Shark Bay 2 A novel

The forty meter long Great White Shark is back at Shark Bay. When Peter Daniels struggles to fight the monster, he attempts to kill it before more people are attacked.


3. Epilogue


Peter and Hal headed on board the ​Night Roamer II ship. 

"We'll shoot the Great White Shark with the spear", Peter said. He gazed at the ocean. He smoked a cigarette; he glanced at the bow. Several sailors were on board other ships, and boats. Hal shook his head. "How come there's a rogue shark at Shark Bay?", he asked Peter; "It's the warm water. By December, it'll be freezing", Peter answered him. Seconds later, a ten meter long whale splashed in the deep water. The water spilled across the stern. Suddenly, the giant forty meter long Great White Shark, opened it's massive mouth; it bit into the bow of the ship with its sharp teeth. "It's...", Hal begun to say. Then, ten seconds' later, he fell downward; he screamed in terror. Then the shark bit into his left hand. He screamed in agony. More blood spilled in the stern of the boat...and in the end the nightmare was over.


Peter fired the shark's spear in his right hand. The tip of it cut into the left-side of the shark. Blood spilled, as it thrashed in the ocean. Its black eyes focused on Peter. "I got you now, you bastard". And it twisted until the spear fell into the ocean. Peter was about to shoot again when the Great White Shark swam away from Shark Bay to recover. Peter turned the ship around by using his hands to go to the marina...and preyed to God that he was alive.

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