Troubled love (ON HOLD)

The story has a girl that falls in love with a boy the boy is 17 years old as a senior while the girl is only 16 and a sophomore whats going to happen when they meet in the same school?


4. Science Partner

'The Next Day' Ember Checks the time and said OMG I'M GOING TO BE LATE FOR SCIENCE MY TEACHER Mr.Egg HATES LATE!" Ember quickly changes her clothes and ran to the science classroom Mr.Egg: " YOUR LATE EMBER" he said with an angry face Ember: " i'm so so so so Sorry ill never be late again" Mr.Egg : "lets hope so.., AS I WAS SAYING BEFORE WE GOT INTERRUPTED we are having a science fair, but we will also have a science fair partner i will pair them up!" after a few pairs later Mr.Egg: "Liam and Ember! will be pairs" people began whispering about them then Liam stood up Smirked and left the classroom because the bell rang. Ember saw the smirk on Liam Ember was a little nervous around Liam it was very obvious she liked him but she kept denying if anyone asked her, after her classes, later Ember met up with Olivia to go shopping for a while, after shopping they went back to their dorm to sleep

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