The Faceless

They were known as the faceless, and they knew everything.


2. Chapter 2:

Chapter 2


Where once was smooth grey concrete, kept clean by the robotic street workers in orange jackets, are now cracks and pioneering weeds. Just a few years ago, these streets were rivers of people, both night and day. It was the kind of place where you held your wallet tight, and your kids tighter. The cars left with people, taking them as far as their gas tanks would allow them. Everyone was shocked. No one would’ve thought that a simple creature would destroy something as big as Belminster. A city where evil only existed in few. And where every situation could be saved with a blueberry muffin from the bakery on Gernhard street. And from the Belminster tower, you had the most amazing view over the Torlard Mountains. These kinds of places only existed in dreams. And this is where the city had ended up. Abandoned, broken and full of terror. A place only existing in nightmares.

“We need to keep on moving” I commanded. We walked towards the center of the city. Towards the Belminster tower.

“What happens when we get there?” Someone asked.

“We join the other group.” I answered. I looked at my watch, to check what time it was. The other group should be there by now. I sat the pace, and walked a little faster.

And then finally, we arrived. There wasn’t much left of the tower. I saw the other group, and was relieved. What would’ve happened if they hadn’t been here? Luckily, I’ll never find out.

I shook hands with Isaac. The other group´s leader. Me and him had known each other for quite a while. We met while training to become a leader.

“Welcome. I’m Isaac.” He said loud and clear. His Adams apple vibrated when he talked.

“I already introduced myself to my own group, so there’s only you left.” He pointed to the guys in my group.

“Ahh, interesting. Another girl who chose to try and impress us guys.” He looked at Alice, many giggled. Another? I inspected his group, and saw that there in fact was another girl. Her skin was pale, and her hair was blonde.

“Since its getting darker, we´ll stay here overnight.”

Someone in his group raised a hand. He pointed at him.

“Yes Walter?” Seemed as though they had learned each other’s names.

“Where?” He asked. He seemed a little scared.

“We´ll stay in the tower.” Isaac replied. He went on explaining what was going to happen. When he was finished, I walked towards him.

“So, we stay here overnight, and then tomorrow we head for the mountains?” I asked.

“Exactly. Wes... It doesn’t seem like you and your group are cooperating that good. Am I totally wrong?” Isaac wasn’t wrong, and I don’t know how he knew.

“How do I make that happen?” Isaac was like a big brother to me. And even though I was a bit jealous of him, I didn’t do anything about it.

“Talk to them. Make sure they know that they can trust you.”

- “No one wants a leader that they can’t trust.” He continued. I decided to follow his advice.


Everyone from my group was sitting in the same room. I sat down next to two guys, that looked an awfully a lot like each other. Everyone looked up.

“We started off bad. And I hope that every gives it another shot. I’m Wesley.” I kind of hated that I had to drop my façade. It made me look small.

“Wow, where’s the tea... Wes?” Alice said.

“I’m trying here, Alice... Okay?” She smirked in the same mocking way as earlier. She seemed to tough, though looked so tiny.

“I’ll give it a try… I´m Parker Desen” A guy said. Black curls almost covered his eyes. I nodded.

Someone entered the room. The other girl.

“Isaac has something he wants to say.” She nodded her head, so we would follow her. Everyone got up and followed her to another room. Isaac stood in the other end of the room. He was the tallest of all of us, and probably also the strongest.

“I need to inform you about these creatures.” I looked around to make sure everyone was listening.

- “They may look like ordinary people, but don’t get fooled. Get close, and they’ll eat you. They don’t have emotions, so if you’re here because you think you can save them. You are wrong. Nothing stops them from killing. They don’t get hurt by our guns. The only thing that kills them is if their heart is ripped from their chests.” You’d be stupid, if you couldn’t hear that Isaac had met one. It was easy to tell. He told the story to me a few weeks ago. Not only had he met one. He had fallen in love with one. And then he´d had to kill her, because she was dangerous.

“If you don’t take care, you’ll die.” Were his last words, before people started leaving the room again. Alice bumped into me on her way out. I ignored her.

Isaac came towards me. He had a serious look on his face.

“I need to take a call from the captain. If anything happens, make sure everyone gets to safety, alright?” I nodded. I felt a little bit scared. If anything happens, where should I get people to? I assured myself that if anything was to happen, I’d know what to do. Strangely I work better under stress.

“Wes, right?” The other girl asked me. I turned around, and looked her into her eyes.

“Yes” I replied. She took a deep breath.

“I’m Esther… Is it possible to get everyone some beverage or even food?”

“I´ll find out.” I answered. She smiled, turned around and walked away. If I remembered correctly, they told us that food was somewhere hidden in the tower. So, I had to find it.

I looked around. I noticed a box over in the corner. I walked towards it, and opened it. At least 10 guns laid in it.

“What are you doing?!” Isaac shocked me. I jumped away from the box.

“Looking for food.” I said. He closed the box.

“Well, it wasn’t there.” He hissed. I wondered why I wasn’t allowed to see it. Weren’t we partners?

“Do you know where I can find some?” I asked. He bit his lip, and took a deep breath.

“In the city. There used to be a supermarket right down the street.” I nodded.

“Is it safe?” I asked. He didn’t respond for a few seconds.

“Nothing is safe out here.”

He didn’t wait for me to respond, he walked away. I followed him.

“Does anyone volunteer to go find food in the city?” He said loudly. Everyone looked up. Only one raised a hand. Alice.

“You.” He pointed at Alice, and made her stand up.

“Axe, Ivan and Talin.” They stood up. He continued.

- “There is a supermarket 300 m away. Get food and go back. No hesitating.” 

They followed me outside. We started walking, making sure no one said anything. At this time of day, everything could happen. We could meet them. And if we did, we’d get killed.

There was still a bit of sunlight left. The guy, Axe was a little behind the rest of us. I signed to him that he should hurry up a bit. He did. Alice was right next to me. She didn’t look scared, but confident. The supermarket was straight ahead.

We got inside, and looked around, making sure we were all alone. Luckily, we were.

“Grab as much as you can” I whispered. They all nodded. I started gathering different things. Jerky, granola bars, anything that I could get my hands on. Ivan broke the silence. He slipped and fell directly to the floor. I turned around in a rush. There was complete silence, until a strange noise filled the room. We were no longer alone in the supermarket. 

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