My unexpected pregnancy

This story is going to be about Eileen, she is 21 years old and she is in a loving, long-term relationship with David, he is 21 as well. Eileen recently graduated and is now a certified midwife and David is in his last year of college and he wants to become a security program developer.

I hope you all will enjoy this story. I do have to also say in advance, I'm from the Netherlands, so I don't know everything in the USA and it will be mostly in the USA.



3. Chapter three --- 08-03-2016

Eileen's POV

Today I should be around 8 weeks pregnant, and I have my first ultrasound, to see how many weeks along I actually am and to see if everything is going alright.

Since David can't come along today because of college, I decided to invite my mom and his mom to come. At first, they were not as happy because they have had many arguments and differences and because of that they avoid each other as much as possible. But then the ultrasound-technician walked into the room and started the ultrasound. What happened when the technician found the little bean and its heartbeat was the most extraordinary thing; first both future grandmoms got teary-eyed and then they hugged each other full of happiness. "How amazing, the influence of such a tiny baby!" I thought, with tears in my eyes and a big smile on my face. Then we turned back to the screen and looked as the technician took some measurements and finally turned to me and said: "It looks like it is 7 weeks 2 days along, which means your due-date is around October 22nd, 2016." I chuckled and thought: "I am so happy with an October baby!"

After that I needed to let them take some blood to see if everything is okay there and then the gynecologist asked to speak to me for a moment, so we went into her office. "Listen," she said, "Because you have PCOS and a relatively mild form of scoliosis, I have to advise you to do a bit more regular checkups and preferably give birth at the hospital. I realize you prefer a home-birth, but with those 2 things you have a higher-risk pregnancy and it would be saver to stay in the hospital." At first, I just stared at her in disbelief, but then I thought about it and realized it might not be wrong of her to point those things out to me. So I said; "I will think about it and talk it over with my fiance, and we will tell you our decision at my next appointment, is that alright?" She smiled and said; "Sure. For now, I want to see you in 1 month, but if you have any doubts about the health and wellbeing of your baby or yourself please call in immediately and get an appointment for the same day. If it is on weekends, here is my card with my private number. I give that to all my high-risk cases, so you too! Don't stress too much and make an appointment at the front desk! See you in a month!"

With that we went out of the office, made an appointment for the 4th of April at 4:30 pm, so David could come along then.

After the appointment, my mom and his mom brought me home and they stayed a bit longer for some tea and cake. We talked about the baby and soon, David came home. We showed him the pictures and his first reaction was: "Is that it? That little bean there?" I laughed and said: "Yes, that is our little bundle of joy, aren't you excited now?" He thought about that a bit and then smiled and hugged me tightly, mumbling into my neck and hair: "Yes, yes I am so so happy now, it is our little miracle and it is amazing!" Then the moms both said they needed to go and asked us to start making a list of things we would need and if we had a preference for anything, to write that down as well. We told them we would and invited them to come on the next Saturday to talk that list over so they could add or remove something from the list.

After that, I asked David to sit down, sat down next to him and asked him: "Do you want to know the most amazing thing?" He looked at me with a questioning look and so I continued: "The due-date of our little bean is October the 22nd! Wouldn't it be precious if our little one would share its birthday with my mom on the 6th or your mom on the 24th of October? Or do you think it would hate to share it? I don't because I shared my birthday with my step-granny and it was never a problem for me!" David looked at me for a while, thinking about it, and then he shook his head saying: "I think it wouldn't have been a problem in other families, but with our background and the fights between our moms, I think one would become jealous of the other. So I hope our baby gets their own birthday." I immediately realized he was right, we were so lucky they have put their past fights behind them and wanted to make the relationship work now, we should not risk it becoming negative again because of that.

David got up then, motioning for me to stay put and went into the kitchen to cook. I decided to make a beginning for the list, and then we could talk it over during dinner.

So I unlocked my phone, opened up notes and wanted to begin typing when I thought; "Maybe it would be more practical on a piece of paper." So I got up, went to my desk and got a paper and a pen. Then I sat down there and began the list:

Baby stuff - What do we need?

- Clothes (not until after the gender-reveal)

- Crib (Babybay-kinda thing first 6-9 months then regular crib, is there a convertible one?)

- Stroller (Convertable one that grows with our little one? Also, a sling to carry the baby while doing housework)

- Maxicosi (with stroller thing for first few months?)

- Changing table + Pad (including everything that goes on the table)

- Diapers (preferably re-usable ones)

- Comfy rocking chair for feedings.

- Baby monitor

- Baby chair (one that grows with the baby)

- Bathtub

- Baby towels and washcloths

I then sighed and thought: "I think this is a good start, let's see if David has any additions during dinner."

At that moment I heard the stove turn off and so I went into the kitchen to have dinner. As I walked in David cut me off and hugged me very strongly, and I just hugged back, I knew this was his way of telling me he was alright with how things were going, and I was happy to know that.

We then ate dinner and David couldn't think of anything else to add to the list, so I was very happy with that.

After dinner, David put the dishes in the dishwasher and I went to look for a movie or series to watch and decided on 1 or 2 episodes of Outlander season 2. We just had found this and we totally binge-watching whenever we could, it is so good! {AN: Any Outlanderfans reading?}

After those episodes were over we both were very tired and decided to go to bed.

Authors note:
Hi to everyone reading this,

My name is Sterre-Jana, I am the author of this book and I am very happy that you decided to read this story! 
I would really appreciate it if you would take a little bit of your time and give this story a like or a comment with feedback! Or if you have any questions about the story or what I am writing in the story please ask those questions, and then I'll do a Q&A blog as soon as there are a few questions asked!

Lots of love,

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