Beaten (16+)


1. Chapter 1

Hello my lovelies! 

 It’s been a very long time hasn’t it? 

There will be no updating Darness! (Sorry for the let down)

enjoy this new one however! 

El x



My hands were shaking, the cold glass of water stung my bleeding lip, all I could taste was my tears as they streamed down my throbbing cheeks.  

“Fallon? Where are you?” The croaky voice that made my heart race, echoed through the house. 

I backed up into the corner of the kitchen. Wiping my tears with the back of my hand. “I’m in here,” I tried to sound brave, even though my body was shaking in fear. 

My tall, strong built boyfriend walked in, his knuckles were red and his dark hair was ruffled. “I’m so sorry Fal, I didn’t mean to hurt you, come,” He opened his muscley arms wide. I knew I shouldn’t, but if I was too argue things would only get worse. I took slow steps towards him, where he grabbed me and held me tight. “You know I would never hurt you, Things just got out of hand, it won’t happen again,” His voice breathed into my ear which made my body shake.  I could feel his heart beat and vibrate on my face as he held me tight.  “I believe you,” I whimpered, even though he had said this countless of times. 

“How about you go and get cleaned up and I’ll order us pizza?” Peter looked down at me, my eyes were closed, I just simply nodded before fleeing to the bedroom. 

The state of the bedroom reflected on the last hour, being shoved on the bed and held down my force, my legs that had kicked out viciously knocked down pictures and perfume bottles that were in a mess on the floor. 

I sat on the corner of the bed, looking at the mirror on my dressing table. My dark hair was in a mess, my small amount of mascara I had applied earlier on in the day was run down and smudged across my face, my cheeks were bright red and tingling in pain and my lip was swollen and sore, a small amount of blood submerged. I didn’t even want to look at the marks on my body. 

I jumped at the sound of my phone vibrating on the side. “Hello?” I lifted the phone to my ear. “Fallon, honey is that you?” I heard my mums calming voice on the other line. “Yes, Mum it’s me, is everything okay?” My mother rarely called in on me. “I was going to ask you the same question sweetie, I have been trying to get hold of you but you keep declining my calls, and what about all my messages, you make me worry Fal” Her voice would always be so calm and reassuring, enough to make me cry every time she spoke. “Yes, I’m okay, I didn’t realised you had tried to get in contact,” I whispered quietly. I hadn’t received any calls from my mother, unless Peter had been on my phone. “How’s you and Peter, he’s treating you well?” That sentence together was like a foreign language. “Erm, yeah we are fine” Me and Peter had been together for 6 months, I moved in with him after 2. “Fallon, who are you speaking too?” His loud voice bellowed. My heart raced. “Mum, I have to go, speak soon, I love you” 

“Fal—-“ I closed my phone and deleted my recent call, shoving my phone back on the side. “Fallon, who was that?” Peter appeared at the door. “No one, I was just singing,” I faked my hearty smile to him. He smirked back to me, “One of your many talents” He flashed me a wink and disappeared. “Pizza won’t be long babe!” He called from they other room. My body shivered at the pet name.

We sat around around the tv, pizza boxes on our laps. “You haven’t said thanks yet,” Peter shot me a glare. I swallowed my pizza, and smiled to him, it was a fake smile. “Thanks,” I replied to his childish remark. He smirked to himself, he made me feel sick. The doorbell rang to break the silence. “Who the fuck is calling at this time, go get it Fal” Peter shouted. I jumped up and went to answer the door.

A tall muscly man stood there. He was around the same age as me and had a thick nest of curly dark hair. He also had piercing green emerald eyes and a sharp jaw line. He wore all black, skinny jeans and t shirt with a leather jacket. “C-can I help?” I stuttered, he was a very handsome man. “Oh hi, my cars broken down, it’s a pretty long walk to the nearest garage, so you have a phone I could use?” His voice was raspy and low, it was also very calming. “Fallon, who the fuck is it?” Peters voice called, he was then behind me. “Who the fuck are you?” He stood behind me, getting all defensive. The man looked less then threatened. “Sorry mate, my cars broken down, could I borrow a phone?” I could see Peter glare at him. “Go get the phone Fallon” Perter shoved me to the side, causing me to nearly fall over. The boy raised his eyebrows and gave me a concerned look when he saw how swollen my face was, and the fact my lip was still bleeding.

“Thanks for that, my mates on his way,” He handed Peter the phone. It was pretty cold outside, no place for anyone to stand for minutes on end. “Would you like to come in? Just while you wait?” I asked quietly. Peter shot me a glare, I knew he was going to beat me and soon as this man left. He nodded, he seemed to have no expression on his face.

The next few minutes were pretty awkward, Peter sat up tall on the sofa, glaring this man down. We were all sitting in silence. His phone vibrated. “I better go, my mates outside,” He stood up, he was a bit taller then Peter, his face was so interesting. “Thanks for your help, see you around “ He held his hand out to Peter who just looked at it. “Nah you won’t” Peter grumbled. I coughed to break the awkwardness. Peter was more then happy to slam the door behind him.

“What the fuck was that Fallon?” He stood up in-front of me. I gulped, I knew this was going to happen, I should have stayed quiet. “I know just as much as you!” I coward. I winced in pain as he wrapped his large hand around my wrist. “Peter, please stop, you’re hurting me!” My lip quivered. He threw my wrist away, pushing me back on the sofa. “Why don’t you go fuck him like you do every guy!” He spat in my face. He flounced off, disappearing out the house and slamming the door behind him. I think what he said hurt more then him grabbing my wrist.


