My life

The aspects in my life which have tormented me and fear of happening again...


2. A glimmer of hope

 During the time when I was weak and vulnerable, hope embraced me.  

To be honest my dad was the one who made this amazing decision as he saw that i was not happy where i was. I really didn't care about school like i did before and he knew that i was slacking behind. My mom and dad are the typical type of parents who just want to be a doctor or an engineer and just make me get married to a guy. They don't care about me just going away from my friends and they certainly don't give a damn on how i felt when they made me leave. They always try to calm me down by saying 'It's for your own good' but i completely ignore this and walk off.

I don't really know where to start. The first day back to school was really stressful and exciting at the same time . I experienced a flood emotions and didn't really know what to do. I was elated with joy that i needed help to put on my tie! I was going to the same school but it was a new building so i was a bit worried of getting lost! To be honest i did not really want to go because i didn't know if my friends were going to accept me as i had just left them with a email consisting about 5-6 lines.

''come on it's nearly time to go, you wouldn't be late for your first day!'' mum yelled

I quickly stuffed the cereal down my throat, grabbed my bag and fled to school. Each step of the way i knew i was getting closer, i could feel the my heart beating louder each second . It was cold January morning, i could not quite figure out if my knees were trembling because cold or just down to dreaded fear.Every step of the way i knew i was getting closer to the school.I knew i had to face it..





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