Beaten (16+)



3. Chapter 3

*Fallons P.O.V*

When I opened my eyes a wave of confusion ran through me. Where the hell was I? It only took me a few seconds to realise where I was. I squirmed in the duvet when I heard the door creak open, I had to squint my eyes to adjust to the darkness.

"Shit..." a voice spoke deeply. I yelped, scared of who it was. "Fallon, it's just me!" I let out a deep sigh, it was just Harry. I could roughly make out his figure. "Sorry, I'm just grabbing a blanket," I pulled the duvet up and around me. "Are you sleeping okay?" I felt the bed dip down as Harry planted down at the bottom of the bed.

"I guess so, my face hurts a little, and I'm just worried" I spoke softly. I don't know why I'm opening up to someone I hardly know.

"Yeah I can imagine, you must be tired, please try and sleep" His voice was sincere. The most sincere I have heard him be.

"Can you take me home in the morning?" I asked, battering my tired lids at him.

"Are you sure, you can stay if you want? Until things have drifted over..." I could see his eyebrows frown above his bright eyes.

"I need too Harry, things will only get worse" I yawned. I snuggled down into the warmth of his bed. I didn't even stay awake to hear him anymore.

*Harrys P.O.V*

"How do you know if she even likes tea?" Louis shot me a stare across the kitchen counter. I swirled the spoon around the mug.

"Pretty sure all girls like tea, right Franks?" I raised an eyebrow at the blonde, sitting on Louis lap.

"I guess so?" She shrugged. Useless.

"Exactly, so shut it," I glared at Louis. I could tell he was smirking without looking at him.

"Good morning," I heard a small voice come from my right. Fallon stood there, with yesterday's clothes on and her hair pulled up into a bun.

"I made you tea" I awkwardly held the cup out, what the fuck is wrong with me. She took it with her small hands and smiled. "Thanks," She basically whispered. She sat next to Frankie on the stools.

"Harry could you take me home please?" She looked up at me. Battering her bright eyes at me, fuck me she was gorgeous.

"Erm, yeah sure, I'll go get ready" I ran a hand through my thick hair. Disappearing out the room.

*Fallons P.O.V*

My hands were shaking on the way home. I couldn't stop so I just held them together on my lap. Looking out the window once again.

"Do you have a phone?" Harry spoke up. He had been pretty quiet for most of the journey.

I nodded, pulling my crappy phone out of my small bag. One of his large hands took it from mine, keeping one hand on the wheel he types in my phone.

"My number, just in case," He spoke softly handing it back to me. I didn't really know what to say so I just nodded and awkwardly smiled. He was being so nice to me.

"Could we stop just down here, just in case?" I asked Harry. He nodded and pulled over. "Thank you, honestly, I really appreciate your help" I wasn't very good at these things.

"Don't mention it" He grunted.

"No rea.."

"I said don't mention it," he snapped before I finished. I just gulped, stepping out of the car and slamming the door behind me. I didn't look back as I heard his car spin off down the road. I just looked at my house in the distance. Peters can sitting on the drive.

As I reached the door I could hear Peter from the inside, I couldn't work out what he was saying but his voice was distinctive. My heart was racing and my hands continued to shake.

"Peter...are you here?" I called, walking into the hallway, I saw a pair of small shoes that I didn't recognise, but I chose to ignore them. Searching through the house.

He appeared out of the bedroom, a towel wrapped round his bottom half, most likely fresh out the shower.

"Peter..." I ran up to him, I wrapped my arms around his muscly figure, squeezing him tightly, he didn't flinch, didn't even mimic my movements.

"Fallon..." He looked down at me, his face was completely emotionless.

"Peter I am so sorry for upsetting you, I shouldn't have put any make up on, I know you don't like it but I still did it, I forgive you for hurting me! I was to blame," I begged against his chest, I could feel my eyes watering.

"Fallon..." He spoke again.

"Peter, come back to bed..." A familiar voice spoke behind him. I pulled back away from him, only to see a short, dark haired skinny women, wearing my silk nightwear. She looked pale as a sheep when her eyes locked on mine.

