Troubled love (ON HOLD)

The story has a girl that falls in love with a boy the boy is 17 years old as a senior while the girl is only 16 and a sophomore whats going to happen when they meet in the same school?


3. Liam

The next day. Ember: "WHAT TIME IS IT!?" Ember looks at the time and jumps out of bed to get ready for school as fast as she can. Ember runs to the classroom she see's everyone looking at her because she is 10 minutes late for class. Ember Looked for a seat the only seat that was open was the one next to Liam so she went to take a seat next to Liam. Liam whispers "So your late to class am I right?" After he said that he chuckles a little. Ember whispers to Liam "are you serious! just focus on the things the teacher is teaching."  Ember gets a little mad. Teacher: "Tomorrow we are gonna take a test so PAY ATTENTION!" After class they went to lunch. Olivia: "Okay so um TELL ME the tension between you and Liam!" Ember: "NO WAY we don't have a relationship!" Olivia: "uh you sure do like him your blushing like a tomato and i sense Love around you"  Ember Looks pissed at Olivia. After lunch they finished science and art then Olivia and Ember went to Their dorms to do homework till 7:00pm. Olivia goes to Ember's dorm Then says "COME ON AND GET READY LIAM'S PARTY IS AT 7:30!". Ember finds a dress in her closet it was Blue with diamonds on it and it's one strapped. Olivia and Ember went to Liams Mansion. Ember: "Oh my god i'll never get used to this mansion it's beautiful!" they go in side and they see Liam with his friend Noah, Olivia keeps looking at Noah because She likes him. Olivia: "who's that Cute/Hot dude!?" Ember: "I don't care and I don't know but..." Ember See's Liam Kissing another girl then they went upstairs. Ember and Olivia went to get drinks after they drank a lot they called and Uber and went back to the dorms to sleep for the rest of the night.

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