Beaten (16+)



2. Chapter 2

I watched the fields as we continued to drive out of town. The sun beamed on my face.

“You’re very quiet,” The green eyed man spoke. I pulled my lips in and nodded. I watched his muscles flex as he changed gears. “So stranger, what’s your name?”

“Fallon Mair, And you are?” I spoke softly, I was pretty nervous around him.

“Harry Styles, pretty unique name you have there,” he smiled. “I like it”

I could feel my cheeks heat up. What’s wrong with me?

“Thanks, yeah it’s very different” I blushed. I tired to look at him in the corner of my eye without him noticing, he was so interesting to look at. His body was pretty much covered in dark tattoos, he also had a piercing through his eyebrow and lip. Totally different from the clean cut muscly boy like Peter.

“Just up on the right here,” I pointed as we reached my house.

“I remember,” Harry spoke quietly, pulling his piercing in with his teeth, my tummy fluttered.

“Thank-you for the lift,” I jumped out of the car. Luckily Peters car was still gone.

“Be careful yeah Talon?” Harry smirked.

“It’s Fallon, but thanks,” I stifled my giggle.

“Yeah whatever” he chuckled. I watched the car spin off after I shut the door.

The house was still silent when I walked in, I felt at ease straight away.

I hid the dress my mum had brought me in the back of the wardrobe and dressed into some casual clothes.

I cleaned the house again, hoovered and moped the floor.

I even prepared some meat into the slow cooker for Pete’s dinner later on.

“Fal, I’m home!” The dreaded voice echoed through the large bungalow.

I continued to wipe down the counter in the kitchen.

I felt two hands on my hips and I was spun around. Peters wide smile dropped to a frown. “What the fuck is that on your face?” He spat.

Shit, I forgot to wipe of my eyeshadow.

“Nothing,” I pulled my head away and viciously wiped the counter top.

“Where have you been today?” He growled, standing tall above me. I shook my head. “Fallon, where the fuck have you been?” His voice was getting louder.

“N-nowhere, I’ve been here!” I defended my self, looking at the floor. “I was just experimenting! I’ve been here all day Peter!” I yelped, his large hand slapped across my face, the pain ran through my face and it throbbed immediately.

He stood up in front of me and I darted under his arm. “Fallon, get here!” He boomed.

I ran to the toilet and locked the door, crouching down with my back against the door. Hugging my knees like a mad women.

An hour passed and I was still alone in the bathroom. I looked at my reflection in the mirror, it was almost unrecognisable.

I wiped my eyes and fixed my hair before exiting the room.

“Peter? I called, it was so quiet. I padded through the rooms in the house. A few clothes were chucked on the bed, his wallet and keys were also missing.

I looked out the front to see his car also gone. “Peter!” I screamed out the front door.

He’s left me?


I left him multiple voice mails apologising repeatedly. Begging him to come back, I couldn’t be alone .

My face continued to throb whilst I picked at my dinner, I really wasn’t in the mood for eating.

I took the chance to go for a walk, hoping Peter would be at the local pub around the corner, or at the gym close by.

It was cold and I hugged my body close, my hot breath steaming the dark night sky. It was quiet, just a few people passing by, walking their dogs at this godly hour. I passed the pub, seeing a few people outside smoking away. A certain figure I recognised but it was too tall to be Peter.

I sniffed loudly, the tears falling from my eyes. I carried on walking for what seemed like hours but had only been a few minutes. I heard a car behind me, it’s lights lighting up the road, “Peter!” I sighed. When the car came to a stop I knew it wasn’t him.

“Fallon?” The dark figure called from the car. “I saw you walk past the pub, what the fuck are you doing out here?” It was Harry, I knew I recognised someone. I covered my face. “Oh my god, did that dick do this to you?” He shouted, he was angry, I could tell from his stern voice.

I shook my face, “He didn’t mean too! I caused it,” I defended Peter again, Harry shook his head.

“Get in the car!” He tugged the strap on my bag. I pulled away, I was shaking with coldness.

“No Harry, I need to find him!” I cried, he had a stern and concerned expression on his face.

“Seriously Fallon, get in now!” He growled. I was too tired to mess with him. I slid into the passengers seat. His car was blowing heat and I was so cold, I held my hands against the vent, letting the heat surround me. I could still feel the tears escape my eyes, my face was stinging for where I was hit.

“He should never have hurt you,” Harry said firmly, he was driving with aggression, I’m not sure what his problem is.

“It’s fine Harry, can you take me home?” I looked at him, battering my eyelids to keep awake. Harry shook his head, turning away from my road. “Harry, please!” I pleaded, I was so tired.

“No, you will stay at mine tonight, in case he comes back!” He didn’t even look at me. I started to panic, things will only get worse.

“What if he comes back and I’m not there? Things will only get worse! Just take me home Harry, please!” I begged again, I tugged at his coat. However he completely ignored me. I had no say in where we were going. I just had to sit tight and hope Peter stayed out for the rest of the night.

A few moments later we pulled up to a large house. “This is yours?” I asked him, looking out the window and up at the house.

“Well, I share it with a mate of mine, but yeah” he shrugged, he sounded so miserable, what’s he got to be miserable about?

