My unexpected pregnancy

This story is going to be about Eileen, she is 21 years old and she is in a loving, long-term relationship with David, he is 21 as well. Eileen recently graduated and is now a certified midwife and David is in his last year of college and he wants to become a security program developer.

I hope you all will enjoy this story. I do have to also say in advance, I'm from the Netherlands, so I don't know everything in the USA and it will be mostly in the USA.



4. Chapter four --- 12-03-2016

Eileen's POV

I woke up this morning at 8 am because of the morning sickness and I had to run to the bathroom straight away. David understandably woke up from me rushing out of the bed and he came after me into the bathroom. I can see in the corner of my eye that he stands still for a second, probably having to process what is happening and then he gets behind me and holds my hair out of my face and starts saying: "Everything will be alright, don't worry, you're doing great!" After what feels like an eternity of puking it finally is over and I slide down the wall and catch my breath. Meanwhile, David flushes the toilet and gets a glass of water for me, so I can get that awful taste out of my mouth. 
Then he says: "I can't go back to sleep now, so I'm gonna get ready for the day. What are you going to do?" I think about it for a bit and then reply: "Our families won't be here until 1 pm so I'm gonna lay down for a bit still, and then I'll get up when I feel well enough. The first puking wiped me out quite a bit." He chuckles and nods. Then I get up, brush my teeth because that taste is nasty and then go back to bed. 

David's POV

I feel kinda bad for Eileen, with her being sick this morning and all that, so I decided to make things a bit easier for her today. First I had a quick shower, and then I went downstairs to prepare breakfast for myself and Eileen, which I'll bring to her and then we'll eat on the bed. I decide to make her Dutch-style pancakes with Harty and sweet toppings, so she can eat what she feels like eating. When I'm done I walk up the stairs with an overflowing tray of yummy fruits, pancakes and nice hot drinks (tea for her and hot chocolate for myself). I hope she enjoys it!

Eileen's POV 

After hearing David being busy in the kitchen for almost half an hour, I heard him coming upstairs, and I noticed he walked up a lot slower than usual. Then he tapped on the door with his foot and asked: "Can you please open the door for me? My hands are kinda full!" So I walked to the door and opened it. Then I saw him there, with the biggest tray we have in the house and he had filled that to the brim with all kinds of goodies and yummy foods. I quickly stepped to the side, when I noticed him kind of looking annoyed, probably because the tray was quite heavy. He then walked to the dresser and set it down there and said: "Go and sit on the bed, so I can give the tray to you and then sit next to you." I immediately did what I was told and he gave me the tray, which really was awfully heavy! He sat down and then we ate all that good food. 

** After breakfast **

I decided to get up now. I went to have a shower, brush my teeth and all that jazz, and then went downstairs to prepare for the visit of our families. They would arrive at 1 pm, and it was 11 am right now, so that meant I had 2 hours to get the house ready. I started by cleaning up, which didn't take too long because I most of the time cleaned up after myself, and David too. He even had cleaned while prepping breakfast, and so I only had to put away toppings and the things we didn't eat. I also needed to fill up the dishwasher, which all in all only took about 15 minutes. Then I wanted to vacuum, but when I got it out David immediately stopped me, said: "You shouldn't do that whilst pregnant", and took over. Because he interrupted me with that I sat down on the couch and thought: "Wow, I'm so lucky with him as my fiance! But what to do now?" I looked around and noticed I hadn't prepared lunch for when the family came so I went into the kitchen, looked in the fridge and saw we didn't have many options to eat. I then went into the living-room and turned off the vacuum so David would hear me, and said: "I'm quickly going to go to the store, to get some things for lunch and as an overall weekly shopping trip."

*11.20 am*
I sat down on the sofa, to think about what I needed to get from the store.
"First of all, I need to know who is coming so I know how much I need," I thought, and sent them a text.

