The fallen prince

Amora also known as The temptress has attacked Midgaard with an army of frost giants, The Avengers has fleed and Thor along with his friends are missing.
Loki seems to be on her siden, serching as her general. But has Loki really gone back to the dark side ? Is he under her spell ? Or is there another reason ?
Only Amora's sister Lorelai is strong enough to face her, but were is she ? And does she want to help at all ? Can Midgaard be saved or is human kind doomed to be slaves ?

Warning Will have death and violence


1. The world in flames



 Where am I? My head is heavy and my vision diminished to a constant series of blurrs. A sharp thorn like pain shoots through my temples as I fight to remember what happened.

I had been on my way to work, watching in horror as the world crumpled to dust around me. Fire raging across the city, consuming time square as the blue cloudless sky faded to near black.

 Breathing hurt and the air burns my throat and lungs. I realise I am in a corner, walls on two sides and something lodged on top of it, keeping me sheltered. I look down my arms, feeling like screaming. I have several burn marks, some places the skin is black and cracked.

 I am sure this is it, the end of the world. The first seconds I had hope The avengers would stop it like the last time. They are heroes, it is their job to save us, save the world. But they didn't seem to come to our aid this time. Were they dead ? Or had they run ?

 I hear heavy footfall, and rustling sounds and I pull myself deeper into the shadows, hiding in hope they won't see me. Then I see them, I se HIM... Loki, along with his army of frost giants and enchanted men marches through the destroyed city. I am watching with stinging eyes as Manhattan crumples, writhering in the orange flames.

It is a distopia, there is nothing reasuring or comforting about the scenery. The sky is fashioned with gray blankets of thick smoke, buildings are destroyed, roofs blasted, roads cracked. There isn't an animal in sight, they all seems to have fleed or fallen victims to the aftermath, the flames, the massacre.

 The army stepping over scattered corpses as they march by. Body entrials of rebellious New Yorkers is spread upon the dark roads, left there for the crows and other scavengers of death. A foul stench lingering over the city, burdening the once lively place with the smell of death.

 I look at Loki, he is terrifying, clad in black and green leather and metal, his green cape billowing behind him, his head adorned with the iconic horned helmet. He carries himself with the air of a king, his eyes scanning the place as he admires his work. He finally got what he wanted, he is subjugating earth, bringing the world of mortals to it's knees, where he seem to think we belong. 

 He turns his head and for a moment he seems to stare rigth into my eyes with that green gaze, but he can't have, because he doesn't reveal me. He just wave his hand for the army to move on. We need his brother Thor to come and stop him.

 But then something run over my feet, probably a rat and I jump in fright, making a sound. Seconds later an ice giant pulls me from my hiding place, throwing me at the feet of Loki.

 I scuttle to get to my feet, feeling Loki's eyes almost scan me over. Then he shakes his head. "Just a useless girl. Leave her, no reason to waste time or energy on her".

 "No time wasted". I hear behind me and a ice pain shoot through me. I look down myself and realises I am dead or will be in seconds as a spear of ice has impaled me and I feel my soul slip from me. The last thing I register is Loki's green eyes, they look sorrowful and a voice whispering. "Sorry I tried".

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