The Faceless

They were known as the faceless, and they knew everything.


3. Chapter 3:

Chapter 3


Everyone was afraid to make the smallest sound. Axe was still on the floor. You could see the horror in his face. I turned around slowly. Alice was shaking. Her hands trembling as she tried to look around the supermarket. I listened to my own heartbeat, and tried to calm myself, by breathing slowly. A small sob came from the other side. Axe. I tried to calm him, by whispering that it was going to be okay.

A little later, I stood up, and took a look around. No creature was to be seen. I told the others to get up as well, but very carefully. Axe had stopped his sobbing. Talin and Ivan made their way to me. I told them to go outside and look. But as they were on their way to the door, the noise sounded again. Everyone fell to the ground. My heart was going faster than ever. The noise got louder, and I heard big footsteps walking towards us. I tried making up a plan in my head, but it was tough. The noise had stopped for a second. Then continued. Everyone looked at me, waiting for an order. I held up 3 fingers, and tried to make it clear that we had to run. They nodded. Talin and Ivan, was still right outside.

 I counted to three, and ran. Alice was right behind me. Axe was a little bit slower. Talin and Ivan caught up and ran with us. The creature didn’t seem to follow us. Or that’s what we thought. Ivan, who was behind us, fell directly to the ground. So did Talin. They were tossed off the ground, and into the sky. The creature was invisible. I gasped. They hit the ground, and it made a loud snap. My eyes widened and I could hear Axe sobbing. They had been killed… killed right now. Alice looked at me. Her face was pale.

“What do we do now?” Alice asked loudly. Her breathing was hard. She was out of breath.

“We run.” I said. Talin and Ivan was on the ground. There was a pool of blood surrounding them. I tried to calm myself. I turned around, and clenched my fists. Then I ran, with Axe and Alice right behind me. Axe´s eyes were wet. We didn’t run towards the tower. That would bring everyone in danger. So instead we ran the opposite way.


“Tell it again. What happened?” Isaac asked again. He sounded impatient, even though I had already told him twice.

“We were in the supermarket, Axe fell and the creature started following us. We ran outside and it killed Ivan and Talin.” I answered. I was tired, and still quite out of breath.

“But you said the monster was invisible?!” He said. His voice got harsher every time he asked me that question.

“Again, yes” I answered. People stood around us, listening carefully.

“But how… how? How…” Isaac mumbled. He got up and walked away slowly while mumbling something to himself. Alice got up behind me.

“Can I talk to you… outside?” She asked. I was surprised. Why would she talk to me?

“Sure” I said. We walked outside and she took in a deep breath.

“Are you…” She was interrupted with the sound of a gunshot. We jumped to the ground. Isaac ran outside.

“What happened?” He yelled.

“There was a gunshot. It hit the tower.” Alice said. She stood up and looked around.

Other people stood outside the tower. They looked around as well. The tower had a mark where the bullet had hit. Alice looked worryingly at me.

“It was supposed to hit one of us, wasn’t it?” She asked. A line appeared between her brows.

“I think so.” I answered.

Another gunshot fired. And another. They came from all sides. People were hit. Isaac ordered for everyone to get inside, though he quickly changed his mind when something explored nearby.

“Get everyone outside. NOW!” He yelled. I ran inside the tower and tried to get as many people out as possible. When I got outside again, everyone was running. Another explosion. Who was responsible for this? It couldn’t have been the creature from yesterday, could it? No, that was highly unlikely. Only a human could’ve done this. Someone came running from the tower.

“There’s a bomb in the tower!” He screamed. But no one has been in there, except for us?

Everyone went into cover. Then the tower exploded. There was a loud ringing noise. I laid on the ground. My head hurt, and I couldn’t feel my feet. My eyes had a hard time trying to focus. I felt dizzy. My eyes started to get heavy.


I woke up. The sun was right in my eyes. I raised myself up from the ground. Everywhere around me was people. Dead. The tower was no longer standing, it was just a pile of bricks.

“Is anybody alive?” Someone said. The voice was raspy. It sounded feminism. Alice?

“Over here” I replied. I didn’t recognize my own voice. No, it wasn’t Alice. Though it was a girl. Esther.

“Oh, thank god.” She said. Her cheekbones were high, which framed her lips, which were a dark pink. Her hair was about shoulder length, and half of it was in a ponytail. Her nose was covered in freckles.

“Who could’ve done this?” She asked. I ran my fingers through my hair.

“I don’t know.” I replied. She sat down next to me.

“Any other survivors?” She said. I could hear her heart beat.

“I hope so.” I responded. I noticed a large cut in her hand. She clenched her fist, when she noticed that I had seen it.

“It doesn’t hurt.” I nodded.

I got up and looked around for any other survivors. Was Alice dead?

“I’ll take a look around, and search for any other survivors.”

“I’ll do the same.” She said. We went each our direction and planned to meet up in an hour. If there were no other survivors we had to try and make contact with the leaders and find out what to do.

Luckily there were other survivors. A guy named, Patrick and a guy named, Samuel. Though no Alice.

We met up with Esther, who was together with a guy named, Rob. I decided to take a look around. I needed to see Alice.

But she was nowhere to be found.

Suddenly there was a noise, coming from the speakers around town. The noise stopped, and someone started talking.  

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