My unexpected pregnancy

This story is going to be about Eileen, she is 21 years old and she is in a loving, long-term relationship with David, he is 21 as well. Eileen recently graduated and is now a certified midwife and David is in his last year of college and he wants to become a security program developer.

I hope you all will enjoy this story. I do have to also say in advance, I'm from the Netherlands, so I don't know everything in the USA and it will be mostly in the USA.



2. Chapter two --- 22-02-2016

Eileen's POV

In the past week I have been throwing up every morning, and being a midwife I know what that could mean, so yesterday I decided to buy a pregnancy test, and see if I am pregnant. I would really be very happy because I have PCOS and it is very hard for me to become pregnant. I woke up like 5 minutes ago and as long as I keep laying down I'm okay and I don't have to throw up then, so I will have to run to the bathroom when I get up and then I will take a test.

~ In the bathroom ~

Okay so I have peed onto the stick, now I have to wait 3 minutes... I will wash myself and do my hair in the meantime so it won't feel like an eternity.

-3 minutes later-

I get the test and look at it... OMG, it says positive and 3+ weeks! That means I got pregnant on our 6 year anniversary! I am so happy!

-1 hour later-

I have been thinking and thinking and thinking, and I have come to the conclusion that this pregnancy has come at the worst possible time: I have just started my new job as a midwife and my boyfriend/fiancee is in his last half year of his college education. I really do not know how we will be able to do this... Well, I guess I do have the perfect present/surprise for him for tomorrow. I hope he takes it well!

- The next day, in the evening -

Today was a particularly hard morning, I had morning sickness until noon. After I felt like I wouldn't have to throw up anymore, I went to the mall and I got my groceries for dinner (all kinds of foods with 'baby' in the name) and I got a sweet body for my little one growing in me. When I got home I got a waterproof marker and wrote: "You will be the best dad ever" on the front, and "In 9 months" and I taped the positive pregnancy test on the inside of the body. After that I wrapped it and put a note with it, saying: "First read what is written on the outside, and then look on the inside!"

After I was done with that I saw it was 16:00, so I decided to start preparing dinner, because Daniel would be here at 17:30.

Now it is 17:15 so I will change into different clothes, I had also gotten a shirt a while ago with little feet and "Baby on board" on the front, so I will wear that and then put a jumper over it, so he won't see it right away...

*Tring tring*

That must be him! I run downstairs fast and open the door... "Hey babe, come on in!" I say and step back so he can walk through. He looks at me funny and asks: "Whats going on, you look like you have something planned?" I look back and nod and I say: "I have, but you will know soon enough."

We walk through to the living/dining room and as he sees the table he looks back with a questioning look and I say: "The present is for you, open up!"

He looks happily surprised and walks over to the table fast. I say to him: "Sit down, I have gotten all the food all ready, we can eat right after you've opened up the present." So he sits down and takes a better look at the present, then reads the note and after that ripping off the wrapping paper. He first gets a confused look as he sees the piece of baby-clothing and then he reads the front, then looking at me with shock on his face... He then turns around the piece and reads the back, and I see how all the colour disappears from his face, then he looks on the inside and he just starts repeating: "No no no no no no" and he looks at me with little hope in his eyes, begging me to tell him it's just a joke.. I just stand up and take off my jumper, after he reads what is written on there, he jumps up and runs to the toilet. I quickly go after him and that's when I hear him throwing up... I knock and ask: "Are you all right?" After a moment of silence: "Yea, just give me a minute to process this." So I walk back and sit at the table, waiting for him to get himself together.

-about 10 minutes later-

David just walked back in and sat down in front of me. Now he is just staring at me, and it is starting to freak me out, so I decided to talk: "Are you alright now? I know this is a lot to process and I know this is not the best timing but I know this now since yesterday, and I think it's awesome I got pregnant naturally and not through weird procedures... And I think we can make it work, what do you think?"

He looks at me a bit longer, thinking about what I just said and he answers: "Well, we can not turn this around, so I think we will have to make the best of it." I then look at him with a big smile on my face and he looks back at me with a little smile too...

-after dinner-

"I think we should tell our parents and other family asap, don't you?" I ask him. He thinks for a bit and then he says: "Well, it's Tuesday now, so I think it would be best to do it this coming weekend, we can ask everyone to come to your place and then we will tell them, we will get t-shirts with on them that they will be (great)grandparent, aunt, uncle and all that, I think that they will love that!"

-later, in bed-

David decided he would stay at my place, it would be more convenient with planning and he can get to his college faster from my place. He also didn't want to go back home, because he was afraid his parents might notice something is wrong. We have already invited everyone we needed to be here this weekend, and I would go look for those t-shirts tomorrow, ever since this is my week off (I always work 8-10 days and then I am free 7days).

Now we will sleep.

-That following weekend-

We just finished decorating, although we will hide the decoration until everyone is here and has unwrapped their presents. I am also wearing the same shirt I wore when I told David, with the jumper, so they wouldn't see it too soon.

*tring tring*

That will be them! I open the door and am surprised to see that everyone is there at once! I invite them all in. After the chaos of everyone getting inside and taking off their coats is calmed down, and we have given everyone their present (which is quite the puzzle, ever since there are about 28 people there), we ask everyone to be quiet and tell them we have a surprise and they will know after they open up their presents. They look a bit confused but then start unwrapping the presents. In the meantime, I turn away and take off my jumper. Then David pokes my arm (the sign he would give after they had all unwrapped the presents) and I turn around, I laugh a bit, when I see their confused faces, but when they see my shirt they understand and start clapping and congratulating us. David quickly pulls the string to reveal the decorations.

The rest of the evening is mostly happy, altho our parents did tell us their concerns about how we will manage it. But we decide to talk about that at a later time.

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