My unexpected pregnancy

This story is going to be about Eileen, she is 21 years old and she is in a loving, long-term relationship with David, he is 21 as well. Eileen recently graduated and is now a certified midwife and David is in his last year of college and he wants to become a security program developer.

I hope you all will enjoy this story. I do have to also say in advance, I'm from the Netherlands, so I don't know everything in the USA and it will be mostly in the USA.



1. Chapter One --- 23-01-2016

Eileen's POV

I'm so much looking forward to tonight, it's the 6 year anniversary of my boyfriend David and me being together! Today is also my day off of work and he sent me on a spa day with my sister, to relax and get spoiled. Now I've just come home and he had put a gorgeous dress and shoes on my bed (he has my keys) and put a note with it: "Put this on and make yourself even more beautiful as usual, I'll pick you up at 18:30 hours. I love you, my sweet girl!"

This means I only have 45 minutes left now so I better hurry!

-- 45 minutes later --

*tring tring*

~Oh that's the doorbell!~ I run downstairs and open up the door. Then I see David, in a gorgeous suit and he looks at me as if I'm worth 1000000 bucks! He then says: "Follow me, my beautiful girl, I've planned an extra-special evening for you today." I quickly put on my coat, grab my keys and small purse and close the door behind me, before walking after him to a limousine, and am stunned he arranged this. We climb into the car and the driver closes the door and starts driving. I ask my boyfriend: "Where are we going?" He just smiles and says: "Just wait and see, you'll love it!"

-- 30 minutes later --

We just drove up the parking lot of the dancing school where we met in 11th grade at our schools yearly pre-Christmas holiday party, it's been 6 years and a couple of weeks since the 16th of December 2009, when we first really met, we did have a crush on each other before, but were way too shy to approach each other. But that year, he had asked a couple of mutual friends to get me and introduce us. It was not long before we became a couple, on the 23rd of January 2010 and we have been inseparable ever since! I look over to him with a questioning look all over my face and he just says: "I arranged for this to be set just the way it was back then, AND I also have invited every one of our year, including our teachers. I thought this would be a great occasion for a reunion. I'm not saying anything else though because I do not want to ruin the rest of the evening." At that moment, the driver opened the door and after David had gone out of the car, he helped me out and then we walked to the door of the school. When he opened the door, everyone looked at us, and I got a bit shy because of that. David then pulled me with him to the room where we first started talking. There, strangely, were almost no people, except for our best friends from back then, I had not seen most of them since graduation, 4 years earlier. We all hugged and then they went away and my boyfriend pulled me to a spot, right about where the 2 chairs stood 6 years ago when we first talked. He then stood still there and just looked into my eyes, for what seemed like an eternity, before talking: "Dear Eileen, it has been a bit longer than 6 years since we first started talking right here on this spot. A couple of weeks later, you made me the happiest boy by accepting to start a relationship with me. I just feel complete with you at my side, and I never want to be without you anymore." He then got down on one knee, got a box out of his pocket and then looked back up at me. "Will you make me the happiest man now, and marry me?" he asked. For a moment I was shocked because I totally had not seen this coming, but then I just felt happiness and I answered: "Yes!! Yes, I totally and absolutely do want to marry you!!" I then fell down on my knees and hugged and kissed him and then I felt him putting the ring on my finger, I looked at it and it was gorgeous AND it was the right size as well! Then I heard clapping and cheering and people shouting their congratulations. We got back on our feet and turned to the crowd, and I then noticed my (step)parents + siblings and his parents + brother. They all came to us and they hugged and kissed us and congratulated us.

The rest of the evening whilst being there we all just celebrated and were totally happy. Around midnight David and I left and went back to my place, we talked for a bit before going to bed, but we couldn't fall asleep right away because we kept kissing each other, and well, one thing led to another... After that I was supertired and I fell asleep in his arms.

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