**E = Eileen
   A = Amelia (Davids mom)
   O = Olivia (Eileen's mom) **

E: Hey Amelia and mom
A: Hey sweetie, what's up?
O: Hey Eileen, yeah, what she said.
E: Mom, is everything alright? You seem agitated.
O: It's nothing dear, your stepdad and I are kind of fighting again. Could I come to yours a bit earlier maybe? 
A: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. 
E: Mom, I'm sorry but I need to get groceries still, and David is cleaning the house atm, so not really. I was actually just texting to ask with how many you'll come or alone?
O: Well, I'm coming alone, that's quite obvious I hope. 
E: Yes that's clear, and no problem.
A: Well, I'm bringing Max (A.N: That is Davids brother), so David won't be the only man, and Max insisted because he wanted to come. 
E: Okay, that's perfect, see you at 1 pm then! 
A: Olivia, if you want, you can come over to ours and then we go to E&D together. My husband isn't here and Max will come at noon-ish. 
O: That's kind of you, but are you sure I'm not going to bother you? 
A: It's no bother at all, please feel free to come. I would love to get to know you better and deepen our friendship. It should be good before the baby arrives, don't you think?
A: Eileen, dear, we'll see you at 1 pm, and are continuing our conversation in a private chat.

I smile at their convo and am beyond happy they are getting on so well. But then, all of a sudden, I get the worst cramp ever! I quickly rush to the toilet, shocking a vacuuming David as I rush past him. I can hear him turn off the vacuum behind me and then as I close the toilet door, I can hear him coming. "Please, let there be no blood, please no blood," I try to calm myself as I bring down my pants, sit down and after a deep breath, I look and can clearly see a few small drops of blood. "NOOOOO!" I cry out, and I hear David gasp, before he asks: "Sweetheart, what's wrong?" "You need to call the midwife right NOW," I say "And tell her I'm currently cramping pretty bad and I lost a bit of blood. I want to come in right now!" I hear him scrambling as he gets my mother pass and the card with the number and soon I can hear him talking. It calms me down a bit.

Davids POV

"Sweetheart, what's wrong?" I ask after I heard her scream "No" pretty heartbroken. "You need to call the midwife right NOW," she says "And tell her I'm currently cramping pretty bad and I lost a bit of blood. I want to come in right now!" I quickly walk over to where we keep her mother pass, and I try to be calm as best as possible, but it's not easy, knowing this very well may be a miscarriage. After finding the number of the midwife, I dial it and wait until she picks up, which is quite fast, luckily. "Hi, this is David speaking," I introduce myself, "I am Eileen's fiancee." 
M: "Hi David, yes I know who you are, how can I help?" 
D: "Eileen is currently in the bathroom after she noticed pretty bad cramps and after she got in there, she saw she had lost a little blood as well. She'd really like to come in asap, just to be sure, is that possible?" 
M: "Of course, please come in right away. It could be nothing or it could be several things of different degrees of how bad it is, so checking is absolutely necessary. How long will you need?"
D: "I'm just gonna collect a few things and then we'll go right away. It won't be more than 30-40 minutes." 
M: "That's perfect, see you soon!"
D: "Okay, see you soon!"
M: "Oh, and David? You might want to call some extra backup, just in case it is either of the things I'm suspecting.." 
D: "Okay, will do! Bye!"

I quickly walk back to the bathroom door and say: "We are welcome to come, so come out of there, let's get our things and let's go. Oh, and call our moms, she said to bring extra backup support. Just in case it was either of the things she suspected."

Eileen's POV

"... Oh, and call our moms, she said to bring extra backup support. Just in case it was either of the things she suspected." I hear David say, and after I take a deep breath, I step out. "Come on, babe, grab your coat and put on some shoes, I have the papers and am going to start the car. Are you okay and can you close the door?" Davids' voice sounds concerned. I just nod and put on a weak smile.

*In the car*

"My mom wanted to go to yours, maybe we can pick them up there?" I tell David. He looks at me, then back to the road. Then he nods and says: "Yeah, we can, just text them quickly to make sure they really are there." I nod back at him and get out my phone, I still feel numb.

E: Hey ladies, are you both at Amelia's? 
O: Yes we are, sweetheart, why? Is everything alright? 
E: We are 2 minutes away, get ready and outside right now, we'll explain in the car. 
A: Okay, see you soon!

"They are there." I just say, and he nods. 
Soon, we have picked our moms up and they are in the backseat, patiently & anxiously waiting for our explanation. 
So I look back at them and then they see my face, and immediately look shocked and they shake their heads no. "We don't know anything yet, but are on our way to the midwife now, and we'll get it checked out." I tell them, before turning back and thinking: "She suspects 2 things and being a midwife myself, I know which they are. I hope it is the positive one."

I don't feel like anyone is enjoying this. That's why I ended on a cliffhanger, if you want the next part published (it's done already!) please give me some comments or favorites so I know you are enjoying this story. Thanks!

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