full moon above us. In awe I watched as the older children weaved their arms through the cool air in unision. At their finger tips were sparkles of light. Each one had their own colour to represent their spirit and heart. As they started to chant the sparkles started to connect and different animals came to shape and moved about around their bodies.

  One girl with stricking green eyes managed to form a tiger. Fierce and powerful in all its glory. Beside her was a boy with stark white hair tied in a braid. Around him was a hummingbird that circled his body before landing on his lower arm. All the others controlled their animals while the adults who watched them clapped and showed their respect for the learning.

  Deep inside of my heart I yearned to see which animal would form once I learned how to control my essence more. At age seven I was further ahead in my teachings then others my age. Yet I craved to learn more and to experience more than what I was being taught. Already I could easily sense my essence inside of me. It was a dark blue with small bursts of white. Unlike many mine was multicoloured instead of one. Only the most powerful and elders had different colours and were more connected to the gods and goddesses. 

  When I told my teacher he decided that an elder would better suit me for my lessons. That was many moons ago and I found it to be at a very slow pace. The first time I complained to my elder about it she told me that patience was key to everything. Before she told me that if I advanced too fast I could lose control and possibly hurt myself and others, that is. Now though I was determined to learn and to practise with the others. Running to the older kids I mimicked their movements.

  My arms moved fluidly and slowly morphed into a dance of it's own. Deep within me I felt my essence stir and flood into every inch of me. Now that I was controlling it I started to chant what the other children were saying. Caught up in the sensation of my essence and the movements I slowly let go of my outer mind. Doing so my feet and legs started to move on their own accord. It was like a small dance that overpowered me and soon enough something released inside of me.

  It was like another reserve of essence that I never knew I had before. Now instead of my normal blue and white light, golds and greens mingled through the others. I was in complete awe as I stared at my essence and before I could understand what was happening a shape started to form. Just a foot above my head I watched as bat like wings formed from a circle of my essence. Slowly the head of a dragon was made visible before the rest of its body. It was small in size but it was completely breathtaking. It moved as if just waking up from a nap before flapping its wings and circling around my head.

  A laugh tumbled from my lips as I continued to move in my small dance. Everything around me morphed into blurrs leaving me and my baby dragon. All too early someone clapsed my hands together and I came to a halt. Quickly my essence fizzled out and I was brought back down into reality. In front of me was my elder with wide eyes. She steadily looked at me in a scorneful way. "What did I tell you about patience?" She asked.

  I felt a pout pull on my face. "But Ranni..." I whined in complaint. 

  "Don't 'but Ranni' me Amilia. You are too young to fully understand what is inside of you and if you can't control your essence then someone could get hurt. Do you understand child?" Her voice was stern and unwavering. Of course I understood that someone could get hurt if I lost control but it was just so fun to practise. Looking at the ground I nodded in response and she let go of my hands. "Good. Now go find your mama and papa and eat. Your favourite fruit has been picked today so get it before it's gone."

  Smiling at her I nodded once more before running to my parents. They should be at the front near the tree lines. It was the place where the musicians played and the food was prepared. Most importantly where the cheif and her spouse would sit down and retell stories of our people to the kids my age. Passing down important information in ways of stories so that it would not be lost. 

  Once I found them I sat down next to Luka. His dark, rich skin seemed almost red in tones as he sat close to the fire. He listened intently to my mama speaking and weaving her essence to visualize the story. It was about the time when dragons roamed our world alongside us before the humans started to hunt them down for their horns. Of course the dragons went back into their world and never came back yet. 

  When Luka noticed me he grinned. "Have fun with the others?" He whispered to not speak over mama.

  "You have not idea. After we eat come with me. I have something to show you." I whispered back. A glint of mischeive glimmered in his eyes before he focused back on the story. As it ended we were able to go to the cooked meat and fruit. Before I could leave mama waved me over to her. 

  She held my hands and brought them to her face. Closing her eyes I knew she was feeling the little bit of essence that was left underneath the skin. "You went over to the older children haven't you Amilia." It was more of a statment then a question. "You should listen to Ranniha and not go out of your teachings. Once your get your final markings of the inaugurate stage you can do what they do. Promise me that you won't try to advance too fast my beautiful warrior." She spoke softly and crouched in front of me.

  Papa came over and overheard what mama said. He smiled widely and picked me up in a hug. "Most importantly did you succeed Mil?" He cheerfully asked and called me by my nickname.

  Smiling at him I nodded. "Yes papa! A dragon flew above me in greens and blues and whites and golds! It was beautiful!" I said loudly and raised my arms over my head. "It was this big!" I stretched my arms as far as the could go as I recalled what happened.

  "Lies! After your markings you better prove that you are not lying." He responded and mama frowned. He took noticed and shrugged. "Our daughter is gifted Isa. We shouldn't try and supress it. If she thinks that it is wrong to try and learn then she will not flourish."

  Mama sighed and took me into her arms. "My have you grown Mil. Soon enough we won't be able to lift you up anymore." She laughed before setting me down. 

  When she was about to say something else a heart stopping sound came from the back. Screams and sounds of bloodshed cried out and essence could be seen even from here. Many people must be using it at large quantities to make it so noticable. Mama and papa looked at each other with worried looks and I could tell that something was wrong. Whatever it was, was scary and terrible if mama looked so scared.

  Quickly mama crouched down in front of me again and hugged me. "I love you Amilia. Get Luka and run to the waterfront. We will meet you there I promise you that. Hurry my child!" She said before pulled back. 

  Papa hugged me and kissed my forehead. Mama told him to hurry up and get to the back. He put me down and gave me his silver ring that symboled his and mama's love. "I love you Amilia. Be strong no matter what and never forget who you are. Luka should be by the meat so get him quickly and run. Don't look back or wait for us. Understand?" He ordered.

  I nodded and tried to comprehend what was happenening. Why was mama and papa saying these things to me? Why where they scare? I didn't have enough time to ask but instead I started running to get Luka. Everyone was scarmbling about and the happiness that once filled this special night air was no longer there. Instead chaos and the screams took over and burned into my mind. Tears streamed down my faces as I became scared.

  Trying to find Luka wasn't hard but once I reached him I was left to the sight of a nightmare. Humans in metalic clothings and weapons were destroying everything. I could see blood on the tents and people who were either on the ground or trying to fight against the humans. I thought our essence would be able to overpower them but there was just too much of the humans and the held strange weapons that glowed a deep red. When they plunged into my people it caused them to scream in agony. 

  On the ground near the fire was Luka. His eyes were open and unmoving. It was then I understood that he was dead because of the humans. Fear took over me and I stumbled backwards to try and get away from all of this. As I did I hit something hard and cold. Turning around I looked up into the covered face of a human. Dark brown eyes stared down at me before he raised his sword and swung down with the hilt of it. Once he struck me pain exploded and everything went black as I fell towards the blood soaked ground. 

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