Troubled love (ON HOLD)

The story has a girl that falls in love with a boy the boy is 17 years old as a senior while the girl is only 16 and a sophomore whats going to happen when they meet in the same school?


1. First Day Of not being a "nerd"

Ember: "The first day of school starts today" Her mom makes breakfast for her then she goes down. Mom: "Aren't you happy its your first day of school?" Ember sighs and looked at the floor. Ember: "Yeah i'm happy but i just don't wanna be the school nerd anymore and i just wanna be cool..." Ember goes to school worried about what kind of reputation she would have. Ember went to the Principal's office to get a uniform. Ember: "Um i'm here to get a uniform is there any my size?" Principle: "of course its in your locker" Ember: "Thank  You!" Ember went to find the locker rooms but eventually got lost. Ember gave up so went to her dorm and fund her roommate. Her roommate was in a phone call with her friend Claire so Ember waited till she was done. Olivia: "Oh hey are my new roommate?" Ember: "Yeah I am and um do you know where the locker rooms are?" Olivia: "Yeah of course ill show you where it is" Olivia and Ember went to the locker rooms Ember got her uniform on and Olivia went to class with her. When school was over Olivia went to the dorms to meet up with Ember because everyone had plans to go to the party. 

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