"Melissa?" I tilted my head at her, my heart completely dropped. Peter had obviously not just been in the shower.

"Fallon I..." She gulped. I felt the tears burn my cheek as they rolled down. Peter just stood there, awkwardly staring at me.

I went to college with Melissa, as much as I thought this was hard to believe, it wasn't a surprise to me. She had always had a thing for Peter, I just never thought he would do this too me.

I felt like my whole world was falling around me, and Peter said absolutely nothing as it happened. I walked past them both into the bedroom. Without saying a word I pulled out a suitcase and began cramming things inside.

"Fallon what are you doing?" Peter groaned. He sat at the edge of the bed, holding his hand out to me to stop me. I just pulled away, something I have never done. "What does it look like?" I wept. Melissa just stood by the door.

"It's not what it looks like" Peter yelled at me. I almost wanted to laugh. "What else is it meant to look like! It's pretty clear what's fucking happening!" I was crying even harder now, I just couldn't pull myself together.

I pulled the case out of the bedroom and down the hall.

Please get me ASAP-Fallon

I sent the text message to Harry, the only person that would get here fast enough.

"Fallon, come on please, you're over reacting" Peter called after me. I grabbed my coat, keys and purse.

I felt a large hand wrap around my wrist, burning the skin. "Don't be stupid Fal," I turned to see Peters  dark eyes. I pulled away from him. "I've already been stupid enough," I spat.

I had never spoken to him like that before, his face dropped and he looked at me viciously. Before he could do or say anything else I ran out the door. Only to see Harry's car awaiting outside. He must have been close by,

I rubbed at my sore face. "Are you okay?" Harry ran to me. I didn't say a word, I only had to shake my head. He took my suitcase, chucking it in the car.

"Fallon, who the fuck is that?" I heard Peter behind me.

"Fallon get in the car," Harry growled. He was pretty scary when he was angry.

"Harry please..."

"Get in the car Fallon," he interrupted. I did as I was told. Closing the door quickly behind me.

*Harrys P.O.V*

"Get in the car Fallon" I gritted my teeth. She did as she was told and slammed the door.

Peter stood up tall, just a towel wrapped around him. Dick.

"So she has been shagging you all this time?" He raised an eyebrow at me. Fuck he was annoying .

"No mate, looks like you've been doing a good job at cheating all by yourself," I smirked, seeing a short girl at the front door.

"Trying to be funny eh? Let Fallon out" He growled.

I just shook my head of curls, almost wanting to laugh at him. "She'll be better off without you" I walked backwards away from him. Only to be pulled back.

I reacted quickly as he tugged on me, by lifting my right fist and collided it with his cheek, knocking him down on the floor. "Hurt her again, and you won't be able to get back up," I bent down whispering in his ear.

I could see Fallon's face through the car window, she was completely gobsmacked.

*Fallon's P.O.V*

I couldn't believe Harry had hit him, right in the face, with his fist.

I mean, I'm not justifying what Peter had done, but that was very unexpected.

When Harry got back into the car his breathing was slightly staggered. He shook his head of curls, running his hand through his hair.

"What was that for?" I glared at him. He looked slightly taken aback.

"Oh come on, that was nothing" He had a playful smirk on his face which was quite amusing.

I sat quiet in the car, as Harry drove off, watching Peter stand and look at he car as we drove past, before he ran inside. Melissa following him in, probably going to shag again.

"Oh my god Fallon, are you okay?" Frankie's friendly face was the first to run too me as we got to Harrys house. I just shook my head, my eyes welling up for what seemed like the hundredth time.

She hugged me tight, which was exactly what I needed.

"Look at your wrist! Come on let's get you some ice" She ran her fingers gently over my wrist which had bruised already.

I followed her into the kitchen, Harry followed with my suitcase.

"Could you take me to my mums please?" I asked, as Frankie gave me a bag of peas.  Harry looked a little shocked, maybe even a bit upset.

"No, you can stay need to be looked after and protected" He said quickly, dumping my case on the floor he darted out of the room.

"He is right, for once" Frankie giggled. "Peter will have no idea where Harrys house is, at least he won't be coming for you"

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