I stepped out the car and followed Harry to the house. It was so huge, probably 3 times the size of Peters bungalow. There were lots of pairs of shoes by the porch, even a pairs of women’s pumps.

“Do you need a drink at all?” Harry asked, chucking his keys on a side desk. I nodded, “Just a water please,” I winced in pain as my cheek began to throb even more. “I’ll grab you some tablets too,”

I continued to follow Harry, I had no idea what I was doing, this was all a really bad idea. He had a wide spread kitchen with a table and stools in the middle, How he affords this I have no idea.

“Here,” he passed me a glass of water and two sugar coated paracetamol tablets. I smiled and popped them down with the water.

“Oh Hello,” A Friendly voice sounded from behind me. I turned to see a short brunette well kept boy. I smiled, hoping Harry could introduce me.

“Louis, this is Fallon, Fallon this is my mate Louis” Harry groaned, he really wasn’t that great of company. I could tell his friend was concerned by my appearance but chose to keep quiet, which I greatly appreciated.

A young girl around my age appeared at Louis’ side. She had long blonde hair and lovely blue eyes. “Hello, I’m Frankie” She opened her arms for a hug, which was sweet of her. “I’m Fallon” I smiled to her. I could tell she was also astonished by my look, I thought she was about to say something but I think Harry must have shot her a look.

“Fallon, if you’d like to go have a bath I’m sure Frankie will show you upstairs, I’m sure she will have some warmer clothes for you to wear,” Harry wasn’t really asking, he was more telling.

Frankie held out her hand to me which I took and followed her away from the boys.

*Harrys P.O.V*

“So? Who is she?” Louis whispered, his face was clearly amused. “And what the hell happened to her face?”

I rolled my eyes at him.

He’s so fucking nosey.

“You know I told you about the house I went too, when my car broke down?” He nodded in response. “That was he me house, the. I found her wandering the fucking streets, looking for her dick of a boyfriend who clearly beats her, there is no way I was going to take her home!” I defended the beaten beauty.

“She’s pretty Harry, and seems nice!” Louis smirked to me. What a dick. I know what he’s thinking.

“Shut up Louis, I’m just helping her out”I chucked the cloth I dried my hands with at him and went upstairs, leaving him smirking by himself in the kitchen.

I knocked on the bathroom door, no response. So I walked in.

“Oh my god” Fallon yelped, she clutched her towel to her naked body.

I shut the door quickly.

“Shit, Sorry” I chuckled closing the door.

She did have a gorgeous figure, she was curvy in all the right places, but her body had been abused. She had bruises up her arms and over her breasts, purple marks on her inner thighs also.

Although she was so beautiful, I felt sick looking at her.

“Harry! What are you doing?” Frankie appeared behind me, holding a dressing gown in her arms.

“Sorry, I didn’t realise” I held my hands up. She just rolled her eyes at me and pushed past.

*Fallons P.O.V*

“Oh my god” I yelped, clutching my towel close to my marked naked body. I didn’t even realise Harry had knocked at the door.

“Shit, sorry” He disappeared behind the door. I took a deep breath. Sighing loudly, I saw him looking at my body, I feel ashamed, and embarrassed that he’s seen me like this.

Frankie ran me an amazing bath, it was lovely and hot and had lavender bath salts in, the bubbles covered my body so I didn’t even have to look at my appearance.

The bath was so relaxing I could almost drift off.


“Fallon is everything okay in there?” I awoke to Frankie banging on the bathroom door. I sat up, the bath water was cold and the bubbles had fizzed out.

“I’m okay! I fell asleep!” I called. How long had I been in here?

Frankie left me a silk nighty and a fluffy dressing gown. They were both on the radiator when I got out so they were perfectly warm.

“I thought you had drowned” Frankie held her small hands over her giggling mouth. I shook my head.

Unfortunately not.

“Oh, there you are...” Harry appeared, his hair was pushed back and he had tight tracksuit trousers on. “You can have my room tonight,” he grumbled. “Guess I’ll have the sofa,”

“I don’t mind sleeping on the sofa,” I raised my eyebrows. Harry frowned, but Frankie shook her head.

“No, Harry will be a gentlemen and let you have his!” She giggled, pulling her kin. Blonde hair back into a pony tail.

Harry’s room was huge. He even had glass doors and a small balcony.

“Erm, yeah so this is it,” Harry shrugged. “Let me know if you need anything,” and without a chance of me thanking him he disappeared.

His bed was also huge, it was wide and had the comfiest of pillows. I snuggled down, feeling quite empty with no one else by my side. I couldn’t help but wonder where Peter was.

*Peters P.O.V*

“Fuck, Melanie...”

“It’s Melissa,” The small brunette bitch squirmed beneath me. I pounded into her, he arse juggling in my hands.

I didn’t even want to think of Fallon and what the little slut was up to, probably caking her face in more ridiculous make up.

“I’m going to come,” The girl groaned beneath me. She was too quick. I didn’t even get much pleasure out of it. She squealed as I pushed her off me.

“Ouch” She kicked her leg out. I just rolled my eyes at her. She even tried to cuddle up to me. I wasn’t up for that shit...I just needed a distraction from Fallon.

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