Troubled love (ON HOLD)

The story has a girl that falls in love with a boy the boy is 17 years old as a senior while the girl is only 16 and a sophomore whats going to happen when they meet in the same school?


2. The Party

Olivia got back to the dorms and went to Embers Room then she found Ember. Ember: "Hey what's up?" Olivia: "WE'RE GOING TO A PARTY! NOW HURRY AND GET DRESSED" so Ember went to get dressed and she wore the best thing she had in her closet so far it was black short and sparkly. Olivia: "wow you look great!" Ember: "So do you! but still who's party are we going to?" Olivia: " we're going to Liam's mansion for a party!" Ember: "Who is Liam?" Olivia: "no time to explain lets go!" Olivia takes Ember to her beautiful red car then drives quickly to Liam's Mansion. Ember: "woahhhh"  Olivia: "i know right? that was my reaction when I first saw his house" Olivia takes Ember in the mansion and asked Olivia: "do u want any drinks?" Ember: "yeah A coke please" Olivia: "omg you need to loosen up but fine" while Olivia went to grab drinks Ember spots a hot and cute man little did she know it was Liam. When Olivia arrives Ember finished her drink then they danced all night when they were about to go back to the dorms Olivia asked Ember What was wrong because Ember was Starring. Ember: "yeah i just like this cute /hot boy!" Olivia: " Ohhh GOSSIP! I LOVE GOSSIP!!!" Ember: "there is nothing to talk about!" Olivia: " okay fine!" Olivia and Ember talked to get to know each other for hours and started to get tired so they went back to their dorms to sleep

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