My unexpected pregnancy

This story is going to be about Eileen, she is 21 years old and she is in a loving, long-term relationship with David, he is 21 as well. Eileen recently graduated and is now a certified midwife and David is in his last year of college and he wants to become a security program developer.

I hope you all will enjoy this story. I do have to also say in advance, I'm from the Netherlands, so I don't know everything in the USA and it will be mostly in the USA.



5. Chapter five --- 12-03-2016

*At the clinic*

Eileen's POV

As soon as we walk through the door, the midwife walks toward us and says: "Right, first I'm only gonna take the mom and after she has told me more about how she is feeling and taking some statistics I'll call you guys in, okay?"

Everyone nods and I walk with the midwife. Once we are in the exam room, she turns to me and says: "Okay, either we are going to do exactly as I said or I'm doing blood pressure and then I'll do the ultrasound, without all those people in the room with you. I'm sure you want to know if it's a miscarriage or multiples, right?" I think it over a second and then I say: "Let's do the scan too, and afterward you can bring them in either to console me or so I can watch their faces as they find out. But don't give it away if it is multiples!" She laughs for a second and then gives me a serious look, and with that, I know she can be trusted.

She quickly takes the blood pressure and then motions for me to sit/lay down on the exam bed. She turns on the machine, squirts the gel on my tummy and picks up the device. "You ready?" She asks. I just nod, with tears in my eyes.

She then places the device on my stomach and I close my eyes, just listening for heartbeats, praying and hoping they'd be found. And then, after what felt like an eternity, there it was: boom boom boom. And I opened my eyes and couldn't believe what I saw: 2 perfect heartbeats and tiny little beans!

"Thank you, sweet God, thanks for answering my prayers, thank you for all you've done and all you're about to do!" I exclaimed, not too loud though, I didn't want my support group to hear!

My midwife smiled and asked: "Are you ready for them to come in?" I nodded and got my face straight. She shot me 2 thumbs up and then walked out and soon returned with all 3.

"Alright, let's see what I can find," she said, pretending not to know and because of that, it got easier for me. "Please look at the screen for me, all three of you? I can't look, I'm too afraid." I said. They all looked at me with sad eyes and then nodded and turned to the screen. Then the midwife started the ultrasound and this time she found the 2 little boogers quicker than before. As they came into the screen and the heartbeat could be heard, their faces went wide with shock. And then happiness. And then, because they looked at me and saw me crying happy tears, to confusion. I then explained and they were just happy. The midwife gave me the video and pictures and then we made an extra appointment for Monday, so we could talk about how to go about this situation.

We then went out of the office and into the car, tho, David didn't make any move to start the car. He was just flabbergasted, as well as me and our families. 

Sorry, this is not as long as usual, but I'd really like for you to give me some feedback. I know there are some people reading, and I really want to know if my story is any good. 
Thanks in advance!

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