I woke up on the sofa the next morning, I ached all over. Peter was in the bed, snoring away, it was a great opportunity to jump in the shower in peace. I couldn’t stand to look at my reflection, my face was bruised and so was my lip. I dropped my clothes onto the floor before stepping under the warm water, it trickled down my skin, curing my ache. I was completing away with the fairies, letting the warm water cover my face. I didn’t even hear the bathroom door close and the shower curtain pull back. All I felt was two large hands grab my hips from behind and Peters hot breath on my neck. “Good morning,” he groaned. My peace and quiet was over. “I’m going to fuck you so hard,” He bit my ear. I held in my whimper. He pushed me down, bending my over in the shower. I could feel his crotch rub on my behind, “Peter, can you wait til after?” I stuttered. He grabbed my shoulders and pushed his groin into me. If I wasn’t in the shower there was no way he would have been able to go in that easily. “Too late,” He groaned, I can imagine the smirk on his face. “Why wait when I can take you in here?” He thrusted into me, I felt nothing as he did so, my head pushing into the bathroom wall. I could feel the headache coming on. “Oh Fallon” Peter groaned, he moaned and grumbled as he pushed into me. I could feel the tears escape my eyes. I should be used to this.

After he finished I sat in the bath tub, letting the water run over me. It was at least another 25 minutes before I found the urge to get up and out. A knock on the bathroom door brought me back to reality. “I’m going out Fal, will be back at half four ish, be good” and with that, the front door went and his car started and wheel spinner off. I felt a massive weight off my shoulders.

I felt so relaxed being able to chose what I wanted to wear for the day, instead of having it chose for me. I wore some black high waisted black jeans and a plain black t-shirt. I pulled on my burgundy puffy coat and wore a sparkly scarf. I applied a small amount of makeup as usual but added some light eyeshadow to my lids,which will have to be taken off when Peter is home. I grabbed my phone which surprisingly still sat on the bedside table.

“Hello Fallon dear, everything okay?” My mother’s calling voice answered in the other line. “Hi Mum, was just wondering if you wanted to go into town and grab a coffee?” I replied to her. I had such reassurance from my mother, just her voice alone could make me feel relaxed. “Of course Fal, I can pick you up in an hour?” I was so excited to see her. “See you then Mum,” I closed my phone and shoved it into my coat pocket, only for it to vibrate again.

I hope you’re being good, love P x

I shuddered at the message.

As always, Love F x

I fiddled around for the next hour, making the house look spotless so Peter couldn’t accuse me of anything. I was so busy pottering about I was shocked when I heard my Mums car beep outside.

“Mum!” I squealed, I wrapped my arms around her and she squeezed me tight, I have missed her so much more then I expected. “I’ve missed you!” She rubbed the side of my arms. “Come let’s get going, it’s quite chilly out here!”

The journey into town was about 25 minutes long, we sang along as loud as we could to music in the car, laughing at our voices as we sang along to Celine Dion and Whitney Houston. It wasn’t long before we parked up at the local costa and was sat around a table with hot chocolates in our hands. “So Fallon, how have you been? You’re looking quite pale, and have you lost weight?” She looked so concerned. “Just work Mum, I’m so busy I almost forget about eating,” I lied through my teeth, I picked at my marshmallows. “And you and Peter, both okay?” My mother had only met Peter around two times. Of course he had his charm on and completely won her over. “Yeah we are both good, he look after me,” it was such a struggle to put that sentence together. Even though I know he does, he puts a roof over my head, he buys me things and protects me. “As long as you’re happy, happiness is all that matters,” She spoke, I just nodded in agreement. “Anyway, enough about me, how’s Dad?” I changed the subject, it was too tense. “He’s brilliant, wishes he could of came today but he has a big job m, so wouldn’t have been able to make it,” She smiled. More like he didn’t want to see me, my father on the other hand saw badness in Peter from day one, and was ashamed that I moved in with him so soon.

We took a walk into town, I just continued to window shop. Nothing ever tickled my fancy. My mother ended up buying me a little black dress that cling to my curves. “I don’t get to treat you very often Fallon,” She told me after every time I told her I couldn’t accept it.

“Are you sure you don’t want a lift back?” My mother held my arms. I shook my head and smiled. “I kinda want to get the bus, have a little bit of a wander,” “Okay, well I’ll send your father your love, we won’t leave it too long next time,” she kissed my cheek and stepped into her car. “Love you Mum,” I waved her off, my eyes began to water, who knows when the next time will be.

The wind on my face felt so good as I walked down the street, people were busy littering about, some people attempting to carry more bags then they should. I was so away with the fairies I didn’t even realise the person in front had stopped. “Oops I’m so sorry, I should have been looking where I was going!” I yelped, grabbing my bits from the floor. “Yes you really should,” The low raspy voice spoke. As soon as I stood I saw a pair of green emerald eyes and I knew who it was straight away. He looked back at me in a concerned look. “You covered up well,” he tilted he face. I looked at the floor. “What do you mean?” I knew exactly what he meant. “Your cheek, and your lip, covered them up well” He frowned, his forehead wrinkled up. “I have no idea what you’re talking about, there is nothing to hide,” I was brilliant at this lying game. I almost saw him smirk. “You’re a great liar, hiding the fact that you’re jerk of a boyfriend hits you,” I was astonished by his response. “Peter is not a jerk, he does not hit me either, this was a simple accident” I defended Peter with no problem, what is wrong with me? I pushed past the arrogant man. “Anyway, I must get the bus, need to get home,” I lied again, I still had over 3 hours until Peter was home. Better to be safe then sorry.

I stopped under the bus shelter and ruffled around in my purse, struggling to find change for the bus journey. “Let me give you a lift, I owe you one,” The man appeared at my side. “I’m fine, thanks” I huffed, still trying to pull together some change. He raised an eyebrow at me. “Will it break down again?” I sighed, he chuckled and shook his head. “Finger crossed, no” I followed him as he continued to walk, and then I got in his car.

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