Shark Bay 2 A novel

The forty meter long Great White Shark is back at Shark Bay. When Peter Daniels struggles to fight the monster, he attempts to kill it before more people are attacked.


2. Shark Bay-Part Two


Peter gasped in shock.

"Quick! Call the paramedics! And police!", he yelled. He saw all of the sailors gazing at the shattered bridge; he gazed at the parts of it falling into the water. Suddenly he noticed John Lowe, the Assistant Shark Bay Bridge Engineer, shaking his head. "Damn, sharks! They've to be stopped!". Peter nodded. He was a local who hadn't seen too many sharks in Shark Bay for decades; he was concerned about seeing Maddie again. Suddenly there was the sound of wailing sirens that were blaring, as they headed down Main Road. Peter watched Hal Parks, the Deputy Mayor, watching him. "Peter, you have to stop them". He knew what he was saying; he knew that the forty meter long Great White Shark was still alive, along with its mate, and family. He grabbed a shark spear in his right hand. Then he gripped it in his right hand, and focused on the ocean, where other sharks swam in the darkness near Ellis Island. Peter walked towards the Mayor. "It'll cost five hundred thousand dollars for a new bridge. It's going to be fixed by up by next summer", Hal said, sighing. And he looked at Peter, and they parted ways.


Cara Thomas, thirteen, was swimming. She kicked towards the old Lighthouse. She swam towards Shoal's Reef to the left. She was a local whose father, Sam Thomas, a forty year old lawyer, was best friends with Hal Parks. Her long, blonde hair was wet. She had blue eyes. She was wearing a black swimsuit, and black flippers on her small feet. Cara noticed several ships and boats in the area. Seconds later, she noticed the huge forty meter Great White Shark opening its massive mouth. She screamed as she felt the shark's sharp teeth. It bit into the wetsuit. It ripped, then the shark dragged her underwater, to her doom.


Sam Thomas was concerned about his daughter.

He talked on his cell phone to Hal Parks.

"She was swimming near the Lighthouse; she was near Shoal's Reef". 

"Was she alone?", Hal asked him.

"Yes", Sam answered, as if way of an admission.

"Then the Great White Shark attacked her. The shark destroyed the bridge". Sam shivered; he didn't speak for awhile.

"Sam! Are you alright? Sam!", Hal said.

"Yes, are you going to kill it?", Sam asked him.

"Yes, with your help", Hal said.

And they headed towards the marina, and were prepared to go onto a ship to hunt for the shark.


Peter walked to the bridge. 

"It's gone!", he said.

"I know that", Hal said.

"By the shark?", Peter asked him.

"Yes!", Hal answered.

"Let's shoot it before it kills again", Peter insisted.

And they nodded, as the cold 68 degree weather arrived at Shark Bay.

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